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The Episode starts with Ram waiting for Sita’s return. Surpanakha comes there. She asks you here. She says I did big mistake to do this, such behavior does not suit any woman, I came to apologize, I want to say you are my love, life partner, my everything, I have dedicated my heart, body and soul to you. He turns away and says but you have no place in my life, why did you come here, I got to know the truth, you are Raavan’s sister Surpanakha.

She says you would be thinking why I have hidden this, Raavan is your enemy, enemy’s sister is in love with you, I was afraid you will not accept me knowing this truth, but the truth is Raavan is my enemy too, he ruined my life. I have hope of my life’s completeness from you, so I want to come to you, I know you are married, but I have no problem in becoming your second wife, marry me, I will always support you, even in killing Raavan. He says Devi, you are mistaken in knowing me, Sita is my wife, she will always be my wife, my life has no place for any other woman, except Sita.

She gets angry and cries. She asks him to say, where shall I go, I have left everything and came here, thinking you will accept me, but you are insulting my emotions, tell me where shall I go. He asks her to return to Lanka, your brother will find a suitable groom for you. She asks is my insult not enough, that you are cursing me, if anyone takes your place in my life, its better that I do. He says Devi… She is about to hit her neck and asks him to save her, only when he is ready to marry her. He walks to her and she gets away. He takes the knife away and throws it. He says my decision is final, your attempts to change it are waste, Sita will always be my wife, no one can take her place, I request you to leave from here, this will be right for you. She gets angry.

Vishravas says your wife Mandodari has called me here, its your bad fate that you are not able to understand her love. Raavan says nothing can be obtained by love, this Lanka did not form by love, I have loved Mahadev and seen what I got, I got nothing. That’s why Lankesh decides his own path, this is my Rajya and I will decide everything, whatever happens without my permission will be against me. He says you may have got your answers, come I will drop you till the door. Vishravas says no need, I know the exit door. He greets Mahadev and leaves.

Sita is at the hut. Ram asks her to have the fruits. She says I will make food for you first. He says no, you always cook food for me, its my duty to serve you fruits first, as its your fast. She says its my good luck. He asks her to come. They sit. Surpanakha looks on and thinks this is the same lady who met me at lake. Ram asks Sita about her fast and puja. Sita says it was nice, I told the women about Mahadev, Parvati and Sati’s story. She finds Ram worried and asks what happened, what are you thinking. Ram thinks Sita will be worried knowing Surpanakha’s matter. He says nothing, I was missing you. She says you got sad by thinking about me, I will not go in puja tomorrow. He says you have sworn to complete fasts, you surely go. He gives her fruits. She eats it. Surpanakha thinks to wait for right time, Sita has to get away from Ram now.

She goes to her place and says I have to kill Sita soon, so that Ram can become mine, and I can become Ram’s. Her inner soul says if you kill Sita, you will lose Ram forever. Surpanakha says but Sita is the only hurdle. Her inner self says just Sita can make you connect with Ram, find out why Ram loves her, what are her good things that Ram likes her, then Ram will like you too. Surpanakha says yes, you are right, if I kill Sita, how will I know her good qualities. Sita tells Ram that she will come back soon and asks him to have breakfast, she has prepared it. He says sure. She leaves.

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