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The Episode starts with Adi meeting Shravan and explaining him. He says someone is fooling you with Alia’s name. Shravan says its really her and shows her message that she is in Delhi for her shoot. Adi says fine, we will meet her, come home now. Abhishek looks on. Adi asks who is that uncle who saved you. Abhishek turns away. Adi goes to thank Abhishek. Abhishek says my face has something and does not show face. Adi thanks him. Abhishek tells Adi to expose that imposter. Adi asks how to do that. Abhishek asks him to get id details, his friend in cyber cell will help him. Adi thanks him and leaves with Shravan. Abhishek says Adi is really like Ishita ji, very concerned for everyone.

Adi brings Shravan home. Vandu cries and hugs Shravan asking him not to do this again. Appa thanks Adi for getting Shravan. Mrs. Bhalla comes clapping and confronts Iyers for troubling Shravan and making him helpless to leave home, they then blamed Mrs. Bhalla for kidnapping Shravan. Simmi scolds them and says Adi got your son back, we know values of relations, I think Iyers always run away, today Shravan run away and before that Ishita. Mr. Bhalla asks Simmi to stop it. Bala thanks Adi. Adi says don’t thank me, is Shravan not my brother, I just did elder brother’s duty. He hugs Bala and leaves with Bhallas. Bala asks Amma and Appa to go and rest. Bala consoles Vandu. She says I m a very bad mother. He says no, its fine, children do such things.

Mihika calls Ishita. Ishita asks is everything fine. Mihika says relax, we found Shravan. Ishita says thank God, I was coming Delhi. Mihika asks her to please come, I will keep you away from everyone. She insists and says I forgot to say marriage is happening in Delhi, my fiance’s parents wanted marriage to happen in Mihir. Ishita says I will come, but everything should be hidden, I will reach tomorrow morning. Mihika says great, I will do hotel bookings. Ishita says no need, Mani has home there, we will stay there. Mihika is glad that Ishita will be coming Delhi.

Ishita lands in Delhi with Mani and Aaliya, and recalls Raman. Dil Kahin Rukta nahi……plays……… driver stops car. Mani asks what happened. Driver says maybe someone hit other and fighting. Ishita sees the fight and smiles recalling Raman. She insists to have icecream and argues with him. He hits someone’s car and she laughs. She asks him to take her home. FB ends. Aaliya asks Ishita what are you thinking, are you enjoying this. Ishita says I m enjoying memories, I have many linked here. Mani tries to solve the fight.

Driver says we will take u turn. Mani says there is another way for my home, take right. Bala tells Vandu that we misunderstood Shravan, even he did mistake, we can’t react like before, but if we pamper him, will he realize his mistake. She says please don’t say this, I can’t bear this again, I realized when Ruhi was away from Ishu, what did Ishu go through. Adi hears them. Bala asks Vandu not to worry. Adi says I came to meet Shravan. Bala asks him to have food and talk to Shravan. Adi asks him not to worry and goes to Shravan.

Shravan chats with Aaliya and writes he was coming to meet her, but he is glad that she is in Mumbai. Adi sees this and thinks to not leave that imposter.

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