Young love epi-49

Young love epi-49

Guys one more epi to hit half century I am soo happy becoz my one ff have completed 135epi!! And this 50! I hope this should maintain…

The episode starts with Dracula king comes to paatali place and asks her about plan? She tells about plan. He tells sure I will do this. Ranveer and Ishaani share some intimate moments together.. Khushi cries. Ishaani consoles her. Arjun cries ranveer consoles her. They both smile at each other while playing with kids.

They both dance and play with children and sings a song also! Apu hears it and gets teary eyes and she remembers Malay. She recalls his moments with Malay and thinks if he was here then I would be happy. Ishaani comes there and shows her Malay. She gets teary eye. Apu hugs him and kisses on his cheeks. Ishaani tells he is alive and I brought him from hospital where u left after his death! Apu tells doctor told me that he is dead.. She tells yes but after that I have pleaded him to save Malay.

Apu smiles and hugs Ishaani and cries. Malay thnx Ishaani and tells apu to be here till Ishaani needs help and I will be also with u. Apu smiles and tells not here. She tells him to go. He tells I won’t. They both fight Ishaani tells them to stop and come inside. Malay smiles and comes inside with Ishaani and ranveer. Apu and Malay sits there. Shakthi plays with kids and smiles seeing apu and Malay and he welcomes them and he plays with kids.

Apu eats something and goes near gate and she sees outside. Malay comes there and hugs her backside and tells today is spl for us. She tells u knew about me. He tells what? She tells I am vishkanya. He tells sorry I forgot . she tells him not to crack joke anymore. He smiles and tells now I will do it. He comes close to her Sanam re plays.. He kisses on her cheeks. Paatali shouts.. Malay stands there. Apu makes him hide inside room. Paatali,chaitan and indravathi comes there and kills apu. They all goes inside.Malay sees her and hugs her and tells her to get up.

Apu gets up and tells u know about me I won’t die easily. He smiles and tells her to kill them both in u r hands and we will go from here. Apu hifi Malay. Ishaani and ranveer shocked to see three..

Precap:Ishaani tells indravathi that u need me Na take me. Paatali tells I only need u. Chaitan tells me. Dracula tells me. They four fight among themselves. Apu comes there. They four gets shocked. Ishaani and ranveer runs to apu side with baby.

Hope u liked it. Next epi is my 50epi!!!!! Which is really spl and meant to me. Bye I need more comments on next epi pls all silent readers comment.

Credit to: Narendran

Young love epi-49


Young love epi-49

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