The episode starts with Zain running. The inspector asks him to stop else he will shoot. Aaliya and Surayya see Zain and asks him to come fast. Zain gets into the car. Zain asks them did they do this for him. Surayya tells him how they managed to do this. She tells how she sent tiffin to a prisoner and gave message in it for Zain. The man signed Zain to run and gave him the chit. Zain smiles happily. They come home. Aaliya says we have to find who made such plan with Rocket as I don’t think Rocket will himself make this plan.
Zain says how will we know. Aaliya tells about her plan to reach that person and get punished. Surayya asks what is the plan. Aaliya says we have to find Rocket’s motive and this will solve the whole story. Zain says who will tell us. Aaliya says Rocket himself, shocking Zain and Surayya. She tells her plan.
Aaliya comes to Rocket and acts well to fool him. Rocket thinks to do anything to impress her. Aaliya thinks Zain will not do anything wrong and Rocket wants to fool me. He puts arms around him making Rocket happy. She tells her intentions to make the night special and reminds their last one. He thinks which one and they did not tell her. She tells about drinking wine and asks does he remember. He falls in her trap and says he remembers. Aaliya knows there was no such night. Rocket feels she is not boring and it will be fun. They start drinking. She asks him to tell everything in his heart. He says he is scared of losing someone. He tells he is nervous. She says she is with him. She makes him drink more. He says he came here to take her sign on property papers. She asks about the sign. He says that night in party I was sent instead of Zain. She asks who sent him. He falls on the bed. Aaliya fails to know the name.
Beintehaa 20th November 2014 Written Update
Aaliya tells Surayya that she came to know a lot, someone has sent Rocket to take sign on property papers. Surayya is shocked. Aaliya says we have to find on whose name he is transferring money. Surayya says she will tell the plan. Aaliya comes to the room and sits near Rocket. She gets hot tea and dips his finger in it. He wakes up. Aaliya fools him romantically and offers him tea. Zain asks her to spend honeymoon here. Aaliya says she is naughty or him. She says Surayya is calling me for kitchen work, as their every night will be special. She asks him to have patience and goes. Rocket sees time and goes to give papers. Shaziya puts oil on floor to kill Nafisa’s baby. Nafisa walks on oil and turns to go back.
Nafisa does not fall prey to her plan. Saif comes for his ball. Nafisa goes to pick ball. Saif goes to take the ball and slips into the swimming pool. Shaziya is stunned. Nafisa pulls Saif back and saves him. Shaziya runs to Saif and hugs him. Saif says she saved me. Shaziya feels ashamed. Shaziya says she can’t turn hatred in love as their relation is such, but she did big favor on me by saving my son. She says there is nothing important than my son. She admits she tried to harm her baby many times. Nafisa is shocked. She apologizes to Nafisa. Fahad, Aaliya and Surayya hear them.
Surayya tells Zarina that Zain has sold all shares. Zarina slaps Rocket. Rocket says she does not have signed papers. Zarina asks who has it. Aaliya says its with Zain.
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