Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10 May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10 May 2016 Written episode Update. Saath Nibhana Saathiya today and Latest Written story.

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Vidya goes out to meet Shravan. Someone kidnaps her. Gopi says family that Vidya did not return even after a long time. Meera says she must have gone to her room, she will go and bring her down and goes to Vidya’s room. Kinjal takes selfie with a pout. Sona asks what happened to her face. Kinjal says it is a pout and she was taking selfie. Kokila says even she wants to take selfie. Family looks at her in a surprise. Kokila says she even has facebook page and her guru is Hetal. Hetal asks if they saw their profile page. Tolu says they will see later and let us have selfie first. Whole family takes selfie.

Meera goes to Vidya’s room and does not find her there. She sees someone standing outside window and opens it. Someone pulls her via window and kidnaps her. Gopi gets worried for Vidya and Meera and walks towards Vidya’s room.

Dharam with family reaches hospital and with shivering hands removes bedsheet from deadbody. Whole family relaxes that dead body is of not Gaura. He finds a letter in which Gaura writes that she wanted to change and even pleaded her enemy Kokila to help her unite with her family, but she did not spare her. She will show her true colors now and will show her son how it is to lose family, whom he will save, wife or daughter-in-law or daadi saas. He says Shravan they should save them and asks Durga and Naiya to go home soon and inform them if Baa comes there.

Gopi goes to Vidya’s room and sees Meera’s mobile on bed. She hears music in bathroom and walks in. She sees showpiece and picks it. Dhamaka happens. Family hears sound and rush into Vidya’s room and see smoke allover. Kokila says Gopi had come here to search Vidya and Meera and realizes that Gaura kidnapped all 3 of them. She finds Gaura’s letter in which Gaura has written to come and meet her out if she wants her bahu and potis back. Kokila runs out and shouts where are you Gaura, where are my bahu and potis. Gaura comes in jeep with her goons, kidnaps her and leaves. Family comes late like Indian police and sees smoke all over. Ahem runs and shouts mom where are you.

Precap: Gaura tortures Kokila and asks her to see where are they. Kokila sees Gopi, Vidya and Meera tied to poles.

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