Meri Sasu Maa 9th May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Meri Sasu Maa 9th May 2016 Written episode Update. Meri Sasu Maa today and Latest Written story.

You Can Watch Drama Meri Sasu Maa 9th May 2016 Today HD Video

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Maasa is tensed to see the situation of the house. granny comes and talks about pari’s plight, and how this incident has left her stranded and alone. maasa is tensed. granny asks why didnt she scold sattu, and she retorts that she knew sattu would never do such a thing. granny complies, but still is tensed of whats happening with pari.

Meanwhile. in his room, shivpal plants the idea in sattu’s mind, that pari must be behind him being inebriated with the medicines, and hence landing in roop’s room. he is unable to believe. they start searching. shivpal intentionlly plants them under the bed, and then makes sattu discover it. he is aghast, as they confirm that its sedatives. then pari comes in and is boggled as to whats going on. shivpal asks him to deal with her, and then leaves. he confronts her asking why did she give him meds, and what does she want. she says that shivpal is trying to take them apart, and he falling prey to it. but he doesnt comply, and forces himself on her, to make her drink it. sharabi tries to intervene in between, but he jerks her away too. pari asks her to take a video of this, so that maasa sees what her son is doing. but he throws the phone away, while mid shoot. it lands outside, and then roop fidgets with the phone, while noone is watching her and then hides to see the fun that unravels when they go their separate ways.

In her room, granny and maasa are discussing, when shivpal intervenes, and says that things shall not get better anytime soon. they are shocked to see him, and maasa asks if he is behind this new event in the house. he informs her as to how sattu is forcing himself on her, trying to give her medicine laced water. she is aghast, and rushes out. meanwhile, shivpal goes and joins their son, who are under the presumption that due to their fasting and barking, things are worsening in the house. shvpal is amused with the idea that soon he shall reign over this broken house.

Meanwhile,. sattu and pari come outside, while she struggles to se himself free. he continues to grab her by the hand not letting go of her, while she threatens that she shall scream. PAri asks him to forget that she shall ever forgive him. he forcibly makes her drink water, while she asks him to let her go. maasa intervenes and asks him to stop right there, saying that she doesnt generally interfere between matters of maried couples, but he shouldnt force her. he asks her to ask pari what were these sleeping pills doing in. maasa stands boggled, while pari is shocked. Pari vehemently denies the allegations and tries to prove her innocence, but he continues to accuse and reprimand her.

Later, some women’s activists along with media come, cursing sattu for indecent behaviour with his wife, and show the video thats sent from [ari’s cell, when maasa asks why do they think so. they report exaggerated versions of how this house is a torture house for bahus, when they see the others barking, and the husbands clarifying that its a form of maasa’s punishment. shivpal takes full advanatage of the situation, and implicates maasa indirectly in all this. Maasa calls up the police, but they too refrain knowing that they cant risk any kind of indecent refrain with the media and activists, as it turns ugly for them. finally, pari stops them saying that she never sent it, but sattu is shocked and believs that she must have sent it vengefully. all others are tensed too. finally, they settle down on the fact that he shall have to get some sort of punishment. when pari requests them to be milder, they ask sattu to slap him with his own hand, the one he dared to raise on his wife, and come and apologise to pari. he complies. all are grievd to see him hitting himself, while pari is distraught. finally he comes to her and apologises with folded hands, that he wouldnt ever raise his hand at her. they all leave. pari tells him that he has no clue how it landed in their hands, as she didnt send it. he asks her to stop pretending, and get lost as he doesnt wish to see her again. She is apalled. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Pari is aghast to see roop set in her lehenega she wore at the mehendi. she asks why is she wearing it. roop says that he asked her out for a funtcion and she wore this. pari gets a call, and roop says that it must be him. she hears sattu’s voice saying that he is marrying for the second time, and asks her to be prepared for the wedding night. she is aghast and rushes to tell maasa and gets a shock of her life, when she gets to know that maasa is already aware of that. she is herself tensed.

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