Mere Angne Mein 10 May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Mere Angne Mein 10 May 2016 Written episode Update. Mere Angne Mein today and Latest Written story.

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The Episode starts with Bunty arguing with Shivam. He asks her to think of his sisters and family, Riya shares everything with you, not me. Sharmili calls Vyom and asks where are you. He says I m outside, I came to attend a meeting. She asks him not to do any business. He says I will just ask Sujeev for money on pretext of business, but I won’t work. She says great, my blessings are with you. Sarla talks to Kaushalya. Kaushalya is worried and asks Shanti did Sarla really get Chanda for Shivam, I don’t know he will agree for marriage or not. Shanti says you should go to Ganga river, you are just seeing son’s pain, not daughters. She says I asked you not to let Riya enter kitchen, but you did not listen, I m saying truth. Kaushalya says no, I love all of them equally. Shanti says if Chanda passes our test, I will make her Shivam’s wife, its your responsibility to make Shivam agree. She goes. Kaushalya worries and says I don’t want Riya to stay here, but Shivam won’t agree for second marriage, he loves Riya.

Ashok pacifies Nirmala. Nirmala says I can’t stay in that house. Ashok says I will talk to Bindu. She asks him not to do anything, I will go. He says no, there will be some solution, I can’t take you my home, you go to your home, you gave me that house’s keys, I will get that cleaned, till then you can stay in my house. She says that house is not good, it can take few days. He says fine, till then stay in my house, I will try to explain Sarla.

Sarla asks Chanda did she like this house. Chanda says yes. Shanti comes and sits on swing. Sarla says my house is very small, I m thinking to leave Chanda here for some days. Shanti says yes, Chanda can stay here. Riya gets worried. Shanti takes Sarla to room and asks Chanda’s story. Sarla says she is from rich family, her relatives want to take everything from her, Chanda wants to work and earn, if you don’t want to trust, I will take her and leave. Shanti says fine, I will ask as I m going to make her bahu.

Sarla asks Shanti to take test of Chanda. She says Chanda is alone, she has no family, she will do what you say, she will thank you for favor, you decide, I will go and stay in my house, I m doing this for your good. Shanti says don’t start the story again. Sarla says I m leaving Chanda here, you manage. She goes and tells Chanda to stay here. Shanti says Chanda will stay here with me. Sarla leaves.

Riya says Shanti said right, you are this house’s granddaughter, I m your Bhabhi, Shivam is your brother. Kaushalya says don’t use your mind, I will decide relations. Chanda asks Kaushalya not to get tea for her, I will do work for all of you, elders should not work. Shanti praises her and says she respects elders. Shanti promises Riya that she will make Chanda Shivam’s wife. Riya says I trust myself and my Lord. Shanti says bad is happening with me. She slips and falls down. Everyone come. Kaushalya asks Riya what did you do. Riya says nothing, Dadi slipped. Shanti says my leg broke and cries. Kaushalya and Preeti take her to room.

Bunty calls Riya. Riya says there is tension here, Dadi fell and got hurt. Bunty says don’t serve her now, Shanti is big drama queen. Riya says right, her track record is such, I have to see her planning, I will talk later. Kaushalya hears Riya and asks what planning, what will you see, you are calling Shanti a drama queen, Shanti is right, you are dual faced, you leave from here, if you don’t like Shanti, you feel she is doing drama, why will she do drama. Riya says she always does drama, she makes small things big issue. Kaushalya says go and see, her feet got swollen, she is in pain. Riya says no, I did not know she really got hurt. She calls doctor. Kaushalya says I can call doctor too, don’t act. She goes.

Amit comes home to meet Chanda. Rani says Sarla is not at home. He asks where is Chanda. She says Sarla took her to Shanti Sadan, what happened, what are you thinking, I made food, I will serve it, come. She holds his hand and he coughs. He asks her not to stare when he eats food.

Doctor checks Shanti and says she need bed rest, she should not walk. Shanti says I will not be in room, I will stay in hall and know how my house is running. He says she got old, and asks Riya to take care of her. Shanti says Riya gave me wrong medicines before, explain Chanda. Riya says I will leave from here.

Kaushalya asks Preeti to get kirana items. Preeti argues and says I m married. Riya asks Preeti not to punish everyone for her mistake. Kaushalya blames Riya.

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