Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10 May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10 May 2016 Written episode Update. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein today and Latest Written story.

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The Episode starts with Raman going out and crying. Bala comes to police station, and sees Raman shattered. He says nothing will happen to Adi, come. Bala goes to Adi and sees Ishita. He gets shocked and says Ishu, so many years….. Ishita hears its Adi and sits near him. she sees his face and recalls meeting Mihika’s wedding planner AB. She thinks I met Adi and could not identify him. She says AB, Aditya Bhalla. Adi cries. Raman looks on.

Mani comes there and slaps Adi. He asks how dare you touch my daughter, I will not leave you, you will be in jail forever. Raman looks on. Ishita shouts leave him Mani, he can’t do this, he is my Adi. Mani gets shocked. Mani asks really, just because he is Aditya Bhalla, your son, you think he can’t do bad. Ishita says he can’t do bad. Aaliya hugs Mani. Raman says my son can’t do such thing. Mani says Raman Bhalla…. I m not surprised he is your son, you never respected any woman, what will your son respect someone. Lady inspector says Aaliya has to come with us, inspector wants to talk to her. Mani sends Aaliya. Mani tells Raman that I will make sure your son is punished. Raman says I will stand as his shield, you do anything you can. Mani leaves angrily.

Raman and Ishita see each other. Ishita thinks Mani is worried for Aaliya, and Raman is worried for Adi, Aaliya and Adi can’t be wrong, what to do, whom to support. She leaves.

Mihir and Pihu come to society. Pihu asks did you tell everyone that I m back from Australia. Mihir says no, they will scold me if they know you came alone, why did your mumma not come along. She says I don’t know, mumma gave a letter for you. Mihir reads Shagun’s letter, she apologizes and thanks him for picking Pihu, she is finding some truth, she will come back after knowing truth. He asks did mumma meet someone there. Pihu says no, she became detective, she was calling hospitals and was asking for some denstist, we enjoyed a lot there and we will go Australia again. He says sure. She says I have to shock everyone with my entry. She goes. Mihir says what is Shagun finding in Australia.

Raman tells inspector that his son is innocent. Inspector asks him to leave. Raman refuses. Inspector says it’s a girl’s molestation, that girl took Adi’s name. Mihika comes and says Adi is innocent, you can’t detain him like this. Bala tells Mihika that Ishita is alive. Mihika says I know. Bala and Raman get surprised. Mihika asks Ishita not to worry for Adi. Raman scolds Mihika and asks whats wrong with you, you knew this and did not tell us that Ishita is alive, did you do this on Romi’s saying. Ishita defends Mihika. Raman says just my son is imp for me, I will take him and leave. He goes.

Pihu comes home and surprises everyone. Mrs. Bhalla asks Mihir about Shagun. Mihir says Shagun did not come, she has sent Pihu with some lady, Shagun said she has imp work, she has sent letter. Mrs. Bhalla reads letter. Pihu says I want to cover up my fav serial episodes. Mrs. Bhalla says I don’t understand this letter, why did she stay there. Mihir says she was finding some dentist. Mrs. Bhalla asks Pihu did she have tooth pain. Pihu says no and goes. Mrs. Bhalla wonders why was Shagun finding dentist.

Vandu tells Amma that Bala did not answer her call. Pihu comes and meets them. Pihu hugs Amma and talks to her in dramatic way. Pihu tells them that she has seen someone in Australia, don’t tell anyone. She tells them that she has seen photo aunty. Amma asks what are you saying. Pihu says I have seen her in Australia. Amma asks is she sure. Pihu says yes, I m sure. Mrs. Bhalla hears this and gets shocked.

Mrs. Bhalla tells this to Mihir and others. Mihir asks what, did Pihu see Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla says I think Shagun is finding Ishita, as you said she was finding dentist, maybe Shagun has seen Ishita there. Mihir says Ishita died 7 years ago. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, maybe someone like Ishita.

Inspector asks Mani to sit and talk, once Fir is written, Adi’s life will get ruined. Mani asks him to file FIR right now. Raman and Mani argue. Ishita says I don’t think Adi did this. Mani gets shocked and says Ishu, you got on Raman’s side. Ishita says Aaliya is my daughter, I have been with her for 7 years, she calls me Amma. Raman says you can doubt Adi then. She says no, I raised him. Raman says you are dead for us and have no relation with us, relations ended 7 years ago. Ishita says Adi is still my son. Mani says bad happened with my daughter. She says Aaliya is my daughter too. Mani says no, she is just my daughter. Adi is your son, you decide on whose side are you. Ishita says I m with the one who is true and honest, I know Aaliya and Adi can’t lie, someone else did this. Raman and Mani argue. Inspector asks them to stop it.

Aaliya is brought there. Ishita asks Aaliya to recall well, what happened with you. Aaliya says Amma, he came to our house, he held me and threatened, then someone attacked, after that a man came there and shouted, that attacker went. Ishita asks did you see attacker’s face. Aaliya says no. Ishita says it can be anyone Mani. Mani says Adi has threatened her, I feel he is the culprit. He takes Aaliya. Raman asks Ishita not to pretend her care, he will prove Adi innocent, get away from our lives. Adi is taken away. Raman says I will take Adi. Ishita thinks how will this get solved.

Ishita sees Abhishek and gets shocked. Abhishek too gets shocked and says Ishita ji, you are alive, Raman…. Raman says don’t talk to me, I lost my daughter because of you two, I m not related to you two now.

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