Ishq Ka Rang Safed 10 May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 10 May 2016 Written episode Update. Ishq Ka Rang Safed today and Latest Written story.

You Can Watch Drama Ishq Ka Rang Safed 10 May 2016 Today HD Video

The Episode starts with Viplav talking to someone on phone. He sees Sushma bringing Kanak and asks about her health. Kanak says she is fine. Kamini brings the parathas and gives bhasm parathas to Viplav. She thinks bengali baba told me to stay infront of him and then only he will come in my control. Dasharath asks about a case. Viplav says I didn’t know that it was a complicated case. Hee it. says I will explain to you, and changes his plate with that of Dasharath while explaining about the case. Dasharath eats the parathas and sees Kanak sitting infront of him. He says paratha is so good. He goes to Sushma and kisses her hand, saying you have made me mad. Sushma says Dhaani made it. Dasharath says you might have taught her. He sings song and holds her hand. Sushma asks him to leave her and goes to room. Dasharath follows her. Viplav laughs. Dadi Bua asks if you added something in the paratha. Dhaani says no. Kamini thinks Dasharath have eaten the paratha. She comes to kitchen angrily and sends Ram deen kaka to clean the dining table as she gets a phone call. Viplav holds Dhaani and tries to get romantic. Kamini gets jealous.

Viplav says I am Dasharath Tripathi’s grand son, if he can romance, then why can’t I. Kamini picks Dhaani’s phone, and asks who are you. Asthana says I am your judge, I found your jhumka, and asks her to take and give. She says I am ready to do anything and talks in Dhaani’s accent. She asks him to make arrangement of her travel. Asthana smiles. Kamini thinks she has lost, and now he will help her get success. Just then Dhaani comes and asks if someone called. She says surely Maayi would have called. Kamini says there was a phone call, but I saw you busy with Viplav and that’s why didn’t disturb you. She says you are lucky to get a husband like Viplav, and says misunderstandings are cleared between you both. She says actually Judge called you. Dhaani is shocked. Kamini asks did you meet him? Dhaani says yesterday I went to bahar gali and saw judge infront of me when Police came there. She says he is a nice man and have helped me. Kamini says he called you at home, and says he seems to be a clever man. Dhaani says may be he called for some charity reasons. Kamini asks her to give his number, and takes her phone to save his number in her phone. Dhaani goes. Kamini smiles.

Dhaani brings juice for Kanak and sees her sleeping. She thinks to massage her feet with oil. Kanak feels relieved while sleeping. Dhaani thinks don’t know how I will go today to night school. Kanak opens her eyes and gets angry on Dhaani. She says you want me to fall when I walk. Dhaani says no, and wipes her feet with towel. She asks her to drink juice. Kanak takes the glass and asks her not to come again.

Viplav comes to Ashram. Dulaari asks did you come alone? Where is Dhaani? She asks if everyone is fine at home. Viplav says yes, and says I am angry with you. Don’t you think of me as your son. Badi Amma comes and asks about Dhaani. Viplav says fine. He asks them to inform him if anything happens. Dulaari says we came to know just 2 days before and asks someone to bring the sweets. She says I told Dhaani, but she was busy. Badi Amma says they got a big order. Viplav says it is good. He asks if you are fine. Dulaari says we all are fine and asks him to eat sweets. Viplav eats it and is quiet surprised. Kamini comes to meet Asthana. Asthana mistaken her to be Dhaani, and is shocked to see Kamini. Kamini asks do you think that Dhaani will get closer to you so easily and offers her help. He says you need a clever mind, and says she thinks like a lawyer. He asks him to make concrete plan and trap Dhaani by winning her trust. She says I came to give you suggestion to make your life colorful. She threatens him and says if he tells anyone about her then she will ruin him. Asthana smells the flower which she has given him.

Viplav is in the car and thinks what Dhaani is hiding from me? He imagines Dhaani sitting beside him and smiles. He comes out of car. Dadi Bua asks Dasharath about his plan to make temple and do work for widow’s betterment. Servant comes and says pandits have come. Dadi Bua says people come to take my suggestion since I have taken this position. Dasharath thinks soon you will know what is my position. Dhaani comes. Viplav also come. They collide, and she falls in his arms. Ishq Ishq…mere ishq ka rang plays……………Viplav asks if everything is fine. Dhaani says yes. Viplav thinks she is hiding something, and asks about Dulaari. Dhaani says she is fine and have taken medicine. Viplav gets doubtful and thinks there is some problem for sure, I have to find out.

Dhaani comes to her room, covers herself with shawl and leaves. Viplav is seen hiding in the room and will follow her.

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