Part 1
Alvira is shocked to find out that Zeenat is recovering from coma. Sahir says i havent fulfilled my promise yet, i need to fulfill it as soon as possible. Flashback shown of Sahir holding Zeenat in his arms and saying.. WADA hai mara. Alvira asks you still remember. Sahir says i have been living that promise since 7 years. He goes to meet Zeenat.
Sahir is sitting besides Zeenat and says.. Doc u told me Zeenat is getting better but she isnt even looking at me. Doc says.. first time in 7 years she blinked. Sahir asks does she feel my presence, recognize me. Doc says ofcourse she does. Sahir gets up and stands in front of Zeenat. Sahir says no.. i know these eyes very well. These eyes have my reflection but are empty. Doc puts his hand on Sahirs shoulder and leaves. Sahir holds Zeenats face in his hand and brings his face close to hers. Sahir says. .my promise is about to be complete, you have to come back Zeenat.
Flashback shown of Sahir telling Zeenat.. i cant be rich like Tata, Birla. Zeenat says ur an artist.. sit and fill colors. .business is not ur cup of tea. Sahir holds Zeenats face and says i will put myself in the list of Indias top 10 richest. Present day, Sahir calls Rehman and says.. its time to complete the biggest deal of my life. The person says whats the rush, work is in progress. Sahir says.. no time to wait. We need to walk faster than the speed of time. The person says.. Singapore party hasnt signed. Sahir says.. i cant wait.. hurry up. He cuts the call.
Nausheen asks Arzoo why stay back for me.. u culd have gone to Haji Ali. Arzoo says gotta go to office. If u feeling unwell message me. Right then Nausheens moby rings.. its Sarfaraz. Arzoo fumes seeing his name. Nausheen says.. lemme talk to him once or he will come here and create drama. Arzoo says.. dun take tension, let him come here. .if he creates a scene. .message me. .and we will put him in the jail. Arzoo tells Nausheen u dun need to worry.. take my oath and promise. .u will tell me if anything happens. Nausheen ..hesitates but relents. Arzoo says u look so cute-baz agreeing with me.
Humsafars 21st November 2014 Written Update
Sahir is on phone & tells .. i need results not excuses. Arzoo tells Sarfaraz.. u are threatening my mom … how dare u.. come here and i will put u in the jail. Sarfaraz says.. u will put ur dad in jail. Arzoo says.. to be a father u gotta fulfill many duties. Sarafaz says.. if u wanna … Arzoo – Sahir say on separate calls .. Agar main apni pe aa gaya.. to aacha nahi hoga. The duo almost run into each other. Eyelocks. Sahir grabs Arzoo and pushes her aside and walks off. Arzoo recollects Sahirs words.. remember .u r an intern of Saiyaara. Remember.. who u are.. and who i am. She recollects Sahir saying. GO AWAY.
Linda comes and asks Arzoo .. what happened.. lets rush to work. Arzoo asks to let her sit at Lindas place. Linda hesitates but relents. Sahir is checking the seating and Arzoo – Sahir stare at each other. Arzoo tries to avoid Sahirs gaze. Sahir comes out of the cabin and is pacing around. He then asks Linda whose permission she took to change her seat. Linda is quiet. Arzoo gets up and says.. i did. Sahir is furious and throws all the papers from Arzoos desk. Nausheen watches the duo. Sahir is about to react when Arzoo rushes on seeing Nausheen who says.. Sarafaraz messaged saying he is coming home. Nausheen faints. Sahir rushes, pulls Arzoo aside and lifts Nausheen in his arms and takes her home. Arzoo is panic stricken. Sahir asks for prescription and calls Doc to ask for instructions. Doc says.. she has low BP and critical Heart connection. He asks Sahir to tap Nausheens cheek. Sahir does but no reaction. Doc says.. got only 30 seconds.. u gotta give her shock. Sahir takes out wires from lamp and puts on Nausheens arm. Arzoo pulls it from Sahirs hand but Sahir pushes her off and gives the shock and Nausheen is conscious. As Sahir bends to remove the wires, Arzoo notices the marks on his back. Arzoo sits besides Nausheen as Sahir glares at her and leaves without a word.
Zara – Myra are back with Dadi and talk of Haji Ali when they notice Arzoos sad expression and rush to Nausheen. They ask of her health and Arzoo shares alls well now. They ask what happened.
Kurti comes in Sahirs room with a drum player and is dancing around. She holds Sahirs hand and says.. i promised my God that the day the news of Zeenats recovery comes, i will dance on one leg. 7 years she has been in coma but now she is finally coming back to us. Will keep Roza for her every day. Kurti praises Sahir for waiting for Zeenat and says.. anyone else would have remarried. Allah bless you. She hugs him. She keeps dancing.
Dadi is shocked on hearing what Sahir did and says cant belive Gabbar Chaudhary did this. Zara says wish i was sick. Dadi chides her. Dadi notices Arzoo lost in thoughts and asks the matter. Arzoo asks her.. earlier Nawabs, Kings used to give punishment of beating people with hunter right.. it must hurt a lot. Dadi says yes.. and shares about a man in the alley of her mom in law whom Englishmen used to beat a lot and people cried seeing his pain. She adds how the marks did not go off in 15 days even. Arzoo gets up and leaves. Myra says Arzoo’s expression is like she is being beaten with hunter.
Part 2
Arzoo remember seeing the hunter marks on Sahirs back. Arzoo calls Doc and asks what meds to be given to a man who hurt himself on his back. Doc asks to bring patient to him but Arzoo says he cant come to you. Doc gives her name of med to be applied.
Alvira fumes seeing Kurti dancing.She asks them to stop. She asks Kurti the matter. Kurti says its for celebrating Zeenats news.Kurti says.. so u aint celebrating.. i can see fear on ur face. I thought we will dance together but i guess ur fear has taken over. Kurti says.. someone has said well.. . that Lucknow bakri cant be tied to this house. Alvira says ur flying too high.. if u fall .. u will be hurt. Kurti says paint was 7 years ago… Allah accepted my wishes. Very soon Zeenat will be well and then Sahir-Arzoo’s dreams of yours will be ruined. Congrats on ur defeat. Alvira keeps mum. Kurti leaves. Alvira says.. I am not used to losing.. Zeenat recovering or not is in Allahs hands but Sahir-Arzoo coming closer is in my hand. The spark
Precap — Aroo in red salwar kurti in dream like sequence .. background voice- Kyun dhadkane dil ki kar rahi hai hume bekarar. Sahir in grey suit comes close to Arzoo and Arzoo smiles. She looks at the mirror and is smiling seeing Sahir with her. Suddenly she sees Sahir sitting in his office chamber and background voice – Chahti hai kehna.. tumse hume hone laga hai pyaar. Camera pans to the photo frame kept on Sahirs table with Sahir-Zeenats picture.
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