Ragsan+Swalak true love(introduction)

Hey guys! Naina here…I’m a huge fan of swaragini especially ragsan and swalak. I hope you guys don’t mind because mostly the fan fictions are about swasan. So guys if you will like my ff then I will continue. So I will start with the intro. Here it goes!!!!

Ragini: a cute, chubby and beautiful girl. She has one sister whom she loves dearly and can do anything for her family. She is the elder one in the sisters and runs her own cafe.
Swara: the little sister of Ragini. She is sensible and cute. She is the youngest one in the family. She is a teacher at school.
Summi and Shekhar: they both are the parents of Ragini and Swara. They both love them dearly. And whereas Dadi is very strict.
Lakshya (lucky): he is the younger son of DP and AP. he is a very handsome and smart boy. Works with his father and brothers and love them dearly.
Sanskar: He is the son Ramprasad and Sujhatha. He is very hot and handsome he works with his bade papa.
Adarsh and Parineeta: Adarsh is the eldest son of the family and Parineeta is the eldest bahu. They both have a cute son Arav (5 years). He is the student of Swara.
DP and AP: they both are the parents of lucky and Adarsh.
Uttara: she is the only daughter of Maheshwari family. She is beautiful and is loved the most. She studies in London.
RP and Sujhatha: they are the parents of Uttara and Sanskar.

Ragsan+Swalak true love(introduction)


Ragsan+Swalak true love(introduction)


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