Kuch iss tarah (epilogue)

m so sorry guyz I kno m damn late… Bt what to do.. Previously I was planning a sequel to this so I stopped that last part in suspense… But now as I will write season 2 with new plot I hv to end it completely… U all want to kno whether that was a baby girl or baby boy…
So here we go… Itz based on aditya’s POV
I hope u rember aditya.. Son of swasan



Ufff no one allows me to go to mumma.. U kno y.. Cz they are saying ‘bachhe hospital ni jate ‘ m nt a Kid anymore m a grown up man of 6…. Huhhhhhhhhhhhh..
dadi n Badi dadi keeps on assuring me that mumma papa will bring a Lil brother or sister for me…
Ok I kno mamma papa will keep their promise bt the question is WHEN .. When they will come back… ?

Dadi calls me n I went to her
“aditya go n sleep itz late in morning I will call ur mumma n papa ok” dadi said

“no way dadi firstly I want to talk to mumma “I assert

” Beta… Look itz very late u r a good boy na.. So go n sleep” badi dadi said

I ran n hug badi dadi “dadi plz make me meet mumma na.. U kno she was crying in pain in morning… She must got hurt na.. ?????

I was so scared seeing my mumma lyk that… ? I don’t like to see her in pain ?

Before dadi could reply me… Door bell rang…

Pari taiji opens the door.. N found ragini massi there.. She hv came from hospital…

“hwz swara?? ” nani enquired

” she is fyn ma” masi replies

I ran to masi n she pick me up in her arms n I ask “masi did mumma n papa bring my chhoti!??”

Masi kissed my check n said “yes..Vo aapke lye chhoti si sister le aaye”

I jump off her arms n ran towards the house temple to thank god for sending my chhoti to me… Then I shout “aayan bhaiiii… Rehana… Vihan… We got a sister”

They all came running… N we four hd a group hug… Then aayaan bhai asked to masi “chachi.. When will swara chachi n our chhoti come back”

“tmrw afternoon “masi said..

” now go n sleep u all.. Otherwise I won’t let u play with ur chhoti” sabse badi dadi said

Now u must b thinking who is sabse badi dadi… Aree itz mummy’s dadi… Nana’s mumma… So we followed her order n marched in our respective rooms n ragini masi came with me.. Cz I can’t sleep without mumma?


I woke up early n not only me the fantastic four gets up early cz today one more member will join our group our chhoti… By morning manvi di too came with aniruddh chachu n kavita masi.. We prepare a list with manvi di’s help… N handed over that to aniruddh chachu

Glase paper
Barbie set
Teddy bear
Glitter pens
Princess Crown
N few packs of other decorative materials

“why you need this “chachu laughed.

“cz we want to decorate room for our chhoti” manvi di said

Aniruddh chachu left… N rehan n vihaan stick to door.. Me manvi di n ayan bhai starts to prepare a greeting card for chhoti.. Chachu came n gave all thing.. N then we change our duties.. Manvi di rehan n me starts to decorate room while vihan n ayan bhai completes the greeting We were finally done with our preparations n lock the room.. N went downstairs to wait for chhoti…

“dadi mumma kb ayngi”

“thodi der me beta”

I use to repeat my que in every 5 min n dadi gave me same answer repetitively…

Ufff m irritated now????

Then we heard a car honk n I recognize it… It was of papa’s car… We rush towards gate bt all in vain… We hv to face obstacles now… As all family members hv jammed the entrance… N we poor lil kids hv to wait behind them…

Finally dadi has done with her Pooja n all n mumma enters the house n sat on sofa.. She has a Lil angel wrap in some soft towel lyk cloth… That lyt pink cloth was complementing her pinkish fair complexion…

“she is my chhoti mumma?? ” I asked

Mumma nodded yes…

” can I hold her” I ask with gleaming eyes

“Beta ur chhoti is very little now… Now u can’t take her in ur lap bt u can play with her” mamma said

“masi come to ur room we hv a surprise for you ” manvi di said

We took Mumma papa n chhoti with us..
Papa opens the door n smiled..

We hv written” welcome chhoti” on Wall

Then papa makes mumma sit on bed.. Then we present our greeting card to her
Mumma takes that on her behalf… Then ayan bhai brings that crown n we ask mumma if we can make her wear tht

“can i wear ur crown on choti’s behalf “ragu masi said

We nodded yes.. N everyone was super happy

Then we gift chocolate to mumma as a thanku gift… For bringing chhoti..

Then papa asked” champ hv u decided any name for ur sis ”

We all nodded yes Mumma asked what

We said “mishka”

“nyc name champ” lucky chachu praises us..

Then we all played with her n finally all left except me…
Mumma was half lyng on bed n mishka was lyng beside her… I touch her face.. It was very soft lyk a cotton ball… Then I look at her small small hands… I put my index finger on her small soft pink plam n she grips that.. That was so firm grip n I said to her that I will protect her in any condition… Just lyk papa protects uttra Bua…

I was in my dreams… Then she starts crying n I got scared…

“mumma I hvnt done anything… Ye apne aap rone lagi… Sachhi”

Papa pick me up in his arms n said “who said u hv done anything champ… She is small na so if she gets hungry then she will cry only na.. Come lets go out.. ”

N papa took me out n we enjoyed alot…

At night I enter room n saw papa holding mummy’s hand n was saying “u r lucky mrs maheshwari that we hv a girl this tym?

Y papa said this?? I was confused..

Mumma said “u r really shameless”

Then I ask y papa said that to mumma…

“vo… Vo… Beta.. Vo.. ” that’s all what papa can say…
But mumma gave me answer she said” papa said that we r lucky to hv u n ur chhoti in our lives… Smjhe”

I nodded yes..

“I luv u mumma n papa” n I hug both of them….


Every year my chhoti use to tie rakhi on my hand n I promise her to protect her…

Whenever she ties a rakhi on his 4 brothers’s hand we all kiss her on either cheak …

She is soo sweet I luv my mishka alot.. I luv my mumma papa alot…
My mumma papa also loves both of us alot…

We are a happy family ???


Here is the epilogue guyz n m again really very sorry for too late update n sry if I couldn’t reach ur expectations… Bt hv to end it in a proper manner na…

Kuch iss tarah (epilogue)


Kuch iss tarah (epilogue)


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