Sadda Haq 6th May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Sadda Haq 6th May 2016 Written epsiode Update. Sadda Haq today Written story. You can read Sadda Haq 6th May 2016.

Scene 1
Next day, Sanaya is working on her code. Randhir takes her paper from her. He starts working too.
Everyone is busy with their costs. Randhir says my coding is almost complete I will do the rest tomorrow. Everyone says yeah lets go. Sanyu says please we have to complete this today. Sanya says please tomorrow. Aryan says we can complete it if we try. Randhir says now we have to leaders. You don’t own us. I am going. I don’t know about you. We all need rest. They all leave one by one.

Sanyu says aryan they behave like they are doing my stuff? its everyone’s mission. We have to push ourselves. they came here to chase their dreams and now behaving like they are doing me a favor. Aryan says calm down. Cap speed depends on engine capacity. No matter how much you try you can’t push them. If you wanna increase the speed you have to increase mental capability.
Sanyu gets a text from Nirman. She leaves.
Nirman says wow you are roaming out here. You should have been in lab atm, with your team. Sanyu says training was intense they were tired. Nirman says so you let them go? Why you take it for granted. This place is recreational activity for you? People in past had nothing but they had will to do it. It was more than enough. You don’t have that determination. And you have everything else.
You people don’t have that passion. For you and your team, its a mission. For me it is my life. I won’t let anyone play with it. I will finish whoever tries. He leaves.
Nirman comes and throws stuff. Subri says are you okay sir? He says these people don’t understand how important it is. She says why don’t you replace the team then? You are leading them. We can hire better scientist. Nirman says we can find better scientist but I need idiots. Each one of them have qualities but they are still idiots. For example randhir. he is impulsive he is immature. He is confident. He knows what he is doing. Randhir looks for solutions.
Kritika her mind works like a processor. When all problems and solutions are over. She will come up with a back up plan. Summit is innocent.But he has presence of mind. Arjun,insecure aggressive. He will do anything to prove himself. Joy is robotic master. He is like them, preprogrammed. he doesn’t come with alternate plans like bots.
Sanaya knows how important it is to take care of nature. She knows what energy it requires.And sanyu she is like a race horse, she has to ride. She will run the more you hit her. She doesn’t care what comes in her way. She knows how to manipulate. They are useless as individuals but when they come together and become a team, they are so strong.

Scene 2
Everyone is in lab. They see pictures on wall. sanyu reads she was born where women were never appreciated. She was not allowed to go to schools but she made it to space. She had faith. She was first Indian woman to make it to space. Kritika reads her quote. Sanyu says I hope we all learn from her. She shows another astronaut and says you know what was her motive? She shows arjun’s interview clip, when he said that I was kicked out of airforce because I broke their limits and challenged their thresholds. Sanyu says neither of these astronauts were from influential backgrounds. They did what they dreamed. Aryan says in heart I am proud of you sanyu.
Sanyu says we have all seen dreams. We always had issues in life. There can’t be a better team than this. She takes everyone’s names. Randhir’s too. sanyu says nirman said I can’t be an inspiring leader but you don’t need to inspire a team like this. We have realized what we are part of. I can’t sacrifice this mission for sleep and food. Nirman says thats how a leadership is. Well done sanyu.

Precap-Nirman says there is a bomb in ISRC everyone move out of the building except for the mass mission team. You have to stay in and find the bomb.

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