Sadda Haq 5th May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Sadda Haq 5th May 2016 Written epsiode Update. Sadda Haq today Written story. You can read Sadda Haq 5th May 2016.

Scene 1
Trainer says Sanyu take his measurements, I will check Joy till then. Randhir gives him the inch tape. Sanyu measures. Aryan watches them in anger.
Trainer says we will start with basic military exercise. He says will will start jogging and gradually increase the speed. They all jog.
Randhir and Aryan do hang ups in pairs. Next pair is sanaya and sanyu. They do the same.
Next is arjun. Sanyu says arjun do it again I wanna see if we have to come full and half. He does. Sanyu says once more please. He does and his muscle pulls. Sanyu says got it. My limit and yours too. Sanyu and sanaya do the tire jumping exercise. Sanaya says I can’t do it anymore.
Next is randhir and aryan. Arjun comes next. Trainer says we are done for today. If someone is late tomorrow he will have to do extra exercise.

Joy comes to his room and says sumit give me the pillow. Sumit says I can’t even move my hand. This pillow is heavy. They both fall on beds.
Sanaya offers drink to Kritika.
Joy comes to Becky and hugs her. He kisses her neck. There is an announcement. Becky says I think I should go now.
Aryan comes to sanyu and says Aryan reporting ma’am. Sanyu says I hope they all had energy like you. I announced and no one came. Everyone was hating me after training session? Aryan says with time they will accept the change and you as leader. Sanyu announces all team members are required in super computer room. Sanaya says I am not going. Kritika says same here I can’t even move.
Sanyu comes in the room and says you people are still not ready.Sanaya says I am so tired. Sanyu says we have to. Sanaya says nirman is enough to torture us.
Randhir says I told you sanyu no one will listen to you. I wont even hear you. Sanyu says same here. He says how can I forget the great aryan. He doesn’t have opinion of his own. You can brainwash and use him. Rest of the team is upset with you. sanyu says you reminded me something thanks.

Sanyu comes in room. Sanaya says why are you so stressed? Sanyu says because of you people. Nirman was mad at me? What should I say?That you people are tired? And kritka you said we three should have good bonding. What now? Please lets go. Sanaya and kritika are pretty much convinced.

Sanyu comes joy and aryan’s room and says guys you people are asleep? okay I will say that you people need a day off. I thought you two would come because your fitness level is low and you would cover in other areas. I thought you would get a chance yourself in front of nirman. And arjun I will tell nirman too. You don’t need to prove in other areas. Nirman wont give you major responsibility but okay.
Randhir says what will you say to nirman? When he asks why is team not listening to you. All the team comes. Joy says lets go sanyu tell us what to do. Sanyu says to randhir I won’t need to tell Nirman anything I guess. You can come in too if you are free. Or stay alone.
Everyone is working. Sanyu says guys come here. We have to code this super computer. Lets begin. Sanaya says I am botanist not software engineer. sanyu says we will study. Arjun says we are here for our skill set.sanaya says we will need to be each other’s back up. So we can help each other in crisis. Its though but we are the best aren’t we? Its about learning. We will study and solve. Arjun says okay okay. Tell us what to do. sanyu explains them. They all hear and take their tasks.

Everyone is working in coordination. Nirmanh comes and sees randhir outside. He sees the team. Nirman says I thought you would be inside there team leader is inside with her team and aryan is giving full support to sanyu have a look. And you here. You are predictable.

Precap-Randhir says my coding is almost complete. I will do it tomorrow. Everyone is leaving after him. Sanyu says we have to complete this. Sanaya says will do tomorrow so tired. Nirman says to sanyu what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be working atm with your team? SAnyu says they were all tired after training. Nirman says for you this can be a joke for me this mission is my life.

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