Tashan e Trust (Intro)

Hi everyone. I read loads of ff and I wanted to start my own so this is a little intro ?

I am going to be carrying on with the track right now but this time it will be different.

Twinkle is pregnant and she married Yuvi ( like in today’s episode ) without knowing. Kunj blames her for everything because she is the one who got Yuvi out of jail however he doesn’t know twinkle is pregnant and he doesn’t give her a chance to tell him. Yuvi doesn’t love twinkle and he only married her to get revenge on kunj and so they would separate. The story will start with a leap and twinj aren’t together but twinkle gave birth to a cute girl who is now 4 years old

So yeah that’s my story. Please comment and tell me if its good or not. If there is too may negative comments then I won’t start the fan fiction

Tashan e Trust (Intro)


Tashan e Trust (Intro)


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