Begu Sarai 4th May 2016 Written epsiode Update. Begu Sarai today Written story. You can read Begu Sarai 4th May 2016.

Scene 1
Ananya takes mobile from Shakti and sees video of Shakti hugging Ananya and she hugging him back on site, she looks at shakti and says whats this? what is it? Shakti says i dont know, Ananya says you played double game with me, how dare you? Ramakant comes there, Ananya says this is not true, its a lie, she throws away phone and says i havent done anything like this, Ramakant says i told you to be away from this guy, did you see result of trusting him? lets go, he drags Ananya from there, she stares Shakti and leaves, Shakti asks inspector who did it?
Shakti comes home and calls out Garv, all come there, Shakti shows him video, Garv smirks, Shakti asks whats this? Garv says Amar made it on my saying, Amar asks did you not like it? i will do editing, Shakti says stop rubbish, he asks Garv why you did it? Garv says we can do anything to save our mother but you.. you have done great work, you forgot your mother’s love and fell in love with girl? you let your mother go to jail for a girl? Shakti grabs him by collar and gets angry, Garv holds his collar too, Shakti says Ananya came to police station with me to take case back but you.. Garv says maa is freed so whats the problem? Shakti says problem is that she went to jail because of my mistake and i wanted to prove that i can sacrifice many girl for her like Ananya, Garv says you are lying, problem is that your girlfriend is disrespected in whole city, shakti says you are mad, i was doing drama of love with Ananya, she is not my gf, Garv says i am not a fool, maa was right, one women brought problem between brothers, you proved that for a women, you have gone against your mother and your brothers, you are betrayer, shakti says shut up, he points finger at him and says dare you point finger at my loyalty, Garv says what will you do? will you beat your elder brother? beat me then, adarsh says enough, shame on you Garv for calling him betrayer, Garv says you are still taking his side? proofs are against him, Adarsh says all proofs are small infront of my trust, i trust my blood, my heart is saying that Shakti is saying truth, Garv says how can you trust him? he knew that we had to kill that girl to save maa from jail but he saved her and didnt kill her, Shakti says i said sorry for that matter to maa, Garv says then when whole city was against her and didnt give her grocery or anything, why did you become her knight? why did you help her? Bindya comes there and says he helped her as i told him, Garv says what? Bindya says i asked him to send goons to scare Ananya, on my saying shopkeepers didnt give her grocery, on my saying landlord went to his house and on my saying Shakti helped her, Adarsh asks why? Bindya says i wanted Ananya to trust Shakti and takes FIR back, Garv how can you doubt Shakti? how can you think that Shakti will cheat us for that cheap girl? is this my upbringing? you people dont have unity? is this that i taught you? she says to Adrash that this is way you handle house? she says to Shakti that i gave you 2days to trap her, you are running behind her from 2days, did you trap her? its proven again that women can destroy a house, now i have come out so i will tell this Ananya whats the result of going against me, she ask brothers to hug and end this fight, Garv looks shakti with guilt, he comes to shakti, shakti is miffed, Garv says sorry, please forgive me, he hugs him, shakti hugs him back, Bindya says my sons are my strength and when they are with me then nobody can stand infront of me, not even Ananya.

Scene 2
Ananya says to Ramakant that i didnt do anything wrong, Ramakant says i know that video is not true but what i will tell world? Ananya says i dont care about world, you trust me? Ramakant says i told you to be away from Shakti and you? Ananya says Shakti cant do this, he made me talk to Mayank, he said that Soni and Mayank are safe, nothing will happen to them, maa thakurain will forgive them, Ramakant says this is all drama so that you take complaint back, Ananya says no, if they wanted then i wouldnt even go to court but Shakti took my side, he helped me, Ramakant says you are taking that goon’s side? Ananya says i am saying that Shakti is not like his brothers, Ramakant says you will know his truth soon, i am worried what will Maa Thakurain do with us.
Maa thakurain claps as Soni is brought to Haveli, her manager is dragging Soni with rope tied to her hands, all are stunned to see her. All brothers point gun at her, Soni is shocked, Adarsh asks Bindya to order whose bullet should kill her? Soni says kill me, i dont have any hope from my brothers but tell me about my Mayank before killing me, where is my husband? Bindya comes to her and wipes her tears, Soni is terrified, Bindya says why are you crying? keep them save, you will shed them on your wedding day when you will hug your family, soni says wedding? what? where is my Mayank? Bindya says he is where he should be, he is our son in law so he is in guest room, we are serving him well, Adrash says what are you saying? that policeman’s son is your son in law? Bindya says be nice, he is your brother in law, i thought to kill them when i see them but what can i do.. i have raised this girl with my hands then how can i kill her? i know Soni have done mistake but parents have to rectify kids mistakes, am i right Badi Amma? i have changed my mind and thought that we were not able to part of her marriage but we will send her to inlaws nicely, we will have such big function that whole begusarai will see, she sees ropes in Soni’s hands, she says to manager that she is my daughter not some cow, free her, he frees her, Bindya smiles at Soni, Badi Amma is confused, Bindya ask her sons to get ready for their sister’s bidai, she asks Badi Amma to prepare shagun for Soni’s inlaws, we have to call Soni’s father in law and her sister in law Ananya, they will be part of function, parents do everything for kids, i am not that stone hearted that i will kill my daughter, Soni says you have forgiven me truly? Bindya says how can i prove it? she asks Soni to not cry, Soni asks can i meet Mayank once? Bindya says no.

PRECAP- Badi Amma asks Bindya what she is going to do? Bindya says i want to tell Mahabharat’s story again to begusarai, the only difference will be that there Draupati’s limits were broken by Kaurvu and here paandav will do it, Badi Amma asks who paandav? Bindya says Paandav will be mine and draupati will be ananya.

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