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Kasam 10 May 2016 Written episode Update. Kasam today and Latest Written story.

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Rano tries to convince Raaj but he wasn’t ready to listen. Rishi hugs Raaj as he comes out, he confess his love and thanks him for being his side. He listened and understood him as well. Raaj apologizes Rishi for not inquiring about Pavan. They go as an army determined to beat Pavan.
Pavan’s parents had come to a decision.
Raaj comes out and asks Bani about Pavan’s parents. They finally comes out and announces they have decided to give a reply. They confess they know that girl, they had broken all the relations with that girl and wanted to hide about her. May be they break their relation to them, but they will tell the truth today.
Rishi stops Raaj, he asks Pavan to stop all the stories and only tell the truth. Rishi asks them to bring Saloni here. She herself will tell them how she is related to Pavan. Pavan strictly says she won’t come here. Tannu asks why won’t she. Rishi comes to stand beside Tannu and asks Pavan’s reply? Pavan moves towards Tannu and asks if she trusts Rishi more than him, Tannu says no; her father always advised her to trust her heart. Pavan warns he asked her before to question anything. Tannu says every relation is joint by trust, but it’s about truth. Saloni herself would tell the truth. Pavan says they don’t need to stop their function because of a third person. Tannu looks towards Raaj, thinking about his vows as her father. She tells Pavan she didn’t care for Rishi or Ahna’s queries, but when Raaj questioned him as a father he is no less than her father as well. He must reply to his answers. Pavan assure he respects him, Tannu apologizes she can’t join in a wrong relation. Pavan says alright, he will now bring Saloni here; they must ask her anything they want to.
Pavan’s mother stops him, she was sad that the kids have grown this argument so much and they didn’t stop him. Raaj announces that not Pavan but someone else would bring Saloni here. Rishi goes there, Ahna suggest Tannu would go with Rishi. Pavan’s parents leave the function, Rishi asks Pavan for Saloni’s address. Pavan says it’s in his phone, and Rishi has it. Manpreet reminds Rishi it’s in his pocket, Pavan forwards the address. Rishi takes Tannu along.
Savitri asks her husband to calm down, he argues how dare they do this all. He was afraid that Saloni will come, all the truth will come to everyone. He was determined to break this proposal now. Pavan over hears and consider Rishi responsible for all this mess.
Rishi whistles and enjoys eyeing Tannu. He asks if she is thinking about him. She always gets tensed when he is around her. She suggests about staying away from her then. Rishi says he will get tensed then, tension only suits her face and he suits her too. Rishi was happy that Tannu’s engagement would soon break, after Saloni’s confession that she is Pavan’s girlfriend and asks where she would like to go to honeymoon. He tries to get her dupatta in hand, she jerks it away and says may be what he is thinking is wrong. Rishi stops the car and comes out, standing beside it. Tannu comes out asking what happened.
Bee ji was tensed when Manpreet comes to her, he asks her not to take tension, Rishi will find Saloni’s house in any of the colony. Bee ji asks why he stole the cell phone. Ahna over hears them from behind. Manpreet confess that her Rishi and Tannu wouldn’t have got together had he not done this.
Rishi asks what Tannu wants? He wants Saloni confesses be a girlfriend of Pavan and her engagement with him breaks. Why is she punishing him for engaging her sister. Rishi reminds Tanvi that Maa Kaali joint their relations, he never was fond of relations in life but when he met her his relation with her is now the most important for her. He is unaware if it is her father’s wish or Bani’s, but the God has made their couple. He holds her hand, and says when one day she will break her relation with Pavan; after than no one will be able to separate them.

PRECAP: Saloni opens the door, she was worried seeing Rishi and Tannu and shuts the door denying to speak to them.

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