Scene 1
sanyu enters the class. The guys are making noise. sanyu sys silence, a guy says its sharma’s class. sanyu calls sharma and says please tell them that vikram has asked me to take your class. she turns on the speaker. Sharma says yes she will take your class. sanyu says all right? Now sits at you places. All the pupils settle down. Sanyu starts teaching. A guy throws a chalk at him. Sanyu throws a chalk back and tells him the definition of projectile motion. Rajveer enters the class. He says you are here again madam? sanyu says you are late. He says so what? Sanyu says leave the class. He is about to sit sanyu says I said leave my class. He says don’t force so much you migh get a sprain how will you teach them then? sanyu says leave the class. He is about to sit sanyu kick his seat. He stands in shcok. Sanyu says you better leave before a sprain. He leaves the class in anger. He says in anger you will have to pay for it.
In FITe, yoyo comes to randhr and says we are both in same problem. first kasutuki left and now sanyu left you. Our gfs are in college still we are in long distance relationship. They don’t have time for us. Randhir says stop annoying me. Randhir says in heart I have to accept sanyu doesn’t have time.
The class is over. The students are quite impressed. They leave. Vikram coms in the class and says you modulated my voice and said to sharma you will conduct his class. Sanyu says I just wanted to teach them. He says so you can say anything to anyone on my behalf. sanyu says I am sorry I did this to retain them in the class. I taught them what sharma could. I had to prove. Vikram says so its about the challenge. vikram says and you threw out rajveer. do you even know who is he? Heis the goin to be topper of TCC. You want to spoil reputation of TCC. sanyu says there are a lot of students who have potential. Vikram says I have invested in him and you will apologize to him or face the consequences.
Parth says to vidushi you are bunking lecture for a huy like varun. Are you the same vidushi who cared about money and a good job only and now you are spoiling future for varun. Vidushi says you are the same parth who used to take me for granted two months back. Now when varun has my attention you are jealous. you did the same with arpita. Parth raises his hand. he says just leave. Vidushi is in the lab.
Sadda Haq 21st November 2014 Written Update
)PKC says these lab marks will added in finals. randhir is waiting for sanyu. He says she has her own problems. why cant I stay with her all the time. Parth says in heart she portrays varun as villain and now has bunked lecture for him Randhir days I have to go out. PKC says you cant come back. Randhir leaves.
Sanyu says in heart why should I apologized to that ajveer. Radnhri surprisingly comes and holds her hand. sanyu hugs him and says its the best feeling in the world. randhir says in heart I will remove all these stress from your life just stay with me. Randhir says lets bunk today. we hardly get time to spend with each other. SAnyu says I cant. Randhir says what kind of relationship Is this. He says I am tired of waiting for you all the time. I think you don’t even want to be I this relation ship. sanyu says in heart how will I manage everything if you behave like this.
Randhir is in his room hitting the punching bag. Sanyu comes an says you spend more time with this punching bad than me. sanyu holds it. He says leave or I will punch you. Sanyu says okay do punch me. He hugs her. sanyu says I know its difficult for you but try to understand. sanyu says lets attend this lecture and then we will go out for a movie. We will watch some romantic comedy you will be romantic and I will laugh at you. he says I wanna watch action. Sanyu says you can hit your punching bag and I will watch you with popcorns. The warden comes. randhir hides sanyu in the closet. The warden says where is that girl? randhir ays there is no gf here? The warden rummages everywhere. yoyo comes in and says there 9is a fight on first floor. Warden runs there. randhir takes sanyu out. randhir says thanks. Sanyu says thank you I would have died in his closet. sanyu says okay I am going for lecture then we will go for movie.
The lecture starts. SAnyu and randhir are studying. SAnyu recalls vikram saying you will apologize to ajveer. randhir says whats wrong? He says lets runs from the class. sanyu says he is a teacher not statue. Randhir says nothing will happen don’t worry, They bunk from the class. pkc sees them and says what are you two doing? randhir says only I was running. randhir says sanyu was stopping me. PKC says randhir go to maya and get me written approval until then you don have to attend my lectures. HE asks them both to go out. Vdushi comes and sts next to parth.
Randhir says why did you confessed you attendance is low. snayu says I cant keep myself safe and you in trouble. He ays lets go to movie. Randhir leaves sanyu at the PG. SAyu says the society people shouldn’t see me. rndhir says you don’t live there for free. she says I will give them your point of you view. He says don’t go, you will meet after 8 hours how will I spend the time. sanyu kisses him and says this is for the 8 hours.
Precap-sanyu says to vikram I would have appoligized if it was my mistake. There are a lot of students more potent than rajveer. She says I will teach priyali and I bet she will beat rajveer.
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