Abhi & Pragya Eternal Love Episode 12

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In clg,Abhi Nikkil Purab Munni(a frnd of them)Meetu n her frnd was busy in pinning the culturals schedule on the central board.PraNu along with Sara n her frnds r coming from the stairs.Sara says,Pragya Tanu come let’s view the schedules I think thr is different competition everyday v ll get ODs on everyday she said with a excited smile.Pragya says,V no need that Sara..that Ostrich won’t give ODs for me n Tanu.Sara laughs at them.Tanu shouts,Shut up..don’t laugh.The whole crowd in the corridor is glaring at Tanu.Tanu says,I’m Sry..PraNu started to walk out of corridor.Pragya asks,Tanu y u r silent.Tanu says,Bcoz of that Ostrich how dare he placed u in front row her voiced raised..Pragya says,Leave it..Tanu..our fate..Nikkil comes thr n says,Hi..girls..Wassup..Tanu murmers Pragya,Sure today he gonna die from us.Pragya smiles.

Tanu asks,Kyun..Nikkil..Wht do u want.Nikkil asks,Y u r behaving weird.Tanu says,The day when v accepted ur words to join in this clg na from the day our weird time started.Abhi n his frnds came thr.Abhi rests his hand on Nikkil’s shoulder n asks,Really??U didn’t like this clg??raising his eye brows n pointing his eyes towards Pragya.Pragya smiles.Tanu says,Haa..v didn’t like this clg..Wht u ll do.Meetu says,If u both didn’t like this clg better u can leave this clg..everything ll b back to normal hey na Abhi.Tanu was abt to say something..Pragya sighs her to keep quiet n started to walk.Abhi goes to Meetu n asks,Wht happened Meetu y u r behaving so rude with her..Meetu says,It’s not me Abhi..u r behaving strange.Abhi rests his arms in her shoulder n says,Come on Meetu..let’s all b good frnds..no ego..no enemity..ok so don’t create any messes.Meetu was seeing as Abhi put his arms around her shoulder.Abhi pats her cheek n says,Let’s all b good frnds..they both r really nice girls n smiles n says,Come Meetu let’s hav something together.Meetu smiles at him n says,K..they all gathered in canteen.

Pragya Tanu Nikkil Purab was sitting in a row.Abhi Meetu Munni n their frnds sat opposite row on the same table.Purab asks,Pragya..how was ur cut wound.Pragya smiles n says,Better Purab..but I wanna ask u one thing.Purab asks,Wht?Pragya asks,Actually Wht u blabberd sterday.Purab stammered n asks,Wht..Wht I blabberd?Pragya says,Ya..that’s Wht I’m asking n giggles.Purab asks,How u know?Pragya says,Someone gave me live reports from ur room.Abhi smiles.Tanu asks,Whts going on here.Pragya says in her ears that they drunken yesterday.Tanu takes a glass of water n splashed it on Nikkil’s face.Nikkil shocked n asks,Hey..Whts this..Tanu asks,Have u drunk yesterday.Nikkil asks,How u know.Abhi says,Arey..leave it yaar..Nikkil n Purab says,Abhi..u r gone today..come to home treat is waiting for u.Abhi says,Today also no..no..Btw..I had brought Meetu here to make a new friendship btwn PraNu n Meetu.Meetu gave a fake smile n thinks,For Abhi..I’m doing this else I won’t even see this type of girls.Abhi says,Chashmish Tanu give ur hands forward n Meetu u too.The three forwarded their hands.Abhi makes their hands to hold each other n says,So from today..u three r frnds..PraNu smiles.Meetu gave a forced fake smile.After a while,Meetu left the place.Abhi n Munni was seeing something in phone.PraNu says,K..v r leaving now..else that Ostrich ll eat us.Tanu says,Haa..I really hate his class.Pragya says,Haa..Bye.Abhi says,Hey Chashmish y u r so sad.Pragya says,U know..Ostrich made me to sit in first row.Abhi says,Excuse me n takes Pragya aside.Pragya asks,Abhi Wht u r dng?Abhi says,Chashmish I need a help.Pragya asks,Wht?Abhi says,Tmrw is Nikkil n Tanu’s love anniversary.Pragya excited n asks,Really..Abhi asks,Wht type of frnd u r.Purab too comes thr.

Abhi asks,Purab y u came here..They ll doubt us.Purab says,U both r planning without me uh?Pragya asks,Wht plan?Abhi says the plan to Pragya.Pragya says,But tmrw Saturday na..hav to go home.Abhi says,Hey..go on next week.Purab too said the same.Pragya confused n asks,K..Wht I wanna do now.Abhi says,Just take her outside that’s enough.Pragya says,K..with a sad tone.Purab asks,Kya hua..Pragya asks,I’m not in mood of going for class.Abhi smiles at her childness n says,Then..don’t attend the class ask permission for culturals rehearsal.Pragya says,U r thr na..Ostrich said he won’t give permission.Purab says,That’s the matter I ll handle him.Pragya with a big smile asks,Really?Purab says,Haa baba..I ll talk to him.Pragya says,Then go n talk now itself.Purab nods n left.Abhi asks,Y u r not willing to attend his classes.Pragya says,Coz his way of teaching is just irritating he doesn’t know how to teach.Abhi smiles n asks,So..U know how to taught others.Pragya says,Haa..Abhi says,S..u r well in giving lectures to others na.Pragya stares him.They both were waiting for Purab.Purab comes thr with OD forms of PraNu.Pragya took the form from his hand n sees that n shouts,Aww!!Purab u r really so sweet..U got ODs for us thank u Purab..If it’s not a clg sure I ll gave u a tight hug..Abhi feels jealous.Pragya contd by saying,thank u so much u know v got great relief from his classes for a month till the culturals end thank God.Purab says,Enough enough..U have to bring Tanu tmrw without any messes else I ll cancel this OD.Pragya makes sad face n says,Purab this is not fair yaa..And trust me I ll bring her.Purab smiles n left.Abhi asks,Did ur praising ceremony got over.Pragya asks,Y..u r feeling jealous on praising him uhh n raises her eyebrows.Abhi stammered n says,No..No..Y..Y should I get jealous it’s getting late I have to rehearse bye n left the place.

Pragya goes to Tanu.Tanu asks,What u three were discussing?Pragya shows her OD forms.Tanu reads that n says,Oh my god..Pragya how could u do this I’m so happy n hugs her.Pragya says,Purab only got this for us.Tanu says,Oh..I’m so happy v got escaped n they both have hifi.Pragya says,Tanu..tmrw v r going for outing.Tanu asks,Then..v r going for home uh.Pragya says,No.Tanu says,K..no problem for me but Whr v r going..Shall I take Nikkil with us.Pragya says,No..only v both..not others.Tanu says,K..but u r planning anything uh.Pragya says,No Tanu..I’m not planning anything y should I.Tanu smiles n says,K..Come lets go today no more classes for us na.Pragya n Tanu smiles n moved towards gallery all were rehearsing something.Sara sees PraNu n asks,Hey..U two..how u both got permission.Tanu shown her the form.Sara looks surprisingly n says,I can’t believe this yaar..btw see our whole class is wandering here n thr I thought u both ll suffer in class but u both got escaped that’s great.Pragya asks,Btw.

.Wht all r dng here.Sara says,Only few of them r rehearsing..others r like us got permission in the name of rehearsing n wandering here n thr n smiles.Tanu says,So..ppl like us is majority hey na.Sara laughs n nods yes.Vijay comes thr n says,Hey..sister..Pragya says,Hey..bro.Tanu says,Sara..I couldn’t tolerate this bro-sis chemistry.Sara says,Ya..u r ryt Tanu.Pragya stares at them.Vijay says,I’m leaving to home now today no classes na.Pragya asks,y..u r not participating in any competition.Vijay says,It’s all boring that’s y.Pragya says,K..then go.Vijay says,K..bye..sister bye Tanu n Sara.They trio waved him bye.Sara says,I’m gonna participate in mehandi competition Pragya Tanu anyone give ur hands for that.

Tanu says,No..I’m gonna put mehandi for Pragya search for some other hands.Pragya shocked n asks,Tanu..U mean v r gonna participate in competition..when u decided it yaar.Tanu says,Just now..when Sara told abt the competition.Pragya asks,Hav u gone mad..Tanu says,Come lets hav fun.Pragya says,No..u gonna spoil my hand no I won’t come she pouted like a child.Tanu says,No Pragya I’m good in Mehandi trust me.Pragya says,No..But Tanu drags her inside the gallery.Pragya saw Abhi who was rehearsing with his guitar.Pragya feels for the first time she seeing Abhi the musician who working on his guitar.Abhi noticed her while playing guitar Abhi could see her eyes even in distance he keep on looking at her.Pragya too looking at him.(guys plug in ur HPs to Nazuron sey nazurie mile-shukuran Allah song from Kurbaan)Abhi feels different at the moment when he saw into her eyes.Suddenly Tanu dragged Pragya to the corner n asks her to sit.Abhi stopped his guitar n walks in their direction still he couldn’t come out of her eyes gaze.Tanu started to design Pragya’s hand with Mehandi.Pragya asks,Kyun Thum ithni eager ho Tanu.Tanu says,See..I’m gonna design ur hands like a bride.Pragya laughs at her n says,This is too much.

Tanu says,Don’t underestimate me Pragya.Pragya says,Now also thr is time just withdraw from this competition atleast it ll b decent.Tanu irked n says,Whatever I’m in form now don’t disturb me.Pragya laughs.Abhi came near them n sat besides Pragya still he was in lost of mind.Pragya asks,Abhishek y u left the rehearsal?Abhi says,For u.Pragya asks,Wht?Abhi says,I mean..I came here to ask Wht u both r doing here.Tanu asks, Kyun Abhi..u can’t see..I’m designing Pragya’s hand with Mehandi.Abhi says,Achhaa!Pragya asks,Wht Happened u seems to b disturbed..Then she goes near to his ear n murmers,Don’t wry I had spoke with Tanu she ll come tmrw n smiles at him.His heart made flutters as she came closer to him.Abhi just nods.Tanu while on mehandi asks,Pragya..u know na..in wedding mehandi they’ll use to put groom’s initial.Pragya says,Haa..I know..Abhi asks,Really?Tanu says,Haa..groom has to find his initial in bride’s hand.Abhi asks,Y.Pragya says,If he found his initial then it means he loves her alot.Tanu winks n asks,Pragya..which letter u want me to put in ur hand.Pragya says,Tanu!! Abhi says,A..PraNu asks,Kyaa..in lil bit loud voice.Abhi back to sense n says,I mean to say..put..A..I mean A to Z..v doesn’t know Pragya’s groom na..so..Pragya smiles n says,No need of letters Tanu..first of all..its difficult to recognize ur design then how could someone find a letter in this n laughs.Tanu stares at her.Pragya says,Y u r staring at me for this sure I ll take revenge on u by designing ur hand on ur wedding.Tanu says,Oh..no..don’t take any revenge on my wedding Pragya.Pragya laughs.Abhi was lost in her.Tanu asks,Wht happened Abhi..so silent today.Abhi says,Nothing.Pragya says,I think he is hangover.Abhi smiles.Tanu says,Wait..I ll b back..I need some waste cloth to wipe extras.

Pragya says,No problem Tanu use ur duppata.Tanu stares.Pragya says,K..leave it..give me some water yaar pls.Tanu says,U taunted me na stay thirst till I return n left.Pragya shouts,Tanu this is not fair.Abhi was gazing Pragya.Pragya asks,Abhishek can u give me some water.Abhi asks,Huhh?Pragya asks,Oh..God..Whr u lost..give me some water.Abhi says,Hmm n makes her to Drink water.Pragya noticed him as he was gazing at her she felt somewhat awkward but she too gazing at him.They both lost in each other’s eyes.Abhi softly took his hand forward n tucked her hair behind her ears as they were annoying her eyes.Pragya was looking at him continuously.Then a moment she moved Herself.Abhi says,Sry I thought.Pragya says,It’s K thank u..Abhi cursed himself for his behavior n thinks,He should stay away from her n left from the place.Pragya thinks,Wht happened to u Pragya no u shouldn’t do this..n decides to maintain distance with Abhi.

Precap: Abhi n Pragya avoiding each other.

Abhi & Pragya Eternal Love Episode 12


Abhi & Pragya Eternal Love Episode 12


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