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Scene 1
Randhir says to aryan I held sanyu’s hand and fixed this microphone on her watch. Then I came there and bribed the waiter. Then I mixed Sanaya’s made herb in your drink. I thought it would be one sided game. And it is. He leaves.
Aryan looks at sanyu working. He says in heart I will face however she reacts. Aryan says I am really sorry. I don’t know how was I high. sanyu says I don’t wanna talk to you please leave. Aryan says please sanyu.. Aryan pretends fainting. Sanyu says are you okay. She takes him to cafe and says drink this fresh lime. How can you be so careless. It must be dehydration. Aryan says I am really sorry about what happened. I won’t drink it unless you forgive me. sanyu says I forgive you now drink it. Randhir is watching all this. Sanyu says you are so careless. He says if you weren’t here, are you okay? When did you become this emotional?

Randhir is doing push ups.Sanaya says you are wasting time here and there aryan is with sanyu.Don’t make aryan your target make sanyu fall in love with you again. he says I know what to do. Randhir says I want to break aryan’s fake image. That day sanyu will stop trusting aryan.

Next morning, alarm blares. Trainer says be in fitness area in 5 minutes. Sanyu is using her phone. trainer says can you give us attention. sanyu apologizes. He says is your entire team here? sanyu says they are coming? Trainer says lets do the task. SAnyu starts it. They all do ups and downs. sanyu keeps calling aryan.
Sanaya asks randhir what you did to aryan? Aryan is missing? he says no my plan is something else. sanaya says sanyu is looking everywhere for sanyyu.
Sanyu asks sumit have you seen aryan? Sumit says he was leaving for last night somewhere. sanyu says in heart he is one some mission.
Everyone is playing. Kritika says come sanyu we won’t tell aryan you weren’t looking for him. Randhir says in heart she doesn’t care about aryan because he isn’t her mission.

next morning, kritika says if someone asked who would i change my life for? I would say dark shadow. Sanaya says he must be as hot as thrilling he is. Sanyu comes and takes the paper. kiritka says i want to go on dinner with dark shadow.
sanyu says in heart there is no update.
Randhir sees sanyu and says so she will take team to mars?sanyu keeps trying to contact ayran. She tries to track his location. Randhir says you were touching red wire. sanyu says I was tracking aryan. randhir says he is never there for you when you need him. He ignores you. Many similarities. sanu says I don’t want opinion from you. I trust him more than anyone else. Randhir says then why are you restless? of course he is busy. sanyu says you better talk here and there is dark.. randhir says yes he is hiding his dark secrets.
sanyu comes to his place. She says I am sure aryan you are on an important mission. I hope you are safe.

sanyu comes to randhir and asks what you are doing? randhir says aryan is missing and sanyu doesn’t know where he is. I looked internet he is nowhere. Sanaya I searched a lot for him I never found anything about him. Randhir says that means that he is hiding some secret.I will find it out and expose him.

Precap-Sanyu is crying. Randhir sees her in tears he wants to go to her.Randhir says to sanyu don’t you wanna know where he is?sanyu says I trust him. He says come and check with me.

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