Shastri Sisters 20th November 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Devyaani hearing Anu and Rajat’s conversation. She confronts Anu to tell the truth she is hiding. Anushka clarifies she is not hiding anything, does she not trust her sister. Devyaani says she trusts her else she would have made her fall or fallen herself. Devyaani does not get any answer and leaves crying. Nikki asks her what is the matter. Nikki asks Devyaani not to trust Anushka. She asks Devyaani to confront Anushka again and she will support her.
Nikki tells Minty about person ready to do anything if love is in problem. She says I will break Shastri Sister’s backbone. Devyaani goes to Anushka and is upset. Minty tells Nikki that she is getting instructions for small things. Rajat comes and they change topic. Nikki calls Devyaani and asks her to make coffee for Rajat. Devyaani says she will get it soon. She looks out of window to see Devyaani and Peeya coming.
Minty tells Rajat that gas is over. He asks about any other cylinder. She asks him to get it from Shastri ji’s storeroom. Rajat comes to Anushka and asks for gas cylinder. She stops him but he goes. Devyaani gets coffee and gives Peeya. Nikki asks Peeya to give it to Minty and takes Devyaani asking her to gather proof and then talk to Anu. She tells about Anu following Rajat to storeroom and such a bad relation. Devyaani says she will talk. Nikki says call everyone as its high time. Rajat and Anu are in storeroom and Nikki locks them inside. She asks Devyaani does she want to see anything else. She says call Shastri ji and expose Anu. Rajat knocks the door calling Minty to open it.
Shastri Sisters 20th November 2014 Written Update
Alka and Rohan also join everyone. Shastri ji asks why did they call them suddenly. Devyaani says she wants to tell something. Nikki asks her to open door and show them. Devyaani opens the bolt. Rajat and Anu come out. Rajat asks who has shut the door. Devyaani says I did it as I wanted to show everyone what I was seeing since many days.
Shastri ji asks what do you want to show. Devyaani says Anushka and Rajat together. She asks Anushka why was she with Rajat. Anushka says she will clear her misunderstandings. Devyaani says talk to Rajat in private. She says Anushka everytime is close to Rajat giving promises. She says you can’t meet my eyes, it means you are trying to steal my fiancé from me. Anushka gets teary eyed.
Rajat tells Devyaani the truth that he loves Anushka. He says I don’t love you Devyaani. He says you came between us and I love Anu.
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