Vishkanya 10 May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Vishkanya 10 May 2016 Written episode Update. Vishkanya today and Latest Written story.

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The episode starts with Kumkum angrily telling Rasik that she does not like Vishal staring at her. He taunts that at least someone is staring her at this age. He sees Vishal walking into bhooth badi/Kalpana’s house and shouts why is he going here. Kumkum stops him and says let him trouble Kalpana’s family.

Vishal enters booth badi and is shocked to see Kalpana there. He thinks what is Nandita’s sautan’s sister doing here. Kalpana enters secret chamber to feed Didi bhai and he follows her there. Kalpana gets tensed seeing him. He laughs that she entered Nandita’s life to destroy her as she does not know she is her sautan’s sister, now he will inform his didi/nandita everything. Apu enters and says he can surely go and tell anyone he likes. Kalpana says she is Harsh’s second wife and not her did bhai. Harsh betrayed her and did not tell that he was already married. Because of Vishal’s mistake, her family is suffering since 20 years. Vishal gets afraid. Apu says now she will punish him for all his sins. Vishal pleads to spare him. Kalpana and Apu laugh and say they are kind hearted and are letting him try his best to escape. Vishal tries to run up. Apu catches him. He bites her. She smiles.

Kumkum cleans house yelling that unwanted guest drop in without information. Nandita comes and asks who has come. Kumkum says her cousin Vishal. Nandita thinks why he came after so many years and says it is good he came, he can attend Malay’s marriage. Kumkum says he went to Kalpana’s house.

Kalpana and Apu laugh at Vishal. Apu removes her neem/tulsi bead necklace and her whole body turns blue. Her wound also heals instantly. Vishal shouts this cannot happen and beats himself.

Malay brings mechanic to repair his car and does not find Apu there. He calls her number, but it is unreachable.

Vishal asks Apu who is she. Apu says she is vishkanya. Vishal gets more afraid. Kalpana says she can lose anything to see fear in his eyes. His body turns blue and lips swell up. he asks what is happening to him. Kalpana reminisces Vishal crashing Didi bhai under his car.

Precap: Kumkum and Nandita knock Kalpana’s door and ask her where is Vishal. Vishal runs in jungle and Apu follows him. Malay searches Apu. Vishal reaches near car.

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