Swaragini 10 May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Swaragini 10 May 2016 Written episode Update. Swaragini today and Latest Written story.

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The Episode starts with Ragini asking Rajat to give his car keys. Rajat gives car keys hesitantly. Sujata asks Rajat not to worry and says we have thought about the gift for you. Rajat says 1 min, and gets up from mandap. He calls his goons and asks them to keep the stuff, and don’t let Ragini know anything. Goon says we will keep the stuff. Ragini says okay. Goon keeps the stuff in the decky. Ragini sees Parineeta’s hand and thinks Swara was right. She comes back and tells Swara that Parineeta is in the decky. Rajat gets up again and calls goon. He asks if Ragini came to know anything. Goon says no. He says nice and goes to sit on mandap again. Annapurna brings Utara to mandap. Ragini says we have to save Utara and Bhabhi. Swara says I hope Utara have read the chit else…Pandit ji asks Utara to sit beside Rajat, and start reciting the mantras. He asks them to get up for the jai mala. Rajat makes her wear garland. Laksh feels helpless and says I can’t see my sister’s life ruined. Everyone shower flower petals on them. Ragini tells Laksh and Sanskar that Parineeta is in car’s decky. Sanskar shares his plan with them and asks Laksh to come.

Ragini tells swara that she is feeling helpless and couldn’t tell anything to Adarsh. Swara says I know. Utara makes him wear garland. Swara tells Ragini that the goons are having gun. Adarsh hears her and asks about goons and gun. Swara says I was saying fun and says Utara is looking happy. Adarsh asks you both are looking tensed. Ragini and Swara say no. Adarsh goes. Laksh comes out and tells the goons/bouncers that he will tell everything to everyone. The goons follow Laksh. Sanskar comes, opens the car’s decky and tells Parineeta that he is Sanskar. Parineeta says Sanskar…..Laksh runs. He makes the goon smell choroform. Other goon asks him to come out and throw the handkerchief. Laksh throws the handkerchief, kicks the gun and takes it in his hand. He slaps the goon and asks him to lift the handkerchief and smell it. Goon refuses. Laksh makes him smell it. The goon falls unconscious too. Laksh throws the gun and goes. Sanskar makes Parineeta come out of decky. He asks Parineeta to go directly to basement and says Rajat or his goons shouldn’t see you. Parineeta collides with Laksh.

Laksh asks her to go and relax. He says I will call swara. Sanskar says still Rajat and his goons are inside. Pandit ji asks them to do the ghatbandhan. Sujata calls Swara and Ragini and wonders where did they go? Annapurna asks her to talk slowly and says Laksh have kept party for them after marriage, and Ragini, Swara and Sanskar are with him. She asks Sujata to do the ghatbandhan. Utara thinks about Swara keeping chit on the dressing table and asking her to read during marriage. She reads it. Ragini and swara are outside. Laksh tells Ragini that police will come in casual dress. He gets Rajat’s message on bouncer’s phone and he replies that everything is fine. Utara faints. Rajat asks what did she faint? Annapurna asks someone to take her to room. Rajat lifts her and takes her to room. Sujata sprinkles water on her face. Utara gains consciousness and says she wants to talk to Rajat alone.

Sujata asks what? Swara, Sanskar, Ragini and Laksh come inside and wonder where is everyone. Sumi asks where did you go? Shekhar says Utara fainted just as the marriage started. Annapurna, Sujata and everyone come out. Laksh asks what happened to Utara. Annapurna says Utara wants to talk to Rajat. Utara asks Rajat, you lied to me and don’t love me. You are danger to my family. Rajat asks what are you saying? Utara says my bhabhi never lies. Rajat says Parineeta is tied safely in my car’s decky. Swara reads the chit. Utara is shocked and asks what? Parineeta is locked in decky and says you are dangerous for our family. She asks why are you doing this? Who are you? Rajat says I am a professional conman, and I don’t love you. I am marrying you for money. Utara is shocked. Swara says Utara read the chit, means she knows Rajat’s truth now.

Rajat kidnaps Swara and keeps gun on her head asking everyone to stay far. Sanskar shouts Swara, Parineeta sees Swara. Swara asks her to go. Rajat tells Swara that Parineeta hates her and will not help her. Swara is shocked.

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