Yeh Vaada raha – Karvi – Episode 5

Yeh Vaada raha – Karvi – Episode 5

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So without any further ado let’s start the story

Scene 1

Survi (thinking):what will baba do when he finds out what I’ve done with Kartik, what will he do, and Simmi, her mom, shanti, Lata kaki when they find out they will break all relations with me…..Bu-bu-bu but what about Kartik I don’t want to break his heart…
Survi gets up
But Kartik holds her waist and hugs her from the back..
Kartik:where are you going
Survi gets shocked
Survi (thinks):oh no what shall I say
Kartik looks down at her neck and rubs his lips on it gently
Survi gets nervous
Kartik:please don’t go
Kartik:are you worrying about your dad
Kartik:don’t worry
Kartik:because I already I told him I’m taking you out
Survi:thank god…..!
Kartik:but I haven’t told him that I’m going to get intimate with you
Survi:but how can we do this without permission
Kartik:I know this is hard for you but
Kartik starts coming closer to Survi
Survi starts walking backwards
Kartik holds Survi face and puts his hand through her hair
Kartik:Survi I love you a lot and I’ve wanted to touch your body for years not in a dirty way but a loving, my body’s been craving for your body since the day I saw you I want to hold you close to me and kiss you with all my force
I want you to be the first thing I see when I wake up I want you really badly because your like a drug to me I take you and take you but still I can not get enough of you
Kartik:what did you say
Kartik:fine don’t tell me
Survi tries to leave but she can’t as Kartik is holding her waist
Kartik:please, please don’t go
Survi:but what if our family finds out what will they do
Kartik:do you want to consummate with me ?
Survi turns around and looks at Kartik
Kartik:but what’s the problem
Survi:but our family’s
Kartik:are you getting worried because of out family’s
Survi:I need your body to…..really badly but
Kartik comes closer to Survi
Survi gets nervous
She walks backwards
She falls on the bed
Kartik comes on top of her and unbuttones his shirt
Kartik:i promise you tomorrow I will tell tai, lata, shanti, hema, bindhu everyone
Survi:what if they shout and scream at us and kick us out the house
Kartik:you make me laugh
Survi:I was being serious
Kartik:ok!, I’m sorry
Survi makes a angry face
Kartik smiles and pushes her on the bed he moves his mouth up her body until he reaches her waist he slowly puts his hands around it and starts taking jewrelly off Survi
Survi arches her back
They both consummate

Scene 2:Tai’s residence

Tai:I don’t know where Kartya is, what, what if he is with that Survi
Hema:I agree
Tai:stupid, did I ask you if you had a brain you would have known that it is called a rhetorical question dumbo
Bindhu:oh, sorry!
Hema:I tried phoning Kartik lots of times but I think that his phones on silent, Tai Kartik can’t be with Survi at this time, if you gave Survi 100crores she still wouldn’t go with anyone at this time not even Kartik
Tai:yes you are right, that Survi is very well cultured she won’t go with anybody at this time look how late it is
Pyare Mohan:sasu mom but Kartik is a business man, he might have gone to a meeting with someone, sasu mom you know how many meetings he has in 1 day
Tai:correct, very correct, Hema look at your husband he hasn’t even went to college and he has more brain than you please learn something from him…
Hema gets irritated
Tai laughs
Tai:I was just joking, don’t take it personally
Hema gets even more irritated and leaves from there
Tai, Bindhu and Pyare Mohan laugh
Tai:look at this mental girl
Suddendly Lata comes
Tai turns and looks at Lata
Tai:now this headache came
Lata:shoe your children the difference between right and wrong don’t just laugh at them
Tai:shut up I have toughten them the difference between right and wrong
Lata:no you haven’t you have one daughter that has no brain, you have one daughter that has no respect and your son, your son is very good, but your daughters, I hope God doesn’t give these kind of children to ant kind of mother
Lata:speak with some respect please, you never know when I might blurt out the truth to Kartik
Tai goes quiet
Tai, Bindhu, Hema and Pyare Mohan leave
Lata smiles//\#//\#//\#//\#//\
Shanti, Raghu, Kishore all come to Lata
Lata: our plan is successful we three will bring out Tai’s truth in front of Kartik no matter what
They all smile

Scene 3:Hotel

Kartik and Survi are sleeping
Kartik wakes up and sees Survi in his arms sleeping peacefully in a pink nightgown
Survi still sleeps
Kartik:i think I should shout:Surviiii
Survi wakes up and looks at Kartik
Kartik:good morning
And falls back on the bed
Kartik:wake up its 7:00am
Survi:but I’m tired
Kartik smiles fine then and falls back on the bed looking at Survi
Survi and Kartik sleep in opposite directions Kartik goes to Survi and hugs her from the back and closes his eyes
Survi smiles while her eyes are closed
1 hour later
The alarm rings
Kartik wakes up and looks at it and shuts it off
Kartik:Survi…Survi wake up
Survi wakes up and hugs Kartik
Kartik:what are you doing
Survi:pleasee!…Im.really really tired and I do not want to get up
Kartik:it’s 8:00am
Survi gets shocked
Survi Come on let’s quickly go
Survi goes to the bathroom to change back into her sari
Kartik changes too
Survi and Kartik leave from the hotel where Survi and Kartik where
Pyare Mohan and Bindhu are there
Survi and Kartik go from there without noticing them, while linking arms
But Bindhu spots them
Pyare Mohan:what
Bindhu:Kartik, Survi
Pyare Mohan:nevermind
Pyare Mohan:a romantically decorated room for two please
Hotel worker:sure floor 3, room 24
Pyare Mohan:ok
Pyare Mohan:let’s go
Bindhu:but I saw Kartik and Survi and that is to linking arms
Pyare Mohan:naaaa it can’t be them two, what was the girl wearing
Bindhu:a hot sari
Pyare Mohan:Survi would never in her life wear a hot sari
Bindhu:I think your right, anyways let’s go to our room
Pyare Mohan:yes

Scene 4

Kartik and Survi are in the car
Survi comes out
Survi jumps into her house through the window
Kartik looks at her shocked
Kartik laughs
Kartik:your going into your house like a thief
Survi gets angry
Survi:then what shall I say to him, hello baba I have a relationship with a boy a very serious one and last night we..Survi stops and goes inside
Kartik smiles and drives home

Scene 5

Survi goes inside her room and opens her wardrobe she takes out a traditional dress and quickly wears it
She puts the sari back in the wardrobe
She goes into the living room where everyone is sitting
Simmi, baba, Simmi’s mom:hiii
Baba:what’s wrong Survi, why were you sleeping so late
He winks at her
Survi:I was tired, really tired
Baba:oh that’s why
Simmi:Survi please make me a aloo paranta
Survi is about to speak when baba inturupts her
Baba:Simmi look how tired Survi is she does housework, she does a job, she takes care of everyone she won’t make aloo paranta, ask your mom to make it
Simmi’s mom gets shocked
Simmi’s mom:why me, Survi your a good girl right then please you make aloo paranta
Simmi’s mom gets shocked
Survi:today I need to go meet a friend
Survi leaves
Simmi and her stand shocked
Simmi’s mom:I don’t believe this
Baba smiles

Scene 6

Kartik goes to his room without anybody noticing
Kartik:few no one saw me
Shanti is behind him while he said this
Shanti makes a weird face at Kartik
Shanti:what are you doing
Shanti:i know it’s something about Survi
Kartik:no,no its not anything about Survi
Shanti:if it’s not anything about Survi why are you getting so worried
Kartik:oh shit!..she knows
Shanti:if heard that
Kartik:oh no, what have I done
Shanti phones Survi
Shanti:hello Survi
Survi:hello Shanti
Shanti:what happened between you and dada yesterday
Survi cuts the call
Shanti smiles
Shanti:now I am 100% sure something happened and I will find out
Lata hears this and smiles
Kartik sees her and runs out of the house
Lata laughs
Lata:Kartik, you can’t hide anything from your mom
Shanti puts her hand on Lata’s shoulder and smiles
Shanti:I think something is going on between them two
Lata:I know

Precap:kartik hugs Survi lovingly, Simmi sees this and gets jealous she takes pictures of them on her phone

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Yeh Vaada raha – Karvi – Episode 5


Yeh Vaada raha – Karvi – Episode 5

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