Manmarziyan-The Lines of Fate (Chapter 6)

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Chapter 6 – Wishes

Khanna Mansion
Arjun was lying on his bed daydreaming about his moment with Radhika. When he danced with her, the way she looked at him, how he held her so close to himself. He wished for that moment to never end and embrace her for eternity. A knock on the door interrupted his thoughts, Nandini entered and sat on the bed next to him. Arjun laid his head on her lap while she patted his head.

Nandini:”Arjun…. ”


Nandini:”Piyali and I were thinking of getting u married….. getting Sam and u married”

Arjun sat upright stunned “Sam and I?….. Sam is like my sister”

Nandini:”she is like your sister….but not your real sister”

“NANDU” shouted Arjun displeased by her words “Sam is much of a sister to me as u are” Noticing her sad face he took her deep breath and held both her hands “Nandu…. u know I love u, and I will never say no to u…. but I can’t marry Sam…. not only because she is like my sister but I also love someone else”

Nandini:”that Radhika?… u don’t even know her for that long…. what if she’s not right for u?”

Arjun:”Radhika is a nice girl…. she is beautiful inside and out…. if u get to know her am sure u will love her…. give her a chance…. do it for me pls Nandu”

Nandini:”OK, but if I feel she is not right for u…. u will back out…. u will not marry her without my approval…. promise me”

Arjun:”I promise Nandu… I will not take any decision without your approval…. but pls get this Sam and I wedding idea from your head”

Nandini agreed to give Radhika a chance for his sake, Arjun hugged her and thanked her for trusting his choice and Nandini excused herself out of his room.

Arjun POV:”am 100% sure Radhika will win u over and when the right time comes u will happily get me married to her.

Nandini left Arjun’s room feeling dejected, fate has denied her everything she ever wished for. The Mehras weren’t a rich family but Nandini had always dreamed of being one. Her parents died in car crash when Arjun was just a few months old and at a very young age she had to become a mother, a father, a sister and a provider for her brother. She had seen the harshness of being poor and strived to keep Arjun away from it. She had toiled to get where she was today but she was never truly happy to not get what she wished from life. She has a nice job but couldn’t make a name like she wished, she fell in love but couldn’t marry and have a family like she wished. Life had taught her that money meant security and she wished the same for Arjun. She believed that if Arjun marries Sam his future will be secured but fate has once again scorned her and deprived her yet another wish. But this was about her brother and Nandini could take on any challenge as long as it resulted in her brother’s happiness.

Be careful what u wish for coz u just might get it, this words were running in Sam’s mind. She only wished to be Neil’s friend, to get close to him and he was last night at the party. But what confused her more was the way she reacted, she didn’t stop him infact she liked his closeness. She still blushed thinking of him so close to her, his arms on her waist and lips merely apart.

Sam’s POV:”but why didn’t I stop him, why did I like to be close to him? Why did I hate Vivek’s touch but felt goosebumps at his? Do I like Neil? Could it be that all this while I wanted to get close to him because I have feelings for him? I need to find answers to my questions.”

Neil was also thinking about the same, when her lips touched his cheek he felt millions of tiny electric sparks running through his body. When he held her so close to him and wished to have kissed her lips instead of her cheek. A smile crept on his lips reminiscing last night events. He also witnessed her blush and felt her heart race, she didn’t oppose him when he came close to her. He wondered if she also had feelings for him or was he reading too much into it. He decided to talk to chashni about it, he came out of his room only to come face to face with Sam who was about to knock on his door.

Sam:”may I come in?…. need to ask u something” Neil step aside and gestured her in, she sat nervously on the couch while Neil took a spot on one corner of the bed. “Neil…. why was always indifferent with me….why did u always avoid me…. do u hate me?”

Neil closed his eyes at her words, here he stayed awayed because he loves her and doesn’t want to get heartbroken and she is accusing him of hating her “why do u say that Sammy?”

Sam:”we have known each other for long but u always distanced yourself from me… never spoke to me…. and I thought u hated me…. but this time around u have been friendly….and I like that very much… but am still afraid that u going to wake up one day and stop talking to me like before”

Neil:”I don’t hate u Sammy…. am sorry u felt bad about the way I acted… but it has nothing to do with u”

Sam smiled “so can we be friends?” Neil nodded, they shook hands smiling at each other and Sam found his smile very alluring. “It’s just that u and Arjun are friends and it’s kind of awkward if we are not friends as well” Neil’s smile fell at that.

Neil’s POV:”It was really stupid of me to think that my behaviour hurts u because u also like me when u wanted to be friends for Arjun’s sake only. You ever having feelings for me will only remain a wish , my wishful thinking.

Sam’s POV:”Last night u made me doubt my intentions. I don’t know I was hurt because I was not your friend or because I have feelings for u. But now that we are friends I intend to find out what exactly I feel about u.

Aditya’s Apartment
Standing in the balcony holding the railings Aditya was staring into nothing in particular. Mind filled with unaswered queries, he needed to solve the mystery and soon but nothing was making any sense. He was right in his hunch it was indeed about the gold, he found out that Saba who was vicious criminal in the 80s who had smuggled a ton of gold to Mumbai more than a decade ago. He was later raided by the police and killed in a shootout but the gold was never found. It was then reported that his entire family had also been killed in a gang war. Two years ago Dilip Mishra was killed because he fortunatey or unfortunately had found the missing gold and as if like magic the gold had yet again vanished with his death. And now Saba’s alleged brother Malik has ressurected and has brought only deaths with him. He was brought out of his thoughts by a ring of the doorbell, it was Karthik. Aditya made coffee for both of them and they settled in the livingroom to discuss the case.

Few moments of silence later Karthik spoke “i have found out that Malik was Delhi around that time…. couldn’t find if he went to Rishikesh or not….. so we can’t say for sure that he was the one who killed Dilip”

Aditya took a deep breath “Delhi is not that far from Rishikesh….. and the way he was shot….. It can only be by a professional”

Karthik:”OK, lets say Malik killed Dilip…. but why is he after Samrat now?”

Aditya:”before his death he came to meet Samrat sir…. he asked his help to turn over the gold without any harm to his family…. It’s possible that Malik thinks Samrat knows where the gold is”

Karthik:”and he doesn’t know?”

Aditya:”Samrat sir never told me anything about it…. and he can’t tell me anything now due to his condition…. but Malik wouldn’t go after him…… and to such a dreadful extent for a mere doubt…. so it’s a sure fact that Samrat sir knows where the gold is….. and we need to find it before anymore deaths”

Karthik got off the couch rubbing his chin in deep thought while pacing back and forth. Something was amiss, there is a piece to this puzzle that they are overlooking but what is it. What made Malik so sure about Samrat’s involvement in all this, what did he see that they are failing to see? Why didn’t Samrat turn over the gold to the police especially when his family was endangered? How did Dilip Mishra find the gold, where did he find it? How can so much gold just disappear into thin air, is this really all about the gold? He took a deep breath and went to the kitchen to make more coffee they needed energy to keep up with all the unsolved riddles.

Khanna’s Guest House
Radhika was going over an office project that needed to be presented tomorrow doing some last minute changes. Hands were on the computer but her mind was somewhere else. She couldn’t shake off what happened at the party, she managed to avoid Arjun over the weekend but she knew will not be able to avoid him at work tomorrow. She let her emotions take over her and now didn’t know how to face him. Arjun was still her boss who took pleasure in mocking her every now and then. Wanting to distract her mind she called her mom, Mala sensed dullness in her voice and gave her grandpa the phone to cheer her up.
Radhika:”how are u now grandpa… feeling better?”

Grandpa:”It’s normal to get sick at this age… but it’s not normal for a person of your age to sound this dull… what is it dear?”

Radhika:”nothing grandpa am just tired”

Grandpa:”mmh!… I should rephrase my question…. who is he dear?”

Radhika:”grandpa… am not thinking about anyone” She immediately bit her tounge realising what she had just said.

Grandpa:”who is he?… what’s his name?… Is he handsome?…. Does he know good jokes?… what…

Radhika cut him in btn “grandpa… slow down…. and the only handsome guy in my life is you…. only you”

Grandpa:”u have your whole life ahead of u dear… and this old guy will leave u one day…. but before I go I want to see u happy… give yourself a chance to fall in love and be happy… don’t spoil your life because of us”

Radhika:”doing something for u two is not a sin that I will spoil my life in the process… and this is what makes me happy…. u and mom are my life… so stop worrying about me and worry about your health”

After her phone call with Radhika her grandpa was in deep thought his POV:” I know u will never think of yourself because u are very selfless but I hope u will give yourself a chance in life. I wish u find someone who will take away all your sadness and give u only happiness”

Radhika’s POV:”I know u and mom want to see me happy but my happiness lies in your smiles. My priority is only you two and I can’t let love come between my goal. But if I could get a wish, just one wish then I will wish to be in Arjun’s arms and relive the moment one more time”

Meanwhile Arjun standing near the window feeling the cool night breeze.
His POV:”I know u are apprehensive about everything that has happened Radhika because u have been avoiding for the past two days. But If u will grant me just a single chance I will shower u with all the love that’s in my heart. I just wish u will give me a chance to make u happy and show u how much I love you”

Precap:Radhika avoiding Arjun, Sam jealous of Neil’s new friend

Manmarziyan-The Lines of Fate (Chapter 6)


Manmarziyan-The Lines of Fate (Chapter 6)


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