Ek Duje Ke Vaste 5th May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 5th May 2016 Written epsiode Update. Ek Duje Ke Vaste today Written story. You can read Ek Duje Ke Vaste 5th May 2016.

Sumo calls Shravan. What are you up to? He replies that he is busy packing. I will be done in an hour’s time I think. She says perfect. It will be the most memorable day for you. you will pick me up in an hour’s time. She lists down all that she has planned. He smiles hearing her plan. She asks him if he dint like the plan. He says it is perfect. But I wish I could say yes. I have to go to family wedding in Chandigarh. She gets sad. This was the last chance for me, for us to spend time with each other. Please don’t go. he says packing is still done. I would have stayed back if I could. Papa is also going. It is the last time to spend time with him. She nods. I understand. He agrees to meet her before leaving. In fact, you can accompany me to the airport. We will do Delhi Darshan this way also. She tells him to find someone in the wedding. Do it all with her only. He says sorry to her. I dint mean that. I will go to airport with you only. That’s final! I have some work. I will talk later. She is all teary eyed. Please God, do something (ladki bhaag jaye, ladke ki ghodi bhaag jaye ? ). Stop him from going please.

Kamini is anxiously waiting for everyone. Lala ji teases her. Women get ready in no time when they have to go to their parental home. Everyone comes there. Shravan sprains his leg while coming downstairs. Pushkar brings ointment. I will stay with Bhaiya. Shravan tells him to go with everyone. Ramnath offers to stay back. Kamini says you are the elder of the house. My sister will be sad to know you wont join us. Ramnath stays put. They all go out.

Shravan says Chachi is going to her home after so many years. She wont like it if neither of us go. Ramnath says no one will feel bad. Shravan reasons that either of them from their family should go. it is just a sprain. I will manage. Ramnath agrees. I have a conference in Mumbai so I booked my tickets from Chandigarh only. I guess this is goodbye. Shravan corrects him. Not goodbye, just bye. I will meet you very soon. They share a hug. Shravan gets up to see him off but Ramnath tells Shravan to stay put. I will go on my own.

Sumo is all lost. Prita says you have added ice in the glass 5 times. The fizz is also over now. Sumo says my fizz is over too. I don’t know what to do. You people manage things for 2-3 days. leave me alone. Sumo gets Shravan’s call. Maybe he isn’t enjoying in wedding. She picks the call. Dint you find someone interesting in wedding? He asks her what she is doing. I dint go in the wedding. Come over. She is confused. what happened? He shares that he slipped and sprained his leg. She asks him how it happened. He says it happens sometimes at the wrong times. She smiles broadly. I understood. I will just come. She excitedly tells Prita Shravan acted to be hurt for her sake.

Shravan calls Sumo. She is entering just then. He asks her why she is still not here. She lies that she just left. I had some work. He gets upset. She rejoices happily. he slips while coming downstairs. Sumo rushes to him and helps him. They look at each other. She makes him sit down. You act really well. He winces in pain. She realises he is really hurt. She helps him sit on the sofa and brings ice for him. You said men don’t feel pain. He says pain is better than your taunts. She hits him playfully on his leg. He asks her again what took her so long. She refuses to tell him. Ask me sweetly or I will hit you. He asks her again. Why did you come late? She talks about her earlier plan of exploring Delhi. I thought to bring Delhi here only. She keeps his foot down hastily. He winces in pain. She is mad. She will cancel my London trip. She hears him. I wish I can!

Vandy compliments Kamini’s new set. Kamini says I am taking it to make my sister jealous. Preeti calls Pushkar. I am not talking to you as you dint congratulate me even when I got my certificate. He apologizes to her. She accepts it. He shares that he is going to Chandigarh in someone’s wedding. Kamini asks him who he is saying sorry to. He looks at the book in his hand. It is Jagannath ji! She warns him not to call her by this name again. He whispers that his family is there. Kamini says the client seemed Khadus. Pushkar calls his client cute. Kamini wonders how can a client be cute.

Sumo blindfolds Shravan and takes him to the dining table. He is surprised to see the food from their school canteen. She excitedly serves him food. They both try to throw French fries in each other’s mouth and happily play. They click selfies while still having French fries in their mouth.

Shravan and Sumo are watching Kaho Na Pyaar Hai. They discuss how many times they have seen it (55). He corrects her after a second. 57. I saw you watching it alone once. She calls him stalker. He laughs. I came to meet you. I saw you dancing alone like a mad girl. I saw the live show and left. She is all quiet. He requests for a live dance. He blackmails her. I am an ill, helpless friend. She points out that he only sprained his leg. He says I am leaving tomorrow. Wont you fulfil my last wish? She agrees but has a condition – keep your eyes closed. He says I will have to leave with this wish I think. She gets up and dances. He clicks her photo. I recalled Khooni Chudail seeing this. She sits down irked. I shouldn’t have listened to you. She throws popcorn at him. He laughs.

Pushkar calls Preeti. How are you Jagannath ji? She makes faces. He says one has to use code words when someone is around. She finally understands the logic. Did you see the names I sent you in Japanese? Did you guess? He guesses some. The knot of his pyjama breaks. She laughs hearing it. Her mother and Maasi come there. Who are you talking to? Preeti says Manorama. She went in a wedding and the knot of her pyjama / salwar broke. She suggests Pushkar to ask safety pin from someone. Pushkar says I like this name. They fix meeting Saturday evening. Preeti calls it impossible. We watch Comedy Nights With Kapil in the evening. Pushkar agrees to see it too. They end the call. Preeti tells her mom and Massi that it is her friend from the nail art class. They nod.

Shravan tells Sumo her time to pack things start now. She unpacks the bag. Who did all this packing? All the necessary stuff is kept under all the unnecessary stuff. She sets it right. She asks about the keychain. He shares it is the first keychain of his life. The same goes for the razor. Shravan gets a call from his travel agent. You think of everything at the last minute only? I will just send you. Sumo happily asks Shravan if the ticket got cancelled. He denies. I need to send my passport copy. She looks for it. Preeti’s words echo in her head. She hides the passport in a book. It isn’t here. He gets worried. How will I go back without it?

Precap: Sumo picks up the red book. She finds the letter (written by Shravan in school time) in it. I have decided to tell you everything today. Is this love? Sumo asks Shravan if he has ever loved someone. This is my third and final question. You have to answer it honestly. He looks in her eyes and says yes. She asks him about the person.

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