ram and krishna a contrast yet similar

Ram and krishna both stood for dharm but for ram the means was as important as the end but for krishna the end was important
each yuga or era was imperfect than its predessor for eg parashuram beheaded his mother renuka while ram freed ahilya of her curse
So after ram a krishna was needed and now kalki is needed
ram was a king so he had to follow rules accept responsibity
but krishna chose responsibilty
there are many relation between the avartars too but there are lot of differences too for instance ram was born in palace while krishna in jail. A perfect king like ram is needed but a perfect kingmaker like krishna also needed to make many perfect kings
Maryada purushottaman ram was incomplete without sita
whereas leela purushottam accepted his devotees his wife and was the leela purushottaman
ram was personally unhappy whereas krishna had no personal tragedy as such
ram and krishna were leaders in their own way
but sacrifices was main in ramayan whereas revenge seems to occupy spotlight in mahabharat
But both ram and krishna were kind they give chance of forgiveness to the enemies but fate had something else written
ram accepted destiny but krishna was ready to change it and both seems incomplete i mean we too should accept destiny as well as act against it if needed

And i want ur opinion
draupdi wanted a flower and when bheem went to bring it for her he meets hanuman
a blessing for her husband and she was the medium
sita wanted a deer and ram goes to bring it
she becomes the motive strength and medium of fulfilment of her husbands aim
its so contrasting right
share ur opinions

ram and krishna a contrast yet similar


ram and krishna a contrast yet similar


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