Ishaan asks Falguni where she got the money. Falguni thinks she must not take Nitin’s name even. She tells Ishaani she didn’t sell anything or took any help. Ishaani asks the reason. Falguni says it is her reception, she must go to RV who is standing alone. She must stand with him.
Derwash was worried that Ishaani’s reception must take place well. Pratik cheers to see Parul bringing ras malai for him. Derwash teases them. He asks her what she knows about his choice. She says he likes gulab jaman. Derwash says she must know that to earn someone’s heart, one must get through the way of stomach. DIsha comes to them, that she is feeling un easy. Parul leaves to take lime water, but Derwash says the doctor is here. He introduces Parul to Manas, Disha’s fiancé. Manas says Disha looks beautiful.
The ladies appreciate Amba’s gift of diamond necklace. Baa boasts to them, this is dowry. The ladies say to Amba, that RV is against dowry. Lakshmi says that this is gift, Amba agrees that no one sends the daughter bare handed. She forbid, but they insisted.
Ritika asks what he said. RV was confused. She says he isn’t saying anything, this means he is nervous. He asks her she didn’t go to her bike expedition. She says she told him half truth, but had she told this he wouldn’t have married Ishaani. He says sorry to her, She says he married whom he loved. They are still friends, she says she brought a gift for them and wants him to give it to Ishaani. It was a ring, she bought it on a biking expediton. The seller told her it is a love ring, she bought for him. Two doves with a diamond, she will not go far from him till Ishaani will wear it. RV was hurt.
Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 20th November 2014 Written Update
Manas brings juice for Disha, and says this is a grand party. He says they won’t marry in a big buget. Disha was fed up of the misers plan, and goes to meet her friends. She comes to Rishi, and says it is good he came else. RIshi recognizes Manas, and calls him. RIshi says his fiancé talks a lot about him. Rishi asks when are they marrying. Disha sends Manas to get her lime water. Disha says she wants to marry Rishi. Rishi says that RV is his boss, and she is his wife’s sister. They won’t meet again, so they must go to separate ways. Manas comes and asks Disha to come and rest. Rishi shows concern, and tells Manas to take care of her.
RV looks at the ring, Ritika says he wants him to give it to Ishaani in front of everyone. Ishaani comes there, RItika goes to take her. She says to Ishaani that RV wants to give her something, she takes them both to stage and makes an announcement. She announces that RV wants to give Ishaani a ring. Ritika tells Ishaani that there are two doves in the ring, it is said that one must not separate two doves else one dies; husband and wife are like that. RV comes to Ishaani for the ring, and asks for her hand. They all cheer, Ishaani gives him her hand. They look at each other. Ritika asks for a dance, everyone cheers again. She asks RV for a surprise. RV says to Ishaani, that she must do it for others.
They come to dance together. RV remembers how he taught couple dance to Ishaani once and they dance same way. Falguni feels pleased seeing them dancing while Amba doesn’t like it.
RV’s father appreciates Ritika’s brought up to Mr. Javeri. Mr. Javeri gets a text message, and gets angry. He leaves, and comes to Rishi. He asks Rishi to go to office and brings Ramanji project’s files. Rishi asks is everything ok. Mr. Javeri says they will know it now, and is tensed.
PRECAP: Chiraag comes to Ishaani. She tells him not to touch her. He says he loves her, she slaps him.
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