Pyar to hona hi tha2 Arshi Samud FF Part 10

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I dedicate this part to Athira Devi as I specially added Samud rain scene for her.

Due to public demand Rudra’s ex wife Shilpa will be played by Shilpa Anand. She will just appear in flash back scenes.vikrant will be placed by ejaz khan,

Vikrant rang up Anushka from his office:Anu…there is a party in the evening.Please do get ready.I will pick you up after i come back in the evening.
Anu:Sure.I will.

In the evening Vikrant came back home and was shocked to see her in a hot gown.
Anu:I am ready.How do I look?Hot?

He smiled:Ya….but I was expecting you to wear a nice saree.
Anu:How can i wear a saree?What will your colleagues think of me?I know that this is how rich women dress up.And I don’t like to embarrass you in public by wearing a traditional saree.
V:You will not be embarrassing me by wearing saree Anu.Actually I love you more in saree.For me you don’t have to wear what you are not comfortable in.
Anu:Who said I am not comfortable in?I’m more comfortable in this.In fact it was my dream to wear such dresses.But my father was’nt able to afford it.But since now I have the money to buy it why should I not wear it?
Vikrant was stunned.
Anushka held his hand:Shall we leave for the party?
They reached the venue.
Anu:Wow!I have seen such grand parties only in films.
Somebody offered her a drink when Vikrant was not around her.She hesitated to take it.But seeing other ladies with liquor she took it and drank the whole thing.The drowsy Anu started dancing.

Babuji Dheere Chalna, Pyaar Mein Zara Sambhalna
Haan Bade Dhokhe Hain, Bade Dhokhe Hain Iss Raah Mein
Babuji Dheere Chalna, Pyaar Mein Zara Sambhalna
Haan Bade Dhokhe Hain, Bade Dhokhe Hain Iss Raah Mein
Babuji Dheere Chalna….
Babuji Dheere Chalna, Pyaar Mein Zara Sambhalna
Aar Paar
Vikrant was shocked.He could’nt believe his eyes.

Everyone started laughing.Vikrant was embarrassed.He grabbed her hand and left the party.
Anu slept off.

In the morning…
She woke up.
Anu:Party is over?
V:Ya…you drank so much that you started dancing making fool of yourself.Why did you drink?
Anu:When i was offered a glass I did’nt refuse it as all ladies were drinking it.
V:Oh Anu…why are you copying other ladies?Dressing like them…drinking like them…don’t lose your identity by aping others.And those ladies have stamina.But you don’t have the stamina to take even a half glass of wine.Because of the stupidity you did there I got insulted.
Anu became sad.
Anu:I am sory Vikrantji.I will not repeat it.I promise.
Her cute expressions melted his anger.He smiled :No problem.cutie.

She smiled with relief.
She thought:I thought like any other rich men Vikrantji wants a stylish wife.But he wants a behenji.That’s why she married me even though I am from a middle class family.

Danny went near Kumari.
D:Kumari,please talk to me.
Ku::I told you i don’t want to talk to you.
D:Please Kumari,don’t avoid me like this.I can’t bear it.
Ku:Danny,I even hate to see your face.Then how will I talk to you?Never ever come in front of me.Get lost.Go away from me.

Danny could’nt bear it.Unexpectedly he fell down and started shaking his body restlessly showing the symptoms of epilepsy.Kumari was shocked.Slowly she got angry.
Ku:Danny,just because I rejected you,you are making fun of my disease by imitating me?I hate you Danny.
Danny’s friend Ronnie came running towards Danny.
Ron:Kumari,let us take him to the hospital.
Ku:Why?He does’nt have any problem.He is making fun of my negative point.
Ron:How could you even think like that about Danny?He is an epilepsy patient like you.
Kumari was shocked:What?Are you telling the truth?
Ron:Yes.Why should i lie?
She became upset.
Ron:Anyways…I am going to take him to the hospital.
Kum:I will also come with you both.
They took Danny to the hospital.
After some time Danny became fine.Kumari apologized to Danny:Sorry Danny.Without knowing the truth i hurt you.I thought you were making fun of me.
D:It is my fault for hiding my disease from you.
Kumari:I can’t believe that we both are alike.
D:What is the use of having similarities if there is no friendship.
Kumari became dull.
Kumari:Danny,forget everything and let us continue to be friends.
Danny was surprised:Are you sure?
She smiled:Yes.Will you be my friend?
She extended her hand towards him.He held her hand with a smile.Ronnie smiled.

Kumud prayed in the temple.
Kum:Thank you so much for saving Saras.Like Shiv gave me a reason to live please give Saras a new life lord.
Saras stood near her without knowing that she was there.He prayed:God,bless Kumud with all happiness in her married life.
They both opened their eyes and turned off their face facing each other.They could’nt believe their eyes.
They both were emotional.

Bhula dena mujhe
Hai alvida tujhe
Tujhe jeena hai mere bina


Are you alight?

S:Yes.I am perfectly fine now.How are you Kumud?Are you fine now?
K:Yes Saras.I am very happy.

S:Good that you are having a nice married life.I could give you only pain.At least you will get happiness now.
Kumud became upset.

Safar yeh tera, yeh raasta tera
Tujhe jeena hai.. mere bina

Suddenly Shiv came running from behind and held Kumud’s pallu.
Shiv:Mumma,I got prasad.
S:Who is this Kumud?
Kum:My son.

Saras was confused.
His lips shivered:Does your husband have a son?

He was shocked:How could your parents get you married to a man with a child?

Kum:Saras….anyone will question my father for that.But the truth is that it was my father’s best decision.

I could not have asked for a better husband.Rudraji understands me very well.And Shiv is my luck.He is my reason to breath.He loves me very much and I love him a lot.

Ho teri saari shoharatein
Hai yeh duaa..
Tujhi pe saari rehamatein
Hai yeh duaa..

Saras smiled:I am happy for you Kumud.
K:Saras,you should get married like me.You deserve to live happily.

Tujhe jeena hai mere bina
Bhula dena mujhe

S:If I try to get married my dad and my step mom will destroy her life too.
K:If you marry the girl of their choice that problem won’t be there.
Saras was painfully silent.

Hai alvida tujhe
Tujhe jeena hai mere bina

Kum:Ok Saras.I need to go now.
S:Bye Kumud.Take care.
They parted their ways painfully.

Tu hi hai kinaara tera
Tu hi to sahaara tera
Tu hi hai taraana kal ka
Tu hi to fasaana kal ka
Khud pe yaqeen tu karna tu apna khuda…– Aashiqui 2

Arnav called Khushi:Khushi,today is my birthday.
K:Wow!Happy birthday Arnav.
Arn:I am throwing a party only to my friends as I don’t want my parents to take part in it.Hope you will also come as you consider me as your friend.I mean you consider me only as your friend.Right?
K:Stop taunting Arnav.I will come.Message me the address.
Arn:Don’t bring any gift.Because you can’t give me the gift I want.If you can give yourself to me as the gift I will accept it.Otherwise no need of any gift.
K:Sorry Arnav.I can’t give you that gift.
Arnav said in his mind:One day you will give me that gift with belated happy birthday wishes.
Khushi entered the venue.Arnav smiled.Khushi walked towards Arnav with a smile.Suddenly Lavanya held Arnav’s hand

and kept her head on his shoulder.Khushi became dull.

Saras:Arnav…let us start the celebration.
Danny brought the cake.Arnav cut the cake and fed Saras,Danny and Lavanya.Khushi fumed with jealousy.
K:Special cake for Lavanya?And nothing for me.
The waiter served others cake including Khushi.
Arn:Lavanya,will you dance with the birthday boy?
La:Sure ASR.
She pulled his cheeks cutely making Khushi more angry.Arnav and Lavanya danced to fast english songs.Khushi could’nt take it anymore and she left the party.Arnav smirked.

Saras noticed it.
Arnav followed Khushi:Khushi…

Arn:You are leaving the party without even informing me?
K:Sorry,you were busy with Lavanya.That’s why.

A:Ok…but have food and go.
K:No thanks.I have no time.I need to go back home.

A:Ok.But Khushi…you did’nt even wish me coming for my birthday party.
K:I tried to wish you,but that Lavanya came and took you with her.

A:Oh…I see…
K:Anyways happy birthday.
A:Thank you.
Arnav noticed a small box in her hand.
A:What’s this?
He took it from her.
K: What is this?You simply snatched the box from me.
He opened it.It was full of jalebi:Jalebi?You made them.Right?For me?
Khushi was shy:Ya…I thought I will make jalebi as your birthday gift.
Arnav bit the jalebi.
A:Very sweet like you.
Khushi blushed.Suddenly Lavanya came:ASR!
Khushi got irritated.
L:Hi Khushi.
L:ASR,why are you here?Come inside.The celebration is still going on.
A:I am coming Lavanya.

A:Khushi….I have to go inside.
Khushi said painfully:Ok.Go enjoy the party.

L:Come fast.
She pulled him inside.Khushi became sad and she walked off from there.
Arnav felt guilty and said in his mind:Sorry Khushi.I feel pain while hurting you. But what to do?To break your stubbornness I am forced to do it.

Kyun Khwabon Pe Tere Saaye Hai,
Dil Kyun Hai Tanha Mera,
Kyun Khamoshi Hai Zubaan pe meri,
Ashkon se keh paun na,
Kyun Dard Hai Itnaaa,
Tere Ishq Main,
Rabba Ve Rabba Ve
Rabba Ve Rabba ve.

Saras went near Arnav.
S:Arnav,what is all this?You love Khushi,but you pretending to be close with Lavanya.
Arn:Yes Saras.I love Khushi.
S:Then why are you giving her pain?The poor girl left the party.
Arn:I also feel sad while hurting Khushi.But I have to do it to bring her closer.

S:I don’t understand this logic.
Arnav did’nt say anything.

Kumud saw rain fall and stood in the rain.She remembering meeting Saras and parting with him.
She cried thinking of her fate.

Khizaan ki shaam hoon main
Tu hai nayi subah

Saras looked at the rain outside and wept thinking of meeting Kumud and parting with her.

ujhe jeena hai mere bina
Tujhe jeena hai mere bina

His eyes blinked seeing Kumud before him in rain.

Saras’ lips shivered:Kumud!

Slowly she looked at him.They both shared a painful eye lock.

Khilengi jahaan.. bahaarein sabhi
Mujhe tu wahaan.. paayega

Kumud:Forget me Saras…forget me.

Rahengi jahaan.. humaari wafa
Mujhe tu wahaan.. paayega

His heart pained.
Kumud:I need to go away from your heart and life forever.
His heart pained more.

Milunga main iss tarah, waada raha
Rahunga sang main sada, waada raha

Kumud:Please let me go Saras.
Saras nodded his head painfully.Kumud went away painfully.
Tujhe jeena hai mere bina!
Suddenly he realiaed that it was only his illusion.
Kumud saw Saras in rain.She could’nt believe her eyes.
Saras:Just came to bid good-bye to you.
Her heart pained.
Bhula dena mujhe
Hai alvida tujhe
He waved hands at her.She wept silently.

Tujhe jeena hai mere bina
Tujhe jeena hai, haan mere bina!-Aashiqui 2

Suddenly she realized that it was her imagination.
Kumud went inside.
Indra:You stood in rain?Are you mad?
Without answering her Kumud went to her room.
Indra:This girl is fully crazy.
Kumud entered the bedroom.Rudra saw her wet look and unknowingly his eyes got stuck up to hers.
Khamoshiyan aawaaz hain
Tum sun’ne to aao kabhi
Chhukar tumhe khill jaayengi
Ghar inko bulaao kabhi
Beqarar hain baat karne ko
Kehne do inko zaraa

He was reminded of his ex-wife Shilpa.
Flash back…
Shilpa was drenched in rain.

Rudra was mesmerized by her beauty.
S:Hello Rudra,why are you staring at me?

R:When you are wet you look so beautiful.I feel like making you more closer to me.

He pulled her closer sensually. He leaned towards her wet face sensually.Suddenly she sneezed. They both laughed.
R:If you sneeze like this our romance will get interrupted.
They giggled.
He took a towel and wiped her wet face and hair romantically.
Lost in his past moment with Shilpa unknowingly Rudra took a towel and started wiping Kumud’s wet face.She was stunned.He started wiping her hair.

Khamoshiyan.. teri meri khamoshiyan
Khamoshiyan.. lipti hui khamoshiyan(Khamoshiyan)

Suddenly Kumud held his hand.He came back to senses and got embarrassed.
K:Rudraji,I will do it by myself.

R:I am sorry Kumud.When I saw you like this…
K:It’s ok.
She started wiping her hair.Rudra watched her do that with a cute smile.

Pyar to hona hi tha2 Arshi Samud FF Part 10


Pyar to hona hi tha2 Arshi Samud FF Part 10


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