Kasam 4th May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Kasam 4th May 2016 Written epsiode Update. Kasam today Written story. You can read Kasam 4th May 2016.

Bani and daughters cheer if this engagement take place, their dreams will come true.
An announcement is made of the engagement of Rishi and Tanvi. Rano asks Raaj to clap as well, Raaj forbids her to speak English. They are called for couple dance. Pavan calls Tanvi to the centre, Rano notice that Tanvi was reluctant but Bani forces her there. The lights go dim, Pavan dances holding her hand, she tries to get away and was uncomfortable. Manpreet and Bee jee watches Rishi worried. Tears fill Rishi’s eyes, Rano watches him leave the hall. Pavan asks Tanvi what happened, as she looks towards Rishi. Tanvi says she is unwell and goes behind Rishi, Rano follows them.
Rishi stops in the corridor and wonders why he is leaving, Pavan must leave. Firstly he will break his hands to touch his Tanvi. UV stops Rishi in the way, Rishi gets it that Rano can get him Tanvi, she loves him dearly. UV hopes if something can happen now.
Rishi comes to the hall and asks Bee ji about Rano. Bee ji suggests him to let her where she is. Raaj makes Bee ji up that Rano takes care of her when she is sick, Bee ji must also care for her a bit. Bee ji accuses Raaj to be on Rano’s side always. Rishi wonders where Rano has gone.
There, Rano asks Tanvi what is going on between her and her son. She has held Rishi’s hand in one hand while getting engaged with Pavan. Tanvi cries. Rano accuses Tanvi to be behind her son always, since when has she been waiting for Rishi. Isnt she ashamed of doing this all to her son? Bani hears this and fears what if Tannu tells her the truth. Rano forbids Tanvi blackmail her with her tears. She enters the room and stops Rano from saying whatever she wants to. How can she fell so low? Rano and Bani have an argument, Rano warns Bani to break the relation with her family. Bani says this proposal was set not by Rano, but her Rana ji; she won’t come under the influence of her warnings. Rano deters Bani if she gets a single proof Tannu is with Rishi, she would prove to everyone today how she let her house’s daughter behind rich young men. Rano leaves. Bani cries in front of Tannu. Tannu consoles Bani questioning why she did this for her. Bani says this was to save her respect, she must not do anything now that gets Rano a proof.
Rishi thinks he would tell his mother about everything today, then this wedding will be stopped. Rishi comes to speak to Rano, she wasn’t ready to hear to him but Rishi says he has no time, tonight is engagement and his Tanvi.
Bee ji sends Manpreet to stop Rishi tell Rano about Tanvi. She stops UV to listen how and when Rano takes the avatar of a dian. Rishi tells Rano he likes Tanvi. Rano was shocked. Manpreet breaks a vase nearby and gets Rishi forbidding him not to tell anything to Rano as she is the enemy of his love. Rano comes to ask Rishi again about Tanvi, Manpreet peeks from behind the wall and comes there. Rishi tells Rano that he wants Tanvi. Rano was shocked. Rishi asks Rano to take Tanvi’s dress for Tannu. Rano leaves enraged that she isn’t a beggar.

PRECAP: Pavan asks Rishi why he is behind Tanvi. Rishi counters him about Sonali as they all know she is his girlfriend. Pavan says yes, she is.

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