Mischievous Hotel (Part 1)

hi guys. the episode of naagin is going to end. but now only I’m writing. I hope you’ll read this ff after the end of naagin.

A hotel is shown. into the hotel, a man is shown waiting impatiently. beside him a girl is standing. they were waiting for someone. suddenly, a man runs towards them. the man bumped on the girl. it is shown the man is working in the hotel and other man is none other than the hotel’s owner. the girl is the manager of the hotel and secretary of the owner.

“Mr. Ankush and aparajitha the buyers will come in 20 minutes.” the man said. “okey, Kanha. but why are you scaring us.” aparajitha scolds him. Kanha says sorry and waited with them. after half an hour the buyers comes. the buyers Introduce themselves as dushyanth and mahath.

they all smiled. aparajitha says to Kanha that get them and introduce the hotel. when Kanha walks aparajitha grab him by shoulder. he stopped. “remember that you can’t get them to the sixth floor.” aparajitha remembered him. “okay, ji” Kanha says. he gets them to the floors.

when they get to the 5th floor. Kanha introduced it to the buyers. they get satisfied. when they get into the lift. the buyers says to Kanha about sixth floor. Kanha says that the sixth is in a repair and conceled them. but they want to see the floor also. Kanha tries but they didn’t. at last Kanha get them to the sixth floor. when they get inside a cool breeze hit them.

Kanha tries not to be scared but he was scared. he doesn’t goes with them instead he goes to ankush and aparajitha. he bumped at them again. aparajitha gets angry. “they were gone to the sixth floor.” Kanha was scared. “who?” ankush asked. “the buyers.” Kanha says. aparajitha and ankush gets very shock. Kanha is scared. “why did you leave them alone?” aparajitha asked. “good one. you want me to be the victim to the ghosts.” Kanha says loudly.

Aparajitha says to him to be quiet. Kanha quiet himself. “Bos, what will happen now?” aparajitha says. “that will know to the god only” ankush says. they gets worried.

On the other side….

the buyers checked the rooms. they hear a song. they followed the sound. they gets a glimpse of a girl walking infront of them they liked the girl and start to follow her. while the song plays. she drops her duppatta. Dushyanth takes it and follows her to give it. mahath gets jealous and walks away. the girl stopped walking stands in front of the window. dushyanth gets close. “excuse me. Your duppatta.” dushyanth flirts. the girl turned around. her face is like a snake’s one.

Dushyanth sees her face and screamed. ankush, aparajitha and Kanha hear his screaming sound. “one is gone, the other one?” Kanha says. ankush and aparajitha glared at him. Kanha turned.

mahath is walking. he is also gets a glimpse of a girl but he doesn’t hear his partner voice. he followed her. she smiles seeing him. he smiled back. the girl called him. mahath comes. “what is your name?” mahath lusts for her., the girl put her hand in his shoulder, around like hugging. “I have no name.” the girl say seductively. “don’t make funny.” mahath laughed. the girl says that she is saying the truth only. mahath starts to laugh. the girl gets angry screamed in front of his face. mahath gets panicked seeing her face. the girl laughed now and shows her true form as a ghost. mahath start to run.

Mahath and dushyanth runs to the same lift and gets in to it. they sees a nanny in the lift and gets relieved. they asked the nanny that what is your name. “my name is devyani Raizada.” the nanny is laughed at them. they put their hands on the nanny’s shoulder for a support. the nanny also gets her true form as ghost. devyani has skulls instead of body and her hair was looking like burned Maggi Mee.

Dushyanth and mahath looks so scared and screams. ankush, aparajitha and Kanha gets very shock to hear the screaming sound. they gets worried if they dead by now and looks on. on the other side, mahath and dushyanth faint. their heads are resting in devyani’s shoulder while devayani laughed.

Precap : Devayani and the two girls doing something in the kitchen

so guys did u like it?

Mischievous Hotel (Part 1)


Mischievous Hotel (Part 1)


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