siya ke ram (understand the beauty of epic)

Hi guys this is sanjana here i was browsing the net and i saw many critics on ramayana but i am not addressing that issue here as i just hope god shows them light as they really have used bad wordsa and thoughts
but i am here to address issue of criticism on skr which is termed distortion lie and mockery of the epic
i mean i had seen a page where the say rubbish ram had a sister but she not discriminated bcoz she is not a daughter then when she is marrried off to sage or given away as an adopted daughter as they say isnt it discrimination as skr addresses the issue
would dasharath give away ram just bcoz his cousin is childless
and they say aswamedh horse was sacficed not the statue i mean wont u accept that ramji had a side of humanity in him. We have seen him as a warrior maryada purushottam in books and other tv series
shoudnt we accept and learn from the humanistic side of ram which skr shows
I understand indian soaps have become useless and are really a time wasts but that no way means skr is another indian soap i am not telling u watch it but pls dont be narrow minded
At the same time pls dont accept anything blindly but questions must be sensible like i mean logical reasoning is not wrong and pls
why cant u accept sita that sita is not a victim and understand and take the true meaning of ramayan
i request u to pls share what u feel is wrongly portrayed and i will tell what i feel and what value it instills in me
i am not telling u to watch but there are can many perspective to watch it and take it so think before u critisize if there is any other view put forth
just remebered 2 of u criticism on ram and shanta and i shared my view
put ur criticism forward in the comments section below
above all be balanced and lord ram will make u understand the best of skr too
jai sita ram
i didnt have time to read the whole criticism to reply or my article would have been more elaborate but thats bcoz i know critics might not visit the page
Just addresses many points whuc was critisized in many sites
thank u fans for i made u also read it by posting here

siya ke ram (understand the beauty of epic)


siya ke ram (understand the beauty of epic)


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