Mere Angne Mein 11 May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Mere Angne Mein 11 May 2016 Written episode Update. Mere Angne Mein today and Latest Written story.

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The Episode starts with Riya saying I will leave from this house. Shanti thanks her. Chanda asks shall I do your work. Shanti says yes, do you need permission? Chanda says yes, you are elder, I was thinking to get haldi for you, it will be good for your sprain. Shanti asks her why is she waiting. Chanda says I was asking your permission. Shanti gets glad and says I have given permission, go, do you have money to buy haldi. Chanda says no, I will work at some stall and get money. Shanti says don’t do this for me. Chanda says you have a roof to me, the relation is big when someone accepts you selflessly. Shanti says you be with me, don’t go, Preeti you go.

Bunty calls Riya and says I fought with Shivam. Riya asks her not to create more problems. Bunty asks about Chanda. Riya tells her what happened. Bunty asks Riya to keep an eye on Chanda. Pari calls her ex BF and talks sweetly. She tells some work to him.

Preeti gets haldi and gives to Kaushalya. Preeti asks Riya not to act to do work, else she would have gone to get haldi. Riya says I m not acting, I will not help if you don’t want. Kaushalya asks Preeti to grind haldi. Preeti says I got haldi, is this not sufficient. Kaushalya asks why, Shanti will feel bad, Chanda does not know market, so I asked you to go. Preeti asks would you send Nimmi. Kaushalya says she is married. Preeti says even I m married, you want me to leave, so you make me work, you don’t like me eating food for free here, I will tell Nandu to find house, I can’t get myself more insulted. Riya asks Preeti why are you talking like this. Preeti asks her to shut up. Riya says don’t punish everyone for your mistake. Kaushalya asks was your mistake less…..

Rani flirts with Amit and talks romantic. Amit eats food and asks what happened. She says colony people said something, I m shy. He asks what. She says they were asking when will we give good news. He says tell them, I can’t do this. She says don’t you think we should have three four children. He coughs and says I don’t like this talk. He goes to get water and she collides with him. they have an eyelock.

Pari follows Vyom and calls her ex BF. She asks him to do his work and hit Vyom by his auto. The man hits Vyom by his auto. Vyomn gets injured and falls down. Pari signs to that man and smiles. People see Vyom injured. They take Vyom to hospital.

Shanti calls out Kaushalya to come to her. Chanda says I will grind haldi. Riya says no need, you are guest, I m Shivam’s wife and bahu of this house. Chanda says I will manage, I will serve Shanti. She goes to grind haldi. Amit and Rani’s eyelock breaks with a door bell ring. Rani goes to open the door. Ashok brings Nirmala and asks where is Sarla. Rani says she is not at home, what happened to Nirmala, how did she get injured. Ashok says I will say, first do the first aid, she will stay here for some days. Amit looks on. Rani asks why. Ashok says Bindu has beaten Nirmala and kicked her out of her house. Rani says fine and takes Nirmala. Amit argues with Ashok and asks why did you take Nirmala. Ashok says I m helping her. Amit says she is a problem, how will you manage expenses, Sarla will come and see her, where did Sarla take Chanda, do anything, I will go and have food.

Kaushalya goes to Preeti and pacifies her. Preeti says I feel suffocated here. Kaushalya asks why this bitterness for family. Preeti asks what should I do, I asked Shivam to get shampoo for me, he did not get it, did anyone ask what I need. Kaushalya saks why will we ask, are you guest, you can take anything you want, this is your house. Preeti says I will not beg to everyone. Kaushalya says I m troubled by Riya and you, forgive me if I told anything and you felt bad, you married a clerk or king, you are my daughter, this won’t change, I gave you work by mother’s right, this is your house. Preeti says you have started being biased now, go from here. Kaushalya gets shocked and cries.

Chanda asks Riya about her marriage, why is it breaking. Riya says I don’t know why my marriage is breaking. Chanda asks what are you saying. Riya asks her not to worry, you will stay here, you can find out, then tell me too. Kaushalya hugs Preeti and asks where should I go, you are my child. Preeti argues and asks did you not get hurt when I was forced to marry Nandu, stop this, bear me for some more days till Nandu finds a house. She cries. Kaushalya goes. Chanda applies lep to Shanti’s feet. Shanti tells about Riya. Chanda tells about her fate and says I don’t have anyone in this world, I m alone. Shanti thinks to test her and make her bahu.

Chanda sees the jewelry. Shanti tests her. Chanda sees money bundles in the box. Riya looks on.

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