Sasural Simar Ka 21st November 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Roli says this means vikrant has brought simar here. but what celebration are they talking about? In the village everyone is preparing for the night. A girl leela is going with the dress. She bapo asked me to take this dress to her. another woman stops her, she says the bride will see I first. she comes to simar’s room cant find her anywhere.
Mukhiya sys did you like the preparations? Vikrant says its beautifully decorated. They hear leela’s scream. Vikrant goes in. simar has grasps leela and has a knife in her hand. Vkrant says what are you doing? leave her. you cant flee. Do you remember what happened last time you tried to flee. Mikhiya says don’t worry about leela and stop her. He says if I have to sacrifice leela for you I will be proud. simar says I will keep trying until I don’t get to my prem or I die. She says lets me go or this whole village will be ruined. I am prem’s wife and he will be my husband till my last breath. let me go. Roli says this man is trying to marry a married woman by force and still you are supporting him. Mukhiya says we know he is wrong but we will still help him . we are men of our words. He is like a God to us and God isn’t right and wrong. He saved our land from us. We had nothing to give him in return but just a vow that we will always be his followers. Everyone here will fight for him irrespective of right or wrong.
Sasural simar ka 21st November 2014 Written Update
Roli wonders how will I go in. a man comes and tells guards that Vikrant’s wife to be wants to flee for here. she has made leela her hostage. Simar says don’t calls your cowardice a promise. I will leave this place just as I came here and I will cross every limit for that. Men are moving towards simar. vikrant says stop. no one should touch simar. simar goes out with Anjali and leela.
Roli enters the village. The men and vikrant are following simar. simar says stop there don’t come near me. Simar says stop moving forward. Simar says give me the keys of car. Vikrant says this is wrong. Simar ysas give me the keys. he throws the keys. Anjali picks keys and gives it to simar. Sanju comes and says mama. vikrant says come here sanju. Sanju says mama and goes to simar. Simar asks leela to open the door. She asks sanju and Anjali to sit in. a man is about to hit simar. simar is shocked to see roli. simar says help youself. Simar boys down Simar shows the knife to the man and says back. vikrant grasps roli.
prem asks inspector do you have any news of simar? He says we don’t have any proofs yet. how you are sure that vikrant is here. sid says its his comfort zone. He has nothing safer than Mumbai for him. inspector says we are searching everywhere. prem says please hurry up. sid gets a call. its mata ji. mata ji asks did you find her? He says no. mata ji says rli has gone to Ahmedabad and I allowed her. She couldn’t wait here. she is looking for her ethere. Sid says I talked to her.
Simar says leave rolil. vikrant says leave leela first. oli says don’t worry for me didi. vikrant says leave leela or.. simar frees leela and says okay I wont go anywhere. she throws the knife. simar says please leave roli. vikrant asks his men to take simar in. The men drag siamr to the room.
precap-vikrant gives water to roli. mukhiya says its celebrations night we will send her from here once you get married to siamr. roli says this is wrong. Roli faints.
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