Parvarish Season 2 9th May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Parvarish Season 2 9th May 2016 Written episode Update. Parvarish Season 2 today and Latest Written story.

You Can Watch Drama Parvarish Season 2 9th May 2016 Today HD Video

Jassi sees armed man behind tree and informs Adi. Man hides. Adi says it is her imagination. She sees gun and runs from there. Adi shouts to stop. Ria falls down and tells Jogi that he dropped her again. Jogi’s jokergiri starts after a bit of nok jhok he says she got food with his ideas. Jassi and Adi see a black dressed man who says he is Sumed’s guard and is around to protect them, he knows Jassi got confused once. Adi thanks him and takes Jassi along. Jassi asks how does he know about her earlier incident. Adi asks her to stop thinking too much.

Surinder informs Kulvinder that police found hidden cameras in Simran’s house and thinks Sumed fixed them secretly for SOTY competition. Kulvinder says Sumed was organizing social round, then why will he fix cameras, something is wrong.

Jogi and Ria walk, continuing to fight. Ria thanks him for getting food. She says she will eat whole sandwitch. He fights, then says he is not hungry. She shares half sandwitch. He keeps wrapper and says it will reminder of sharing sandwitch with her. Their nok jhok continues and he falls asleep stuffing cotton in his ears. Armed goons make Jogi and Ria unconscious with chloroform and kidnap Ria.

Sumed’s assistant sees same CCTV camera videos on laptop and tells him that videos are repeatedly and they should check if children are safe. Sumed scolds him not to teach him. Assistant insists. Sumed checks on camera and says everything is fine.

Adi and Jassi continue running and stop. Jassi says she saw armed man for sure. Adi starts a story and frightens her. She jumps in fear. He says he was joking and tell her plan how to reach their destiny. Jassi says he is very intelligent and instead of scheming, if he would have used intelligence, he would have won competition. Jogi wakes up and does not find Ria. He runs in jungle searching her.

Precap: Jogi fights with kidnappers, but kidnappers overpower and slap him.

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