Ek Duje Ke Vaste 11 May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 11 May 2016 Written episode Update. Ek Duje Ke Vaste today and Latest Written story.

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Shravan cries his heart out and is out of control. Pushkar, Suman try to control him, but he pushes them away. Then a doctor comes and he gives him some meds and he goes to sleep. Uncle and his son go to airport to get confirmed news.

Suman’s family visits Shravan. Shravan is sleeping and getting his dad’s dreams. He remembers old time and then his dad leaving him. He is screaming. He wakes up and is surprised to see his dad in front of him. He can’t believe it’s real. Uncle tells him that his father decided to meet him before he leaves for London and hence he didn’t board the flight. Shravan hugs his dad and says he won’t leave him ever. He will always be with him. His London plan is cancelled. His dad is very happy as Shravan will stay with him. He asks Shravan to rest and goes to drop Nanu and Suman’s family outside.

Shravan, Suman, and Pushkar are recalling events and think so much happened. Shravan and Pushkar are hungry. Suman goes and makes soup for them. Pushkar gets a call and he goes outside to talk. Shravan puts soup on side. Suman asks him if he didn’t like it. He says it’s amazing, but he’s sleepy. Suman covers him with blanket. Shravan tells her that he is not a patient. She says you’re welcome and asks him to sleep. Both smile at each other and he goes to sleep.

Pushkar comes back. He says he hopes such day doesn’t come again. Suman says only she knows how she brought Shravan back. Pushkar says he loves his dad a lot. He’s his life. He laughs and shares thought that if Shravan and his dad’s love intensity is this much, then imagine intensity of Shravan’s and his lady love. Suman is all smiling. She says she has seen that intensity in letter.

Suman returns home. She recalls childhood letter’s words that Shravan refused to study in London just because of her not knowing if that’s love.

Some guests arrive at Tiwari’s house. Preeti doesn’t recognize them. Her mother comes and welcomes her mausi, her grandson, and his parents. Preeti’s mum introduces them to her family. Mausi is all praising her grandson, Paras. Bua teases Preeti that her rishta has come. Handsome and rich guy..what more she wants. Preeti is into her phone and gets a message from someone “banda smiling as per orders”. Preeti tells Bua handsome and Paras?

Suman is thinking this is destiny. Destiny doesn’t want Shravan to leave her. And after seeing Shravan’s behavior for his dad today, one thing is for sure. If he ever loved her, then so-called move on is not possible. This means he still loves her and one day he will confess. She smiles.

Precap: Suman meets mausi. She says girls of this house are very pretty. Nanu asks how come she is in Delhi. Mausi says she likes to be direct and asks him when they are coming with proposal. Later, Suman comes to meet Shravan.

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