Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th May 2016 Written epsiode Update. Diya Aur Baati Hum today Written story. You can read Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th May 2016.

The Episode starts with Everyone looking outside for Ved. They shout for Ved and look around everywhere. They all get shocked seeing Ved chanting Mukeshwari Mata’s name and pulling the Jhanki alone. Sandhya and Sooraj get teary eyed seeing Ved’s feet hurt. Sandhya cries and runs to stop Ved from stepping on the thorns in his way. She throws the thorns away. Sooraj hugs Ved. Ved says I went to temple, I should not gone there, I broke rules and pulling Jhanki to repent, Mukeshwari will get impress and forgive me. Bhabho says devi Maa is happy, she has forgiven you, come, you should tell parents and go. Ved apologizes to Sandhya and says sorry, I should have not gone to temple without telling you. Sandhya cries and hugs-kisses him.

Ved says I m fine, you know I have seen Devi in temple, she really has two heads, there was two feet idol there, when Riddhi kept chadava, smoke and light got there, Mukeshwari appeared, she had two faces, she cured Riddhi’s neelvish, I have seen that, she was beautiful. Everyone chant for Devi. Ved also chants and asks Sandhya to chant too. She asks him to see the feet burnt. Sooraj takes him home.

Emily stops Chandni and asks her not to get angry. She asks her to have food. Chandni says no, Maasa scolds me. Emily says you got moustache and shows in mirror. Chandni laughs seeing the milk line. Emily gets the foul smell and says this strange smell is increasing, it seems like a rat died at home, this smell is coming from Maasa’s room. She sees Maasa’s room door open and says this smell is coming from her room, guests will be coming, I have to make this smell go away anyhow. She checks room to see if any rat died. She sees the cupboard and thinks is this smell coming from behind. She gets more smell near cupboard and says I have to move cupboard and get that rat out. Maasa comes there and gets shocked.

Emily pushes cupboard. Maasa stops her and asks what are you doing. Emily says bad smell is coming from behind the cupboard, I think rat died, I was cleaning…. Maasa says fine, I will manage, you see other work, you and Om go and do Pari’s admission, that is necessary work, I will manage guests, I will call Om, reach his clinic. Emily says Pari’s admission can be done later. Maasa asks her to just go and pushes her. Emily goes. Maasa thinks Emily should not know door secret, I have to do something.

Sandhya applies lep to Ved’s feet and cries. She goes out and cries. Sooraj holds her and says I know you are worried, Ved is a kid, he said what he has seen there in temple, Mata appearing and that miraculous light, Riddhi getting fine from neelvish, he said what he has seen, he is a kid, we have seen that Rakshak snake which has thrown you away, I don’t understand what is happening.

She says Ved is kid, its easy to make kids believe anything, I can’t believe this, this is a lie. He says I know, I respect your emotions, but we tried out best, we tried to answer him, but we failed, we have sent Riddhi to Mumbai and did her tests, we have seen villagers chanting for Mukeshwari Devi, don’t misunderstand me, I m worried, I don’t want to break your courage, I m also thinking what is all this, I don’t want Ved to fall in superstitions, he has his future, but if we don’t answer him, Ved will believe all this. I want to know who is Mukeshwari devi, does villagers say true, shall we believe this.

Sandhya says true devotion gives courage and hope, but if devotion gives fear, its superstition, I can’t believe all this, who will be that Devi who will make ill Ved pull Jhanki, why did that Devi not give Darshan then, there is business running on false devotion, Ved is trapped, you say villagers are saying true, tell me if neelvish patient can go inside temple and no one else can go, Rakshak snake stopped me, how could Ved enter temple, why did Rakshak snake not stop him. She cries.

Piya fills water. Arzoo asks Babasa how long will water not come. Babasa says three months. Piya gets tensed. Babasa says I mean three days, don’t worry. Piya is cooking too. The man asks Piya to give money. She asks him to take tomorrow. Babasa says who has seen tomorrow. The man says Babasa is right. Piya runs hearing cooker whistle. Arzoo smiles and applies nail polish. Piya finds it hard to manage. Arzoo shows her nails. Babasa says great, you look a model, Arzoo says I have to attend marriage with Chotu, I called parlor lady to do nail art. Babasa says I m getting burning smell from kitchen.

Meenakshi tells Sandhya about rat spoiling things in kitchen. She shows the rat cage and says I will catch that rat. Sandhya gets some idea and goes out. She calls someone and tells her plan. (Mute)

Ved falls down in the water. The kids ask someone to save Ved. The people stand greeting. Sandhya and everyone look on.

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