Mere Angne Mein 5th May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Mere Angne Mein 5th May 2016 Written epsiode Update. Mere Angne Mein today Written story. You can read Mere Angne Mein 5th May 2016.

The Episode starts with Riya acting and asking for food and water. She says I can die of hunger, give me some food. She faints. Raghav gets shocked. Everyone look on. Kaushalya worries and asks Preeti to get water. She sprinkles water on Riya. Riya gets up and asks Raghav when did he come. He asks what is happening. Riya says I did not get food since two days. He asks what is this, why did Kaushalya not give food. Kaushalya says Riya is troubling us since two days.

Shanti says yes, she is not leaving, I did not give her food since two days. He asks what, why did you not give food. Kaushalya says I gave her food, she did not eat, sorry Amma ji, I gave food for humanity. Shanti says see you gave food and this girl is lying to call police. Raghav argues. Kaushalya asks him to drop Riya to her home. He scolds Kaushalya and Shanti. Shanti says she is no one for us. He asks what will you do when she dies, whom will you answer, we have two girls, what will you if anyone does this with Preeti and Nimmi. Shanti says let Riya die, I don’t care, I will not forgive her all my life. She sits on the swing.

Pandit asks Sharmili to call her new bahu. Nimmi gets itching in sindoor. Sharmili says she has come. Nimmi sits there. Pandit starts reading katha. He tells importance of sindoor. Nimmi gets more itching. Pandit asks her not to remove sindoor. She goes. He says its hurdle in puja, she should have not gone this way. Sharmili says I will call her, you continue Katha. Pari goes from there. Shanti tells Raghav that she will not let Riya stay here. He says look at her state. Shanti says did she see my daughter’s state, why should I show humanity to her, now my tolerance power is over, even Kaushalya does not want Riya to stay here, Shivam does not want to see Riya’s face, why should we bear her drama now. Shanti says she came two days ago, I feel all peace has been ruined. Raghav says I understand, but Preeti is also responsible for her life’s ruin, why are you punishing Riya alone. Riya looks on.

He scolds Preeti and says after all this, I have kept Preeti at home, if we could keep daughter here, why can’t we keep bahu, I can’t make Riya leave, no need to keep relation with her, keep her as guest. Shanti says I will not let her touch food. He says fine, let her go to kitchen and cook her own food, once she gets fed up, she will leave. He cries and folds hands to request Riya. He asks her to stay here if she wants, but don’t expect anything from them, no one has interest in keeping relation with her.

Nimmi cleans sindoor. Sharmili asks Nimmi why did she wipe sindoor, and scolds her for not having belief. Nimmi says its not like that. Sharmili cries and worries that its big abshagun. Nimmi argues. She says applying sindoor does not give long life to husband, its all nonsense. Sharmili raises hand on her. Nimmi holds her hand. Sharmili says leave my hand. Pari looks on.

He asks Shanti to do as he is saying, let him stay with peace. Shanti says I have forgot Riya, I have to see my children now, I don’t care if she dies. Riya says fine, if you get peace with my death, I will leave this house and go, I will never show my face to you all. She cries and requests all of them not to fight because of her. Shanti says now you got sense, leave from here. Riya says I will leave, can you fulfill my last wish, I want to see my husband’s room once. Shanti says fine, go and see, then leave from here without telling anything. Riya touches Raghav’s feet. He blesses her. Shanti does not bless her. Kaushalya tensely blesses her. Riya goes upstairs to Shivam and her room. Riya thinks its time for Plan B now.

Sarla asks inspector madam how did she come. Inspector asks Rani why did she call them. Rani cries and says actually… Sarla stops Rani and asks her to get juice for inspector. Rani says its big injustice with me, Sarla got a girl to get her married to my husband. Inspector says its wrong. Sarla says have juice, cool down, then we will talk. Inspector asks what are you doing, I m saying I can arrest you. Sarla tells her that Rani is mad, and calls Chanda. Inspector asks who is this girl. Sarla says she is troubled soul, I got her on road, people were after her to take her life, I saved her, and tells some story about Chanda. Riya comes out of Shivam’s room and falls down. Everyone rush down and hold Riya.

Shanti says I know you did this to stay in this house. Riya argues and says I know you failed and falling weak now.

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