Tere mere khwabon ki kahani (Story of our dreams)- Swaragini (Episode 1)

Tere mere khwabon ki kahani (Story of our dreams)- Swaragini (Episode 1)

Well I told u all that it will take me time to post an episode as I am busy with my studies , I was not able to stop myself from doing so , after reading your comments.

Well let us get started.

It was a dark , rainy night in Kolkata (or Calcutta)In a small room a girl was seen writing something , in dark only a study light or lamp was open that was much for her to write. Her face was not revealed but she was wearing a beautiful anarkali dress , purple in colour , with open hair. With all this we can easily figure out that she is a calm person who loves to be alone , all around her was silence , each drop of water , the birds sound , the breeze , all were audible. But suddenly someone came and opened the lights and shouted “Yipeeeee!!!”

The girl was disturbed , the silence broke , but the girl smiled after seeing that person. Girl who was writing says , “Shoona , why are you shouting as ,you have won overseas” Yes the other girl was Swara , she was wearing a brown colour jumpsuit with cheetah spots. She jumped on the bed which made the girl laugh. Swara exclaims , “Ragini when you will hear it you will be proud of your sister , I have won something more than overseas. Guess what??”
Yes, the girl was Ragini.
Ragini asks,”What have you won Shoona , Hindustan??”
Swara replies in an irritated voice , “Ufffooo , Ladooo you and your talks are unbelievable , I got the admission in Musical Art college , you know what Ragini , I can see my destination.”
Ragini continues , “Swara I am indeed happy for you but are you sure you have taken the right decision , as it can affect your future , Shakespere has said….” Swara requests Ragini , “No , no , not again , I am leaving from here sorry for the disturbance Mam , Good night!!” And she leaves , while Ragini smiles on her childishness and closes the lights and sitsback to write.

The next morning…..

A big mansion is shown incarved on it is , MAHESHWARI MANSION , The inner sight is seen , which leads us to a room where a boy is seen sleeping , the very next moment another boy comes out of washroom wearing a white shirt and blue denim. He stands infront of the mirror , sets his hair and wears a black blazer over it and shouts , “Lucky , yaar , wake up it has been 8:05 already , and you are still sleeping”
The boy who is sleeping says , “Bhai , Lemme sleep 10 mins more , and what about college
, I am son of Durga Prasad Maheshwari even if I reach 2 hrs late I will still be allowed to enter.”
The other boy is irked on his thinking , he mischeviously shouts for someone named Uttara. A girl comes wearing an anarkali salwar suit in light blue and red colour , she is Uttara. Uttara and the boy give each other a hi-fi. They go to the boy sleeping and tickles him and he wakes up irritated. The boy is our Laksh , who was sleeping and the handsome hunk was ofcourse our Sanskaar. Laksh shouts , “Idiots! I told u I am waking up but no , here everyone is the enemy of one’s sleep.”
He leaves for the bathroom. Later , he comes out wearing a grey shirt and an orange , skiny jacket with blue denim. He sets up himself and the brothers leave in their own cars.

Scene shifts to Baadi.

Swaragini are in a hustle of reaching to their respective college , Swara shouts , “OMG!! It is my 1st day of my college and I am late , Ohhhh!!”
Ragini shouts back , “How mean!! You are tensed about yourself only ,what about me?? Till date Ragini Gadodia has never came late to the college and today….” Swara continues , “Acha , acha do not fight , let us leave.”

The both sisters leave to their respective colleges.

Screen freezes on Swaragini and Sanlak.

Precap: RagSan and SwaLak meet…..

Sorry for a bit short update , and yeah as I have told u it is a treat for all Swalak , Swasan, Raglak and Ragsan fans that my FF includes all the couples , initially it will be Ragsan and Swalak it will end up as Swasan and Raglak.??

Tere mere khwabon ki kahani (Story of our dreams)- Swaragini (Episode 1)


Tere mere khwabon ki kahani (Story of our dreams)- Swaragini (Episode 1)

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