tashan e aashiqui (Episode 4)

tashan e aashiqui (Episode 4)

Thankew all the readers ,
I loved ur comments , that was seriously amazing .
And that made me feel encouraged
And twinj’s fan just wait for few epi ‘ s I will give him entry.
And about the length of my epi
Firstly I was thinking to post 2 epi’s a day , as I wasn’t able to write so long
But now I decided I will write long but 1 epi a day that only I can do
Enough of my bak bak .

Here is my episode 4

Twinkle = uv why u did this . why u broke my trust ?
he was silent
T = (tears rolled down from her eyes and shouts ) answer me now . What u got after spoiling my life . I left my house 4 u . I got against my own mother 4 u . Just tell me why did u done this with me .
U (shouts) = I haven’t done with my wish . That was all mom ‘s plan . And I have to bow down because …………. ……………….
He becomes quite and start walking in anger .

They reach their rooms .

Uv ( thinks ) = twinkle even I am not happy with the deed I have done with u . For that I will never be able to forgive my self

Twinkle ( thinks ) =that means uv didn’t marry me for that revenge but then why did he marry me .

Next morning

Twinkle wakes up . And got ready .she hurriedly goes to the kitchen and made kheer for all .then she kept it in fridge to cool .

Uv wakes up and comes to the breakfast table . Servants starts keeping dishes on the table . He opened a bowl and
UV = Kheer who made this .
A maid girl = Sir actually today was twinkle di’s first rasoi .so she made kheer for all .
Uv =k

He looked lovingly to twinkle in the kitchen who was busy in making juice .
Anita also comes there
Twinkle comes with the juice jar and kept it on the table . Then she stand on the side of Uv . Uv looks at her .
Uv = twinkle u also sit and have breakfast with us.
Anita = no need . Servants don’t eat with the owner .
Uv and twinkle was shocked . They looked at each other and twinkle ‘ s eyes got teary .

Uv = mom behave yourself . She is my wife .
A = u behave yourself . Don’t forget I am your mother .
U = I haven’t forget but u have forgot that u r human being that tooo years ago .
A = uv shut ur mouth

Twinkle was shocked after hearing this conversation . Uv looks at her and take her hand in his hand . Helps her to sit . Anita who got frustated ,leaves the table.
Uv = have your breakfast .
Twinkle nods.

They both have their breakfast . Uv was leaving ,suddenly he remember something and came to twinkle. Twinkle was going to her room , he came in front of her .
Uv = actually I forgot to tell u 1 thing .
T = yup speak up .
Uv = today we have to go to meet mr. manohar Sarna Sir
(various things flashes in twinkle’s mind )
Uv = what happen
Tw = I will be ready by ….
U = 6 pm
T = okey I will be ready.
U = thank u , anyways kheer was very much tasty

Twinkle blushes and says “Thank u ”

Twinkle went to her room . She stands in the balcony and reminiscing flashback .
Twiraj was in the same music class . they joined together .
In evening
Twiraj was busy in hugging and romancing with each other , behind the bushes of the ground’s garden .
A man comes and says
“so here is my favorite students ”
Twiraj composes themselves .
T = Sarna sir
Y = gud morning sir .
( Mr. sarna knew all about twiraj’s relationship also about their mother’s rivalry . )

M S = good morning mr. yuvraj . I came 2 tell u that twinkle’ s mom have came 2 me 4 enquiring about how she is doing , its better u stay away from each other .

Twiraj = thank u sir
Uv = so I must leave
Twinkle nods and was going to opposite direction of yuvraj but Mr. Sarna stopped her .
M S = Ms twinkle I want to talk to u
T = yes sir
M S = will u become my daughter in law ?
T = offcourse

They both started laughing .

Flashback ends

Anita who have accidently listened everything . says
“ what now my son will roam with this girl , I will teach her lesson “

So she spilled oil on the stair ,so that when twinkle come downstairs her foot get slip due to it and she will fell .

AT 6 pm

Anita was standing in hall and she was waiting for twinkle impatiently .

At 6 : 30 pm

Twinkle still not come down . unable to resist herself she decided to check herself carefully .
She jumped from that stair and went to twinkle ‘ s room . she knocked the door .

T = come in

A goes in

T =yes mom u want something

A = no actually I came to ask if u are going outside then bring my asthma pump

T = no mummy g actually we was going uv’s phone came and he said he will get late in office .

A = (fumes ) and says okey

precap :

uv helps twinkle in lifting and asks you okey?…………

She nods

tashan e aashiqui (Episode 4)


tashan e aashiqui (Episode 4)

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