Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st November 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Rathi family putting their anger out on Sandhya. She is of no use to safe family as she is doing just police officer duty. She does not care about Sooraj and Bhabho. Sandhya sits in Babasa’s feet and breaks down crying. Babasa breaks down with fear of losing his family. He tells he was never scared as Bhabho has taken care of home very well. He says Santosh and Sooraj did not make me lose. He says today he has lost without his Santosh and Sooraj. He says he is failed man, husband and father. He says he does not know about his family and their state. Sandhya asks him to punish her. He asks are they dead or alive. He tells he does not have courage to punish a big police officer and may be she will put them in lockup or shoot them. He says Santosh was right that she needs bahu and not police officer. He says she was never fed up saying Sandhya Bindini. He says Sooraj left them because of her dream. He says he got this big favor from her police officer wife and gets all his frustration out. He falls down and they all hold him.
Vikram says Sandhya has kicked them in big valley and they can’t come out of it. Babasa asks Sandhya to get back Sooraj, Santosh and Chaturi. He says he will be indebted to her all his life if she does this. Vikram takes Babasa to the room.
Diya aur baati hum 21st November 2014 Written Update
Disha wakes up all plane passengers. Sooraj wakes up Bhabho and Chaturi. Sooraj thanks Thakur ji that everyone is alive. The pilots are caught by Prema. The pilot says they are at such place where no govt can help them. He says these three terrorists are owner of their wish. Prema asks them to move. They ask how did they feel to be close to death. They scare the passengers more and congratulates for having life. Bai ji Maya says Indian govt has refused to our demand and they will kill them. She asks Prema to bring two people who were safe last time.
Prema asks Bhabho to show her wound and do exercise. Sooraj holds Bhabho. Disha says move back. Bhabho goes with Prema. Prema drags her and gives gun in her hand. She teaches Bhabho to use gun and asks her to kill passengers. Maya asks Bhabho to kill people. Prema says she got good opportunity to choose whom she wants to kill. Prema says Sooraj can die too. Maya says hurry up. Bhabho cries seeing gun in her hand. She says it is better to die than killing someone else. Sooraj and Chaturi shout Bhabho. Disha stops Sooraj.
Sandhya goes to jail to visit Rajkumar. She recalls Rajkumar’s threatening words and the plane hijack. She goes to shoot Rajkumar who is sitting in lockup darkness. She says Rajkumar. Bhabho starts sweating. Sooraj wants to stop her.
Sandhya talks to Maya and asks for Sooraj. Maya refuses as govt did not fulfill their demand. She says she is sending video and this will break their pride.
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