Dehleez 8th May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Dehleez 8th May 2016 Written epsiode Update. Dehleez today Written story. You can read Dehleez 8th May 2016.

The Episode starts with Swadheenta holding Simmi’s hand. Everyone look on. Swadheenta asks Simmi not to think this. She asks Appa to come and takes him. Simmi brings out her dad from the pool. Sinhas look on. Adarsh signs Swadheenta. She leaves with her family. Sinhas have a talk at home. Simmi says its limit, a man has slapped my dad and pushed him in pool, everyone was silent, why, my dad is always insulted in this house, today that dance master slapped my dad. Adarsh says uncle…. Simmi says you will always support your to be father in law. Abhay says it was too much today, Ramakrishnan uncle should have not done this. Jaya says that happened between Ahuja and Ramakrishnan, why did Simmi raise hand. Simmi says I would have asked this to you when anyone slapped your dad, why am I talking to you all, come Papa, we will leave.

Suhasini asks Simmi not to create more drama, everyone is ready with packed bags in this house, thanks a lot for this anniversary party, Ahuja and Ramakrishnan gave good gift, its Ahuja’s mistake too, to make fun of Ramakrishnan’s art, did this suit you, I know Ramakrishnan crossed limit by slapping you and pushing you in pool, you are also our Samdhi, even Ramakrishnan is out Samdhi, I will just say Ramakrishnan should apologize to Ahuja. Adarsh worries. Suhasini asks do you all think I m saying wrong…. She looks at Adarsh. Adarsh nods.

Swadheenta and her family come home. Mami says sometimes situation go out of hands. Amma says I don’t understand, what was the need for Ramakrishnan to dance there, its daughter’s to be inlaws, they are rich, then he slapped Ahuja and pushed him in pool. Swadheenta asks her to leave it. Amma says no one listens to me, does anyone care for this relation. Appa gets upset and leaves.

Swadheenta gets Adarsh’s call. She goes to her room and attends call. She says I know you will be upset. He says I know Ahuja should have not said that, I was angry, I wanted to speak up, I was moving ahead, and Guru ji angrily slapped Ahuja, you also… She asks what, Simmi was slapping my Appa, I stopped her. He says we need to meet and talk. She agrees and asks him to meet at stadium.

Suhasini thinks of that incident Manohar asks are you think what happened today. She says yes. He says don’t you think it was too much. She says Ahuja is part of our family, he can get a slap, for big results, things have to get far. They laugh. She says Adarsh should understand Ramakrishnan’s family’s reality. He says Bharatnatyam and they laugh.

Next day, Adarsh and Swadheenta meet and argue over the incident. He says Appa did mistake to slap Ahuja. She says it was not his mistake completely, what shall I do now. He says when I ask you to talk to Appa, you call Dubey, what will Dubey ji do, tell Appa to stop this weird things. She says I m sorry. He says if Appa says our marriage can’t happen then… I don’t see any efforts from your side. She defends Appa. He says mom said Appa should come home and apologize to Ahuja, I think mom is right.

Appa recalls what all happened. Swadheenta goes to him and asks did you call me. He says yes, sit. She asks him to say. He says I have thought I will go back to Chennai, Haider will look after your marriage arrangements, I will give money to him, if I stay here, I will create hurdles for you, I think so. She gets sad.

She pacifies him. He says Suhasini lost case because of me, I reacted on security checking, she found that wrong, she called Bharatnatyam dancer who did not turn up, so I thought to perform for Suhasini, Ahuja told bad to my art, would I not react, what else do I have, tell me. He cries and says I just have self esteem, which I was saving. Amma comes there and says Suhasini called, she wants to meet today, she said both families will meet to take some decisions. Swadheenta recalls Adarsh’s words.

Both the families meet. Ahuja says wrong happened with me. Appa says I will not apologize to this Ahuja, never. They argue. Ahuja asks Suhasini to decide, she will get just one Samdhi, me or him, I know you don’t respect me, you will choose him, I will leave. Suhasini says we will sit and talk, then things will get solved. She says Ahuja and Ramakrishnan will find themselves right, Manohar and I can’t say anything, I think we should leave decision to Adarsh and Swadheenta, who witnessed all this. She asks them to say what is right and wrong, should Ramakrishnan apologize or not. Adarsh says mom, I think Guru ji should….. Swadheenta says Appa will not apologize. They all look on.

Suhasini says let Adarsh complete first. Swadheenta says sorry Mam, I completed Adarsh’s words, he was saying that. Adarsh says Swadheenta, I was saying Guru ji should apologize. She gets teary eyed.

Suhasini asks Adarsh to talk to Swadheenta if she wants. He refuses. Swadheenta says I don’t think I have to explain anything. Suhasini says then its my decision that this engagement won’t happen. Everyone get shocked.

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