Diya Aur Baati Hum 11 May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Diya Aur Baati Hum 11 May 2016 Written episode Update. Diya Aur Baati Hum today and Latest Written story.

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The Episode starts with Sooraj shouting Sandhya and saving her in nick of the time. He pulls her and the tree branch falls down. They all get shocked. Meenakshi says the tree branch would have fallen on Sandhya’s head, I think its sign that Mukeshwari Devi does not wish us to leave, we should not go. Sooraj says this is just an accident, come Sandhya. Sandhya gets Ved and they all go ahead. Binny and her family look on. Dakshak snake gets on the car. They all sit in the car. Bhabho prays. Sandhya asks Ved did he sit well, and asks driver to drive. They all get shocked seeing the snake on the car’s front side. Sandhya looks on and asks Sooraj to be careful. Binny asks them to get down the car. Sandhya aims the gun and says don’t be scared, if snake attacks on us, I will shoot this snake.

The snake breaks the mirror. Meenakshi screams and says get out. They all get down the car. Binny asks Sandhya will you shoot Devi’s snake, if villagers know this, they will kill your family, Sandhya open your eyes, she does not want Ved to go from here, get Ved out. Sandhya says no, don’t get Ved out. Meenakshi gets Ved out of the car. Ved walks there and the snake leaves.

Piya goes to Chotu and thinks I can’t lose so soon. She says I have to go away from you and my life. She gets sleeping pills. Chotu shouts stop. He says you love me so much, there is no one to understand me here, lovers live and die together, we will make our love Amar, no one will tell anything today. Babasa asks what are you saying Chotu. Chotu winks to him. Chotu asks Piya to think that death will be beautiful, we will make each other eat these sleeping pills.

Arzoo, Babasa and Vikram look on. Piya thinks Aryan got serious to die. She shouts stop it, you die, I don’t want to die. He asks why, you were going to die now. She asks are you mad, I was acting to impress you, why will I die for you. He says I know, the way you left me in this room to die, just go away from my life, because you have no place in my heart, don’t try to say anything, your love was fake, but my promises were not wrong. You don’t even meaning of love.

Arzoo stops Piya and says anyone can become GF, but supporting husband and family, being a wife, is not easy. Chotu says Arzoo is my life’s best choice. Arzoo smiles.

Binny says snake went after seeing Ved and sends him inside house. Bhabho and Meenakshi argue with Sandhya, and ask her to realize truth, they won’t leave now. Binny says Mukeshwari does not want Ved to go before festival, let him stay here, its matter of one week. Sandhya cries and asks do you want me to let Ved get superstitious. Bhabho says anything, we will not leave till Mata’s festival, till Devi does not get calm, we will not go, this is my decision. Binny says its not good to make Devi annoyed and leave. Sandhya cries and says Bhabho. Bhabho says this is my decision, no one will go. They all go back to house.

Emily thinks what is Maasa hiding. She gets a call. The man says I came in morning to spray medicine in your house, I forgot my phone there, call on it and track my phone. Emily thinks Maasa did not tell me, and notes the number. Maasa hears this and thinks his mobile is left in that room. Emily says I will find mobile, you call me later. Maasa says phone will ring in that room, Emily can reach there and know the secret. She knocks the door and hides, to stop Emily from calling on that phone. Emily goes out. Maasa runs to her room and locks the door.

Emily says there is no one here, who knocked the door. Maasa goes to that room and shuts it. she looks for the man’s phone. Emily calls on it. Maasa looks for the phone. Emily tries to hear ringtone and walks to Maasa’s room. Maasa gets the phone and sees Purvi, Om and Sparsh’s photo. Maasa switches off the phone. Emily says phone was ringing and now its switched off, the sound was coming from Maasa’s room. Maasa says this secret will take my life. Maasa turns and sees Purvi. She says till Purvi is alive, I can’t let you come infront of Emily, else everything will be finished.

Emily walks inside Maasa’s room. She looks around and thinks where did Maasa go. Sandhya walks in some gate. She hears Ved shouting for help. She runs to him and gets shocked seeing him stuck in some big net trap. She shouts Ved.

Sandhya gets shocked seeing her face turned blue. She gets neelvish too.

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