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Kasam 12 May 2016 Written episode Update. Kasam today and Latest Written story.

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Saloni tells them that she is their daughter in law. Rishi was disgusted that Pavan didn’t come out to be his boyfriend only but his husband. Saloni says no, they are getting it wrong. She is wife of Pavan’s older brother Akshay. Akshay has been sent out of their family’s house. She, Pavan and Akshay were in same college, Akshay liked her but Akshay’s parents didn’t like him. Akshay married her in a temple, but his parents didn’t accept the marriage. They shifted to Mumbai, Akshay is in Saudia as engineer. She cries that she wanted to rejoin her connections with Akshay’s family so she came to Roka. Pavan assured her he would speak to his family, so she came to the restaurant to ask him about it. Raaj asks Pavan’s parents why they hid about it. Sukhval was angry at Akshay for going away from him for a girl only. Saloni insists Akshay loves him. Pavan asks if Rishi is calm now, disrespecting his family. Bani makes Raaj up that Pavan is a nice guy for Tanvi. Raaj apologizes Sukhval. They hug and rejoin the relation.
Saloni leaves the hall and goes to terrace crying. Tannu comes to apologize, Saloni says she must thank her as they have accepted her as their daughter in law for the first time. She was upset as today they are angrier on her. Tannu asks Saloni to come inside, it’s a big day for her family; she must trust her love and give her a chance to help her make her relations well.
Rishi was enraged inside his room. Manpreet comes to him and tries to calm him. Rishi calls himself a cheap man, how he took the relation of Pavan and Tannu as a wrong one.
Rishi comes out, Pavan forwards his hand asking him to be friends? Rishi wasn’t ready but he watches Tannu bring Saloni inside the hall. Sukhval comes to her angrily, Saloni had been crying. Tannu says they can’t forget what happens, but we can’t lose out relations. Life means parents, who can be angry with us but can never go away from us. She requests them to give one chance to Akshay and Saloni, she will keep them both really happy. Sukhval confesses he couldn’t send his son out of his heart, he is moved by his absence. He thanks Tannu. Bani was happy as she was only concerned for Pavan and Tannu’s wedding. Pavan’s parents hug Saloni, Saloni thanks and hugs Tannu. She congratulates Pavan. Rishi eyes Tannu, Raaj wonders he can’t let his friend’s daughter Tannu’s life at stake. He must keep Rishi away from Tanvi. He has to join all the couples that are made for each other.
Raaj comes home with family. Guljeet shares to Raaj tonight was a long time. They all head to take rest. Raaj forbids Tannu to worry, Pavan is a nice guy. Bani boasts about finding the proposal. Raaj assures Tannu he is with her. Bani sends everyone inside, she thinks Raaj is really connected to the two sisters. What if he knows about the truth, he would kill her.
Ahna thinks about Raaj’s affection when Tannu comes in. She asks what Ahna has been thinking about. Ahna smiles they way Raaj was with her reminded her of Papa. Tannu says she also did, he would have done the same. Raaj has a big heart, he blessed her like a father today and she realized they have someone’s back. Ahna remembers their mail that they will never come back. Tannu asks her to forget about it, there may be a reason to say no, and not being able to fulfil his promise.

PRECAP: Tannu tells Rishi to let it happen now, and not to come between these rituals and kasams.

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