Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 11 May 2016 Written episode Update. Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi today and Latest Written story.

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Dev and Natasha continue talking. They both then get up and Natasha slips and twists her leg. Sona and Nikki who watch this discuss what was that. Dev helps Natasha sit on sofa. Ishwari and garib ki beti Radha also rush and ask what happened. Dev says Natasha slipped and twisted her leg. Ishwari asks to call doc. Sona asks Nikki to bring crepe bandage and ties around Natasha’s ankle. Natasha says she is feeling better now. Dev says he will drop her home and walks with her out. Sona tells Ishwari that even she will leave. Garib ki beti Radha tells Ishwari that Dev and Natasha make a nice couple. Sona gets sad hearing this. Dev gets Natasha into car and tells Sona that he will drop Natasha and then will drop her home as he is going same way. Sona says it is okay, their routes are different now. Dev gets confused and leaves in his car.

While driving car, Natasha apologizes Dev for breaking his house’s vase. He jokes and says if she did not do it purposefully, then why is she apologizing. Natasha smiles and relaxes.

Sona reaches home. Elena asks how was her date with Dev today. Sona tells it is one-sided love and Dev is very rich and she is a middle class girl, their jodi will not look right. she then tells about Natasha and says she suits Dev, with tears in her eyes. Elena cheers her up. Sona says she loves to sleep and goes to bed.

Neha reminisces Ranveer proposing her and then picking her up till car. She opens window and sees a mother scolding her son, reminisces Ranveer’s poor family and thinks she cannot sacrifice her life for Ranveer and has to reject him.

Garib ki beti Radha gives prasad to Ishwari. Ishwari says she has kept fast for Dev’s well being. Garib ki beti Radha says she also fasts for Vickey. Ishwari asks her to speak low as Dev will not let her fast. Garib ki beti Radha then tells her husband that Dev’s business partner Natasha is very beautiful and well cultured, she is perfect for Dev. Husband asks what about Vicky, will he ever work in life and become competent. Dev comes and says Ishwari that his gold watch is missing. Garib ki beti Radha asks if he told gold. He says yes. She says losing or finding gold is abshagun and says she will not spare whoever stole it, doubts Kichu. Ishwari says Kichu is their loyal servant and she cannot doubt him. She asks Dev to go to his room and think it is somewhere in his room.

Saurabh and Bejoy’s fighting starts over remote control. Saurabh says they had a deal of 3 days and since he won, he will watch TV. Asha and Daadi come and ask Bejoy to not fight with Saurabh. Elena comes down getting ready for college. Saurabh silently tells that he wnts her help to select gift for mom and dad’s marriage anniversary. Elena says don’t worry. Bejoy asks what was he murmuring with Elena. Saurabh says it is none of his business. Bejoy throws pillow on him.

Sona enters Ishwari’s room. Ishwari shows her childhood pic and asks who is it. Sona says Dev. Ishwari asks if he is cute. Sona says yes. Ishwari says she will frame it. Sona asks why did not she have breakfast. Ishwari says she is fasting. Sona says if she fast, Dev will be in loss as he values her health most, so she will send fasting food for her. Kichu informs that Natasha’s driver came. Ishwari asks him to call Dev. Garib ki beti Radha sees flower bouquet and comments. Dev take bouquet and gives it to Sona for taking care of Natasha. Sona says it is okay, looks at a thank you card for Dev and says it is for him.

Precap: Garib ki beti Radha asks Sona to finish her work soon today as Dev’s would be in-laws Gujrals are coming.

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