Krishnadasi 5th May 2016 Written epsiode Update. Krishnadasi today Written story. You can read Krishnadasi 5th May 2016.

Scene 1
pit digging inauguration starts, Kumudini asks Aaba to start it, aaba starts dig pitting and leaves. Villagers are digging pit, Aryan is helping, he asks Banwari and Markand to work too. Aryan and Kumudini are digging well too, Markand says i thought to make well for wine but here we are working for water, Kumudini comes to them and says you are looking ood Banwari while working. Aryan is helping Aradhya in digging. Purva comes there, aaba asks her to take part in this good work. Purva comes to Aradhya and greets her, Aradhya greets her back, Purva asks how is everything going? she says we are working hard, Aryan thanks for coming here and supporting Aradhya, Purva says i didnt come to support anyone but its about water saving so i came, Aryan says will you work? he gives her tool to dig. Aryan helps Aradhya in digging, Purva sees this and gets angry, Aaba asks her to control anger. Aradhya hits her foot while digging, Aryan gets worried and asks if she is wounded? she says nothing happened, she hides her foot in mud and asks him to work, dont worry about him, he says so answer nicely, i am concerned, Aradhya says i am fine, he goes to work, Aradhya winces in pain seeing wound on foot. Aryan’s friend says can you dig nicely? Aryan says i will do most digging, lets have bet, whoever will dig most will be given dinner by me. He calls Aradhya and tells about his bet, Aradhya says i am ready to accept challenge, Aradhya is digging, her ring which Aryan gifted to her and is her family’s ancient ring falls down in dig, she doesnt see it, ring is hidden in mud.
Kumudini comes home and says to tulsi that Aradhya is doing nice work for villagers, Tulsi says even you are spending money on others, you are giving tickets to people, we have daughter’s wedding and you doing charity? what was the need to give tickets to shankari and Damini to leave to Karela? Kumudini says you keep doubting me, she is my friend, i had taken money from her, i had debt to pay and i took money for you only, you were in hospital, shankari asked money back so i gave her back, she took tickets and left, Tulsi says you are lying, arent you tired of all this? you made her fall down in function so that she leaves function, you are hiding a big secret, you told Damini that she has won ticket and telling me that you had to pay debt? i respect my mother but not her wrong deeds, what are you upto? Kumudini says you keep doubting me, my own daughter doesnt trust me, i will get heart attack by all these questions, she leaves, Tulsi says i will not be silent, i have my eyes on you aayi.
Aryan meets his friends, friend says that you won bet, Aryan says we have to work hard for this cause, friends agree and leaves. Aradhya sees his wound and says why you didnt tell me that you got inured? Aryan looks at her foot and says you didnt tell me about wound too, Aradhya says if i had told you then you would have taken me to clinic and i wouldnt have worked, Aryan says i knew you were injured but i knew you are strong and can cope with this, Aryan holds her hand, he says i arranged this dinner so we can spend more time as i am leaving for Pune tomorrow, i have to meet water board member for this cause and i cant take you, you have to stay here as people need you here, you can guide them for well digging, one need to stay here, Aradhya says you are talking like husband, telling me where i should stay and where not, Aryan says i am practicing, Aradhya says lets leave, they leave.

Scene 2
Its morning, Aradhya comes to well site, she says work is almost done, we just need to finish this well. Women sit down to drink tea, women says Aradhya is educated and thats why she is able to give these ideas, she are making other girls study too, we hope girls get partners like Aryan too, here most boys just see girl’s dowry and all not her education, Aradhya smiles and looks at her hand to look at ring, she finds ring missing, Aradhya is shocked and starts finding ring, she says it was aryan’s first gift and i couldnt even handle it, i am so careless, she feel guilty, she searches sit but doesnt find it, she recalls how it was their family ring, she thinks to check her house.
Aradhya comes to her house and searches for ring but doesnt find it, Pavitra calls Aradhya and asks her to come home as they have to take measurements for her bangles and ring, Aradhya says okay and ends call. Aradhya thinks that i should tell Aryan about ring missing, he will feel bad but i have to tell him, he said that we will bear all problems together, she calls Aryan but he doesnt pick up, she messages him to call her back soon. Pavitra calls her again and asks her to come haveli fast, Aradhya says okay.
Aradhya is going to Haveli, she says Pavitra and aaba will make its big issue, they will think that i stole their family ring, she finds jewelry shop and says till i dont find real ring, i can make and use duplicate ring, she says but this is such a big lie, how can i do this? she says i am sure if Aryan knows this then he will understand my situation and will not be angry, she wipes her tears.

Upcoming after break- Aradhya is doing aarti of sun on terrace, Pavitra thinks that i cant let Aryan marry devdasi’s daughter, i have to do something to stop this marriage, Pavitra comes from behind and pushes Aradhya from terrace, Aradhya falls down and lies in pool of blood on floor, Aryan comes there and sees terrace then Aradhya.

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