Mere Angne Mein 4th May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Mere Angne Mein 4th May 2016 Written epsiode Update. Mere Angne Mein today Written story. You can read Mere Angne Mein 4th May 2016.

The Episode starts with Riya crying in kitchen. She takes Kaushalya’s phone. She leaves from kitchen and comes out. Shanti stares at her. Riya thinks Dadi did mistake by getting Kaushalya in between, see how I answer for that. She taunts Shanti and says its good you did not raise me, else I would be like Sarla. Shanti gets angry. Riya messages Raghav asking when will he come, shall I cook food. Raghav is on call and says train got late. He gets message on his mobile and says why does Kaushalya makes daughters send message to me. He messages Kaushalya to not make Preeti message, he is coming in half an hour. Riya gets message and thinks Raghav is coming, its time for next step.

Sarla brings Chanda to her home. Rani worries and asks Sarla who is she. Sarla laughs and praises Chanda. Rani thinks Sarla got Chanda to get her married to Amit and gets broom to beat Chanda. Chanda says save me. Rani asks Sarla to make Chanda leave. Sarla scolds Rani. Rani says if any girl comes in Amit’s life, I will kill her, Amit and myself. Sarla gets angry and says Chanda is my guest, make tea. Rani refuses. Chanda says I don’t want tea. Sarla insults Rani. She takes Chanda with her. Chanda asks who is this strange girl. Sarla says she is maid. Rani says I m her bahu, Rani. Sarla says she is unwanted bahu.

Nimmi gets ready and Pari looks on from far. Nimmi applies the sindoor. Pari says it will be fun in puja now, you like to become Sati Savitri bahu, see what happens now. Sarla tells Chanda that she wants to get rid of Rani, but its not easy. Chanda asks why did she beat me. Sarla says she is mad, she thinks I got you here to make my bahu. Sarla says you can become good house’s bahu, you have to become daughter first. Chanda asks whose. Sarla says mine.

Chanda says you gave me such big respect. Rani tries to hear them. Chanda says you changed my fate. Sarla says I promise I will make you my daughter and bahu. Rani says I won’t let you do this. Chanda asks why is your bahu shouting. Sarla says Rani is saying right. Rani thinks to call police and goes. Sarla looks on smiling. Chanda says how can you let your son marry me, your bahu is here, I can’t ruin anyone’s house. Sarla says just be ready to become my daughter. Chanda says I m ready mummy, I m very happy. Sarla asks her to promise to do what she says. Chanda says yes, I will not ask anything. Sarla says you don’t have clothes, we will arrange it later, wear this saree now, and come. Sarla thinks to fit Chanda in place of Riya.

Kaushalya says I did not get my phone, I had to call Raghav. Shanti says I will call my by phone. Riya has the phone and it rings. Kaushalya looks for her phone. Riya ends the ring. Shanti says it was ringing there. Riya drops the phone and hides. Shanti asks her about the phone and looks for phone. Riya says I did not take phone. Shanti goes. Riya thinks how to keep phone outside, it won’t be easy. Rani informs everything to inspector and asks her to save her marriage. Sarla asks Rani to make a juice. Rani taunts her and goes.

Shanti and everyone look for phone. Riya keeps the phone on the staircase. Shanti calls again and Preeti gets phone. Shanti says phone was ringing somewhere else. She looks at Riya. Riya goes.

Rani asks Sarla not to ruin her married life. Sarla asks Chanda to come. Chanda comes wearing saree. Sarla praises her and asks Rani to get food for Chanda. She makes Rani jealous. Rani goes to cook. Chanda asks shall I help Rani. Sarla says no need to give her respect. Rani gets angry. Sarla asks Chanda why did she not meet her again, first have food then I will take you out. Rani makes dish fall on Chanda’s saree and asks her to leave from her house.

Raghav comes home. Kaushalya asks Preeti to get water. Shanti thinks to do drama infront of Raghav, he should know how Riya tortures me. She cries and hugs Raghav. Kaushalya asks what happened Amma ji, why are you crying. Shanti says Raghav will make things fine. He asks what happened, tell me. Riya looks on. Shanti says Riya threatened and came back home, she said she will call police. Riya shouts water……. And comes there. She says she did not eat anything since two days. She begs for water and faints infront of Raghav. He looks at her bad and weak state, and gets shocked. Everyone look on shocked.

Raghav asks Riya to stay in Shanti Sadan, but not expect anything from them, they are not interested to have relation with her.

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