we will be united ( dreamed ff of swaragini) epi 7

we will be united ( dreamed ff of swaragini) epi 7

guys i am confused with the pairs so frnds now ur going to tell me that,( IS ragsan and swalak ff’s r more or swasan and raglak ff’s r more) iam going to decide the pairs by majority so if more comments say the 1st pair i will make like that or if more comments say the 2nd pair then i will make like that , so the choice is yours pls comment

recap;rags ans sans locked in park and they escape then they go to thier respective frnd’s house becoz they used that excuse to thier family ( sry iam little lazy to type more abut the recap)

ok here is my ep7!

sans frnd know that he is acting as an mentally retarded person to his family and sans frnd’s parents have gone to pune now sans and his frnd is only there in house

now it is night 12.00 pm and when the whole city is in the eyes of sleep

but the four people who r waiting for tom r not ready to sleep

(and they r ragswasanlak)

now the screen divides into four and they all r saying in same timing ,a sentence ” this is the longest night in my life ”

now the sun rises and the four was awake (sans and rags return to thier homes)

at galodia

shekkar was on the way to his job but before going there he told rags and swara to be carefull at the party and he told that they two shud not come late to home then he leaves

at maheshwari mansion

(now itself the time is 3.00 pm says uttara becoz she was late to her afternoon classes)

sans came home and he was sitting idle in his room and lak come to his room and select dress for sans and for himself

sans; enough !!! i no longer want to hide the truth to my family(he said this like a normal person)

and he rushed to the hall and said everyone the truth and lak came back of him and patted his shoulder and the whole family was shocked to see him as an normal person

then everyone including lak laughed at him loud

sans was totally confused

then everyone told sans that they know it already becoz sujatha told them before itself (but no one know abut the drugs stuff )(i hope u guys can understand)
then sans apologize his mistake then everyone forgive him and lak already told this to swara and her family in phone

now sans says i thought to fool u all, but u all fooled me (in a fun tone ) everyone laughs

now everyone hugs sans and says we all know ur pain sans and u did all this only bcoz u loved kavita

sans; iam very lucky to get u all as my family

dp; ok sans now everythink has got alright now y r u sad

sans(in mind); no papa i still have to tell one more truth to lak and swara with rags

ap; sans r u here in earth

sans; maa i was thinking something thats y

lak; now i cud tease my bro and now he will understand everything

sans; lak ok i think we have already wasted all of our time see the watch its already 5.30pm ,”star plaza” is not near r house and we shud pick up swara and rags also so cum soon we will get ready

at galodia house

ragswa room

rags; swara how long will u bath ? i already told u to bath at the morning see the time is 5:35pm, iam ready but when will u get ready?

swara(in the bathroom); rags wait know i am changing my dress inside thats y its getting little late

rags was wearing a grand red anarkali and now swara came out with a navy blue cocktail prom dress ( its till the knees)

swara; rags we r not going to a marriage function y r u wearing a anarkali , rags u r still in the old age

rags(in a tensed tone); swara u it self know na i havent gone to any party so thats y i dont know to wear what to the party

swara; ok rags i know u will do like this,, so thats y i brought u one red prom dress i hope u like that but promise me that u will wear that today

rags; k promise
then swara makes her to wear that but rags keep on pulling her dress till the knees

rags; swara is this will suit me

swra ; u r looking very pretty rags

and they free thier hairs and they was looking gorgeous

and sumi and others said u both look stunning

dadi; thank u swara becoz this ragini know she will not at all wear these type of dresses becoz of u only my lado is wearing this dress and if i was born in 1990 i would also be wearing these types of dresses ( then she tells everyone to think her in these types of dresses)

swra and rags close thier eyes then think dadi in prom dresses and small dresses like bikini etc..

then they both burst out and laugh

even sumi also laughs asking sry to dadi

dadi; hey stop laughing u know in my young age the whole colony boys wil be admiring me only and i was very beautifull u know !!

swara and rags was teasing dadi
rags; oh dadi then that time itself u was putting that type of dress ha and thats y the boys saw u ha !! ( she said this laughing)

then everyone laughs and dadi was running behind rags saying how dare u say like this,, lado wait i cant run behind u if i catch u iam going to kill u !!!(this scene was a just a fun scene )(and i know its not so funny)

then lak and sans come to pick them then they all go to the party

inside the car

lak; woow u both look stunning !!

rags; lak u know that sans is a normal person and even u too swara

swara; yep we know but we think that u already know before us

rags was abut say but sans stopped her by holding her hand

then sans distract them frm this topic

rags was whispering to sans hears (guys lak and swara was in the front seat and lak was driving the car and sans and rags was sitting back)

she said to him that ; sans we will say to them now itself and i dont think that they will forgive us becoz swara was talking to lak that they r not going to leave that person behind swara’s drug stuff

sans; dont wry rags we will say them now itself and no matter wat punishment we get frm them becoz we deserve that

swara ; wat r u guys r whispering to one other tell to us also becoz its really boring

lak; guys wait for another 10min becoz i think we have come close to that place

then they head towards the party hall

so sans and rags was facing so much of obstruction in saying the truth becoz everytme one or the other promblem was coming in saying the truth to swalak

at the party hall

vinay was welcoming them and swalak gave their invitation to him

vinay; hey guys i hope there was no destruction in the way

lak; nope vinay ok i think u said some suprise that u was going to show me today

rags was holding sans hand tightly becoz she was sacred wat to do and when to say the truth and she thought to herself will lak and swara will forgive me and sans

swara; lak u havent told me abut that vinay is going to give a suprise

vinay; ok swara leave that now i will show my suprise

then vinay called one girl and introduced her and he went to the stage and told everyone that this girl is my fiancea and her name is riya meghna

and everyone clapped hands and lak and swara told so this is ur suprise

but the existence of sans and rags was not even seen by anyone

vinay; yes lak i was telling abut this suprise

then they all was talking

swara; oh no wher is ragini and sanskar

vinay; yeah where r they and i think they will be talking somewhere lonely becoz they r also going to get married like us know !

swalak was shocked

lak; no no vinay they r just frnds

swara; yes vinay u have thought wrong

vinay; oh iam sry but their pair was nice thats y i thought like that

riya; yes vinay i too thought the same ok then u call them fast now, its time to cut the cake of my sweet heart

then swalak search them everywhere (becoz its a big party hall)

and finally they found them

swara; what u both guys r doing here in this corner

lak; r u guys feeling this place is not comfortable for u

sans; no lak rags told that she was feeling dizzy

swara; wat happened to rags

lak; rags wat happened to u

sans; oh lak hw will i tell this

swara; sans wat r u telling

sans(in a joker tone and little bit funny crying tone )(i think u can imagine); swara ur sister know she is a crazy lady u know wat ur sis did

then he narrates a fb to them

now screen freezes with the eager faces of swalak to hear the fb

sry guys its short i know but wait for my next episode and my next epi 8 will cum today itself in the night or evening itself like 5.30 or 8.00 but today itself it will cum it cud even be at 11.00pm

so pls wait for me

we will be united ( dreamed ff of swaragini) epi 7


we will be united ( dreamed ff of swaragini) epi 7

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