Ek Duje Ke Vaste 4th May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 4th May 2016 Written epsiode Update. Ek Duje Ke Vaste today Written story. You can read Ek Duje Ke Vaste 4th May 2016.

Sumo says how can Chachi say all that and not trust your love for Pushkar. There can be some other way. How can Chachi or anyone have problem with you? Shravan replies that she is doing it all for her son. Logically she is right. Pushkar should get everything as he has been with papa since beginning. She suggests him to talk to Ramnath uncle but he says relations break apart when you try to explain things. She asks him what if everything is not fine before he goes to London. Talk to Pushkar directly. Tell him you will be happy if he handles the firm. You wont have to go to London then. Shravan has already tried but he will never say for what he believes is wrong. I have no option but to go back to London. Chachi will be happy. Everyone will be happy. She does not find it right. Since when did you start running away from problems? He replies that he is only saving his family from breaking apart. I have to do it all asap as Chachi is about to talk to papa today. Just think that I did right for everyone’s sake. She asks him when he is planning to leave. He says as soon as I can. He turns to go when she gets all emotional. She calls out his name but is unable to say anything. He leaves.

Pushkar comes home and finds his mom pacing in the living room. She asks him where he was. Why dint you pick my calls? He replies that he was busy in his work. She understands he dint speak to his Sir. Bhaisahab was anyways at home all day. You can talk now. Pushkar refuses. I will not talk to him and neither will I let you. They both stay put on their own logics. She angrily walks in her room.

Shravan comes home. He notices the tension on Pushkar’s face. Is everything alright? Pushkar says she went to talk to Sir. Shravan too excuses himself. I have to talk to papa as well.

Shravan hears his father talking to someone angrily. Kamini coughs to gain Ramnath’s attention when Shravan intervenes. Kamini and Shravan argue as to who will talk first. He tells her to let him talk first. Maybe then you wont need to say anything at all. Ramnath is confused. Someone tell me something too. Shravan turns to his father. I had to tell you something. Ramnath realises he is leaving for London. Kamini gets happy while Ramnath is sad. Shravan tries to say something but Ramnath already knew it was bound to happen one day. I had some hope as a father that you might change your decision. Hopes are hopes only! I only wanted to see you. But yes, I saw you in the office and fighting a case today. Shravan tries to make him understand. I will keep coming in every two months’ to meet you. Ramnath replies that he wants his son and not a guest. But it is ok if he has decided something. God bless you! Ramnath asks Kamini what she wanted to say. Kamini speaks of someone’s wedding where everyone is invited. Ramnath agrees for it. Shravan feels bad but is all helpless.

Preeti laughs looking at her phone. She shows the jokes to Sumo who reads them absentmindedly. Preeti says I found Pushkar arrogant initially but he is really sweet. I hope our friendship turns out to be just like your and Shravan’s. Sumo hopes Pushkar never leaves her. Preeti is taken aback. Is Shravan going back to London and you are not doing anything? Preeti replies she would have done anything if her best friend was leaving her. I would have hidden his passport, or do anything but let him go. How can my friend leave me and go? Sumo asks her if she would have done so in reality. Preeti agrees. You too should do the same. Sumo denies. True friends don’t pull their friends back but help them in moving ahead. Preeti agrees confused.

Shravan is looking for flight tickets. Pushkar walks in. you are too smart. Shravan smiles sadly. Did you come here to scold me? Pushkar denies. I came here to make you feel guilty. I was happy when you gave me a pen as your support. I felt so confident. I thought you will never leave me come what may. But I had no idea you handed over all your responsibilities to me. I cannot handle them. I am sorry. Shravan picks up the pen and gives it back to Pushkar. Try to understand my helplessness. I have no other option. Pushkar says one has to look for options. Shravan says imagine everone settles outside tomorrow. Will you not leave Delhi? I have everything in London. How can I leave it? Pushkar does not feel it is right for Shravan to leave. Everyone will be hurt by your decision. Pushkar leaves after returning the pen to him. Shravan thinks of Sumo and Ramnath’s words.

Sumo rushes to pick her phone. Shravan asks her what she is doing. She says nothing but he says I thought to ask you if I could talk. She asks him why he called her so early in the morning. He says I leave tomorrow. My ticket is booked. She gets all sad. Are you in this hurry to leave? Could you not stay back? He says how it matters when I leave. She insists that it matters to her. What happened that you booked tomorrow’s flight only? He says I got inexpensive tickets. She wishes he could stay back for a few more days. he cannot understand what she will do in those days. She mumbles he would have known it then. He tells her to understand how important it is for her to go. They end the call.

Sumo is surprised to see Dabbu in her room. I have told you not to eavesdrop. He reasons that she wasn’t talking any secret thing but sad stuff.

Varun is leaving for office when Kamini reminds him they have to leave for Chandigarh in a few hours. He says it is only a matter of a few hours. Shravan takes Vandy’s side. Help her in preps. Shravan says I wont be able to come. I leave tomorrow. Varun assures him they will be back in time. Shravan denies. my packing is still to be done. Kamini allows him to stay back. Ramnath tells him to not let go of this opportunity to spend time with family. Shravan agrees.

Dabbu tries to cheer Sumo. Why are you so sad? Sumo shares she is very sad. My best friend is going to London. Dabbu says it is Dabbu and Gappu part 2. When my friend was leaving town then you only planned a whole day for us. He enjoyed it thoroughly. Gift something to your best friend. Sumo smiles at the idea.

Precap: Sumo and Shravan relive the old times by watching something on tv and munching onto popcorn. He asks her to dance.

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