Sadda Haq 9th May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Sadda Haq 9th May 2016 Written episode Update. Sadda Haq today and Latest Written story.

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Scene 1
Sanyu is working. Entire team comes to work on time. kritika says good job sanyu. Aryan says everyone is here except randhir. Sanyu says you said one step at a time. He will understand. Aryan says to hell with him. At least you are happy. He says there should be a party today. Sanyu says there will be grand party once mission is complete. Nirman says in heart, my leader shouldn’t depend on anyone alone.

Sanaya comes to randhir and says you are walking too much do you wanna lose weight? You must be busy thinking how to harrass sanyu more. Randhir says I am not in mood to joke. She says you are behaving as if she is your enemy. Randhir says she is my enemy. Sanyu says no the fact is that you miss her. Here there is only one face that I hate. Its sanyu’s and if you don’t stop then I will be hating two faces.

Becky comes to arjun and says am I disturbing you?He says if I say yes? She says so I will say you are not focused enough. He says there can be destrution. She says in that case I am glad I disturbed you. Nirman comes there. They hide behind the shelf. Becky says thank God when he leaves.
Randhir says bl**dy attention seeker. Will become lead? He sees sanyu fallen asleep on the table in ab. Randhir recalls when she slept in FITE. He says you can’t manipulate me like them. Sanyu is about to fall. Aryan holds her. They sit and talk. Sanyu starts working again.

Scene 2
Next morning, Randhir says there is a bomb in ISRC, everyone move out of building except for mission mass team. You have to find the bomb and defuse it.
They all get busy in finding the bomb. Nirman says you have 60 seconds. They check everywhere bomb is no where. Sumit comes and says its in lab. Only 2 seconds are left. The bomb just sparkles. It was a fake bomb. Nirman comes out and says thank God wasn’t real bomb. Thank God you are not security of ISRC. Some papers come out of fake bomb. Sumit reads it, its their paychecks. SAnaya says wow. Girls lets go shopping. Joy says Kritika I will come too. sanyaa says only girls will go shopping. sanyu says we should inform our parents first. Sanaya says yes this belongs to them.Randhir is there too. He leaves. Randhir looks at the check. he recalls everyone talking about their parents. Sanyu comes there and sees him.Sanyu says in heart you don’t deserve but no one deserves this either. Randhir is about to tear the check. Sanyu comes and says hi randhir. Sanyu says I am the lead what are you drinking for? What are you so happy about? Or have you given up? There is nothing left. Randhir says what did you say? Sanyu says when nothing works you come to physical stress. I cracked the super computer you were expert in it. He says I will crack it in 5 minutes. You will never be as smart as me. he goes to lab. Sanaya comes to sanyu and says only you can handle him. sanyu says lets go shopping.
Girls come back from shopping. Kritika says should take boys next time to carry our bags. Sanaya says lets go eat I am so hungry. Sanyu says I will come after some work. I am not that hungry. Aryan comes in room. Kritika smiles.
Sanyu says they are stupid. I was calling you. Let me show you what I brought. She shows kurta for agarwal. She says papa will love it. This perfume for vid. This shirt for ankit. She checks the size on him. It tickles him. Sanyu says it tickles you.. He says no no. Sanyu says yes yes. She tickles him. They fall on each other. Sanyu stands up. sanyu says so dark shadow has tickles. She says what did you buy? He says its secret. I will tell you. On a condition? Dinner? Sanyu says okay.

Sanyu and Aryan are having dinner in cafe. Sanyu says now tell me what you bought, this not fair. you said you will tell after dinner. She says I am sure you must have bought some gadget. He shows her a box.Its a necklace. he says this is what I bought for someone special.sanyu says its really pretty I can’t take it. Its very expensive. You spent your whole salary on this? Ayran says you spent your whole salary on your family. sanyu says they are speical to me its different.They are my only family.Aryan says exactly. SAnyu smiles. He says won’t you try? it has a chit a star for a star. sanyu wears it. Aryan helps her locking it, Randhir sees them together.

Precap-Sanyu is asleep. Radnhir sits next to her. he tries to take off her locket. Sanyu moves. He stops. he tries again.

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